…the shop, or is the incubation period too short for that?

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Thursday August 23rd, 2007 @ 5:43 AM

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A friend and I got pierced on the same day a month or so ago at a shop that I regard as being pretty damned good, sterility-wise. She’s apparently in the emergency room as I write this, with a staph infection in her piercing that’s turned to septicemia as well. Now, considering the length of time since the piercings, could this have been caused by the shop, or is the incubation period too short for that? Should I go in and get cultured to be safe, or just wait and see if anything comes up?

It’s hard to say, there are several strands of staph that lie dormant on the body, they do not become problematic until some trauma causes them to be…such as piercing. I haven’t ever seen this first hand from piercing, but I have seen a few cases on tattoos.

I’d play it safe, get the cultures done. Then educate yourself as much as possible on cross contamination and universal precautions, you may find the shops not as clean as you thought once you know what to look for. Otherwise, it could just be a fluke, no fault of the shops at all and like I mentioned before just a dormant case of Staph that became traumatized.

- Sean Philips

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