In regards to the recent online problems with…

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Friday September 28th, 2007 @ 11:27 AM

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In regards to the recent online problems with Shannon…it’s those people involved that have been posting and deleting somewhat cryptic and contrary information and made the problem more public. I don’t think the staff of QOD should be mad that we’ve read it. Also, what kind of ‘community’ are we if we take the stance that’s it’s not our problem, just ignore it and we’ll all be fine. Not a very good one I guess…

OK, now I’m a liar, because I am going to answer this, but this is it, seriously! No one’s “mad” that anyone’s read it, it IS annoying that people don’t seem content to leave well enough alone and stay out of other people’s business, and then refuse to take the hint to drop it when they attempt to propagate more drama by discussing it on every single forum with every single person they can find online. The allegations going back and forth don’t, at the end of the day, affect anyone other than the people involved, which is why it’s not anyone else’s concern or problem.

As for stating that it’s the community’s right to know every single detail of any ill-advised-and-since-deleted personal posts by the owners (yes, multiple) or employees of BME or their personal lives… uh, no, it’s really not your business, and trying to justify nosiness as some kind of noble concern for the welfare of the community is both laughable and in very poor taste. If your neighbours have a noisy row, do you think it’s the right of everyone in the neighbourhood to troop through their front door the next day and demand an explanation in full and glorious detail? Don’t bother answering that question, but if you DO think so, geez, I’m glad I don’t live in your neighbourhood!

So, long story short, as interesting as this all must be to those with boring lives, my advice is to drop it and find something else to do. You’re NOT helping anyone involved by constantly nattering on about it, and the vast majority of the people reading this don’t know any of the interested parties well enough personally to take one side or another - myself included! It’s a bit more complicated than that. So, go outside and fly a kite or something. :D
- Lori St.Leone

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One Response to “In regards to the recent online problems with…”

  1. Or a model airplane if you cant procure a kite :-D

    Zed on September 14th, 2008 at 11:47 am

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