…Mederma or other scar-treatments with any success?

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Wednesday August 29th, 2007 @ 4:36 PM

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Has anyone used silicone sheets/gel, Mederma or other scar-treatments with any success?
I know that vitamin E rubs are regularly recommended to QOD readers to help reduce the appearance of scars. I was just curious about some of the other products I’ve heard about.
I’ve got some rather nasty 2nd degree burns on my arm I’d like to fade away…

I’ve used Mederma personally with fantastic results, the key seems to be patience - it does take months to get good results. Lots of people have used the silicone sheets, as well, I have a friend who was in a terrible car accident and had massive scars all over her chest and neck, she used the silicone sheets and the scars are almost invisible now. Maybe you should consult with a doctor about scar reduction and go from there? Good luck!

- Lori St.Leone

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