bigger guage in an eyebrow piercing?

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Sunday October 28th, 2007 @ 8:49 PM

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I got my eyebrow pierced for the first time in August 2004, and switched the ring several months later, in spring 2005. I was very unaware at the time and just randomly shoved in a ring that was way, way bigger both in gauge and diameter, and the piercing rejected not long after.

I got it repierced in January this year, and switched the piercing several weeks later to a ring that was either the same size or (possibly, I forget) smaller than the original. I had no problems switching and now can even remove it daily (for a new, piercing-free job) and slip it back in at night no problem. But a little while ago I dropped the bead down the drain and have since been trying to find a new ring, with little success–my ring is 18 guage with a 5/16 diameter, and no one seems to make cute rings that size! The only ones I can find are either dull or not my style. I did see a totally cute one at 16 gauge and 3/8 diameter, and I was wondering what you think the risk would be if I started using this one, going up in size just a tad, considering that for most of the week I don’t even wear it, and the hole seems pretty well-healed? Would it get all messed up again, or do you think I would be in the clear?


Dear Poster,

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For example you might find rings to be “cute”, yet if you ask my personal opinion they are not cute, but to each their own right?

In terms of cute however what is it that you find cute in certain rings? As there are not many other ways to make a ring other than have it in a ring shape. Are you referring to colours? attachments? Not really sure what you’re referring to by that statement as to me a ring is a ring they come in many colors, different size beads, different TYPES of beads,etc.

But to answer the question about the 16ga 3/8″ ring. I’d advise taking it to an high quality piercing studio for an experienced piercer to analyze the ring as well as the entry and exit points of the piercing, to determine if it is a suitable option. I personally am inclined to say it would not be an ideal thing since you’re wearing a 18ga 5/16″ ring in the piercing currently. The reason I say this is because 3/8″ is a bigger diameter than 5/16″ which could potentially lead to problems in the future. The more ring there is, the greater the chance for catching/snagging the piercing,etc, which can of course lead to migration and sadly rejection.

So my only concern with this is that it’s a larger diameter, not that it’s a larger gauge size…However sometimes with larger gauge sizes problems could also arise if your anatomy is not suited for that size. Sometimes 18ga work best, while other times 16ga will be ideal and even 14ga can be the jewelry gauge size of choice for the person,etc.

So yeah in closing I’d say if anything purchase a 16ga 5/16″ ring from a piercing studio and have the piercer taper it in for you. However it’s going to require you to keep it in for awhile to allow the body to become used to that size. You won’t want to try and taper it in and then remove it the very next day for work.

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