…and to what exact purpose do women get their hoods split?

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Sunday October 7th, 2007 @ 3:14 PM

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Hi Vampy,
I’m tempted to get a hood split but don’t really know whether it will be suitable or useful for me to get it done. On what basis and to what exact purpose do women get their hoods split? And are there any articles etc. you would suggest reading first? When I search IAM and the QOD it seems my queries are too vague and I don’t get any useful results.

The main two reasons women get their hoods split are either for aesthetic reasons, or to expose the clitoris more to allow for direct stimulation.

I’m unaware of any useful literature on the subject, everything i’ve learned about it has been from talking to women who have had the procedure done, and practitioners who have performed it. Generally everyone i’ve spoken to who has had it done are happy with the mod, and some want to take it further, or even remove some of the hood tissue. However I have heard about one girl who was very unhappy after getting her hood split, direct contact on her clit was very painful, even to the point that having it rubbing on her underwear as she walked hurt her.

If it is something you are seriously considering, I’d make sure you actually enjoy direct clitoral stimulation, as many women with long hoods that fully cover their clit are unused to this sensation and some even find it painful. While you can expect to lose a little sensitivity over time as your clit is no longer covered all the time, the sensation of having your clit touched is still going to be a lot more intense than having it touched through the hood. As with any permanent mod, unless its something that you REALLY want, it’s probably not for you.

- Vampy

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2 Responses to “…and to what exact purpose do women get their hoods split?”

  1. Great answer. I was considering getting my hood split a wile back and couldn’t find much information about it in terms of what the real difference would be, and got a variety of answers from people who’ve had it done. Some people LOVEd it, others didn’t regret it but didn’t think the sensation was really “better” than before, just different. So I decided to play around to see if direct stimulation was something I wanted all the time. After experimenting during alone time and a cooperative partner, I decided I wouldn’t really benefit from a split hood. But then again my hood is not that long, and hood splitting is not all or nothing, if you have a long hood you can have it split a little bit to maintain a little bit of coverage for your clitoris… as long as you go to soemone who actually knows what they’re going.

    ellipsis on October 12th, 2007 at 6:51 pm
  2. For more information, google the terms with plastic surgery in mind, and you’ll find more stuff.

    superchar42 on October 15th, 2007 at 1:47 am

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