Frenum and bicycles

Sunday September 16th, 2012 @ 3:23 PM

Filed under: Male Genital

I have been wanting to start a frenum ladder for quite a while now but I ride my bicycle everywhere and heavily rely on it for transportation. My question is, am I going to be able to ride my bike while my frenum is healing? (I plan on doing the ladder one frenum at a time).

You’ll be just fine. A guiche piercing on the other hand might be a, forgive the pun, pain in the ass though.

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dermal piercing

Sunday September 16th, 2012 @ 3:20 PM

Filed under: Piercing

I have a dermal in my chest (almost in between but right above my breast) and the bottom of the anchor is slightly sticking out. Its broken the skin where you can see a small silver line. I am not sure if I should go into a shop and ask for it to be removed so it can heal and I can start over or is it possible to have them push the bottom part back in, bandage it down so it can heal over it again?

Once it has broken through the skin there isn’t a very good chance of saving it. I would return to your shop and have it removed before it rejects anymore. Removing it early in the rejection process will cut down on the scar tissue and make for an easier repiercing.

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Hide n seek nipple ring

Tuesday September 11th, 2012 @ 4:48 PM

Filed under: Nipple

I recently got my nipples pierced 2 weeks ago. Everything was going well until my nipples started to swell more, I guess my body thought it was a threat, I iced them,ran them through water while i showered and cleaned them with sea salt and did the rest of the after care steps,but then the barbell started sinking in my left breast I’d move them around to adjust(with clean hands), my breast are a 36DD,so I knew the healing process would take long and be rigorous,but then I noticed the left ball had sunken in and the skin had grown over it,practically overnight, and I tried pushing it through again,but became light headed and overwhelmed and a bit horrified.

Is this fatal for my nipple?

and what should I do,exactly?

Go see your piercer immediately. That barbell needs to come out and a longer one put in its place. This is not necessarily the end for you piercing but it needs to be handled asap.

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Forward Helix Healing Issue

Tuesday September 11th, 2012 @ 4:39 PM

Filed under: Ear

I got a triple forward helix a little over a month ago. All three bottom holes developed keloids, and the middle one on top is trying to form one. Ive been using warm sea salt water only as instructed by my piercer to reduce the keloids and clean the piercings. My issue is that they are still very tender, still decently swollen, and having a very hard time healing. Aside from taking aleve for the inflammation and swelling (since ibuprofen and aspirin does nothing for me) is there a better and more efficient way to reduce the tenderness and the swelling of my piercing? I was told from my bfs mom who is a nurse to maybe try getting either vitamin e oil or the liquid capsules and dabbing the fluid from one those on the piercing to help it heal better, since i seem to be having such troubles with them. Is this a good idea? Or would that just cause more problems than help? Any advice or such would be awesome and tremendously appreciated as i really would like to avoid having to remove the piercings.

Heres a quick run down of what i do now so you have an idea of how ive been handling it so far:

Being as i work graveyard shift i sleep during the day and am unable to follow the 2-3 time day soak as recommended, and my job doesnt allow the time needed to do so at work either, but i do make sure after i shower after work i wipe my ear off with a warm sea salt water soaked qtip to remove crusties, and then i do a 5 - 10 minute soak with a cotton ball soaked in the solution, followed obviously by a good rinse (i use a squirt bottle….works great!)For the pain and swelling i take aleve. I have surgical steel straight labret type jewelry in it as of right now, which i changed to when i hit the month mark instead of the curved eyebrow bar bells that were initially put it when they were pierced.

Well to start with I do not think you have keloids. Chances are you are having some hypertrophic scarring issues.

Vitamin E oil is good alternative remedy for helping reduce scarring. Chamomile teabag compresses also have a great track record. My personal favorite is emu oil which can easily be found online.

Part of your problem might stem from the fact that curved barbells were used for initial jewelry and then changed a month later. Cartilage take months to heal and jewelry should not be changed until the piercing is healed.

Lastly, keep in mind that its only been a little over a month since you were pierced and you are still healing and will probably still be healing for months to come.

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Nipple Bar Length

Tuesday September 11th, 2012 @ 4:29 PM

Filed under: Nipple

Hi, I wanted to get my nipples pierced but was wondering what bar length I should get considering swelling after. My nipples are 5/8 in.

I also want to get an industrial piercing. Would it be too much or inconvenient to have the industrial and both nipples done at the same time?


This is something to discuss with your piercer before getting them done. 3/4 could suffice but your piercer might decide on 7/8.

There is no reason you can’t get your nipples and industrial done at the same time. 5 at a time is usually my limit for new clients.

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Prince Albert hurting a bit

Tuesday September 11th, 2012 @ 4:24 PM

Filed under: Male Genital

I have had my Prince Albert for two years now, every time the ring I have inside rises upward slightly where it touches the top of the urethra, it hurts a bit, now I put up with this for a good year and a half, and after I got tired of that pain, I took it out.

up until about a week ago, I reinserted my piercing back in, and the pain is still there, I was hoping it was something that had to heal or something, but whenever the ring touches the top of the urethra again, I still get that slight pain,Really annoying when trying to have sex and i end up having to either stop or attempt to bare thru the pain. What is causing this and is there any way to stop the pain?

PS: there was no issue reinserting the ring, that did not cause the pain at all.

First thing I would try is a new type and style of jewelry. You mentioned ring so I assume you have a captive bead ring. I would try a curved barbell and see if that helps. And if you want to kill 2 birds with one stone I would also try and switch to a titanium CBB and see if the pain is from a metal sensitivity. Switching to titanium will also cut down on the weight of the jewelry and could possible help as well.

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After Reconstruction

Tuesday September 11th, 2012 @ 4:20 PM

Filed under: Ear

I got my ear lobes reconstructed at the end of June. I was just wondering when I could get my ear lobes pierced again?

That all depends on the amount of tissue that was removed/reattached/repaired. I would say bare min of 2 months. This is something that your piercer will have to decide upon a visual inspection.

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Stretched Labret and Vertical Labret

Tuesday September 11th, 2012 @ 4:18 PM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

I was curious as to how possible it would be to stretch a standard (center) labret while already having a vertical labret? I would most likely get pierced at a larger gauge and then scalpel. I’m just wondering if there’s enough room/it’s anatomically possible without putting pressure on the vertical labret and jacking it up.

I have personally had this exact setup so I can confidently say it will work fine. I had my labret stretched to 00g and had a 16g vertical labret at the same time with no problems. Just make sure there is a good amount of distance between the two.

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nipple piercing

Tuesday September 11th, 2012 @ 4:15 PM

Filed under: Nipple

i got my nipple pierced in September last year, and recently got my other one done, my other nipple looks good as its done in quite deep but this nipple looks horrible and is really thin, just wondering if i should take it out and wait for it to heal and then get it re-pierced?

Yes, you should take it out. The edges of the piercing are a lighter color because the curved barbell is putting outward pressure on the edges of the piercing. The piercing also looks quite shallow.

If you are happy with your other piercing then you should get the new one done to match after it has healed a bit.

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inverted nipples

Tuesday September 11th, 2012 @ 4:10 PM

Filed under: Nipple


Most posts I’ve seen about nipple inversion are from people whose nipples are completely inverted into the areola. One of my nipples is partially inverted. It naturally sits outside the areola, but it seems like the center of it is pulled back inward and doesn’t come out, no matter how hard my nipples are. I feel like the grading system of nipple inversion doesn’t exactly apply to my nipple.

I don’t want to get all excited and travel to see a piercer only to get turned away (I think I would die of embarrassment)…I know it’s hard to tell just by looking at the picture (I need a better webcam), but have you pierced nipples like this before? I feel like none of the pictures of inverted nipples I see are like mine, so I thought I’d ask.

Thank you!

It is hard to tell by looking at the picture, but I’d say there is no reason any piercer should turn you down. There is enough of a rise in your nipple to pierce it pretty easily. Just find yourself a qualified piercer with a good portfolio and you’ll be golden.

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