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Tuesday August 28th, 2007 @ 8:28 PM

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hey - a friend just told me about how HER friend just got her tooth pierced. apparently she had someone drill a small hole in her tooth and put a ring through. have you heard of this?

It sounds pretty implausible to me, honestly, but then, there are plenty of hacks out there who’ll do any kind of bad-idea ignorant piercing you can come up with, just to get the picture in their portfolio or whatever. I HAVE seen people with barbells wedged through their gums, just between their teeth, and that seems like a pretty stupid idea to me - but then, I’d rather have healthy teeth than an OMG-ORIGINALPIERCING!!

I seriously doubt that you’d ever be able to talk a dentist into approving deliberately weakening a tooth like that, especially when you can have a tooth gem glued on by a dentist and have it last for months and months. Also, I’m pretty dubious of friend-of-a-friend anecdotes on principle…

- Lori St.Leone

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