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Monday October 29th, 2007 @ 3:48 AM

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About a year ago in a stupid, art school-inflicted lapse of judgment, I gave myself a homemade tattoo using an X-acto knife and India Ink. Completely and utterly stupid, I know, but I was not in my normal frame of mind that day. Anyway, most of it fell out but it’s mostly still there. On one part of my ankle where there isn’t much ink, though, I’ve had this itchy sensation. It’s come and gone and hasn’t been too bad or anything so I let it go but tonight I scratched it and it burned a little. The skin is rough as well. Is this an infection or something I need to seek medical attention for, or is it just something stupid I have to live with? And would I be able to see my regular tattoo artist for advice or should I just see a doctor? Thanks.

X-acto Knife? daaaaamn! Whatever happened to the back in the day method of using a safety pin or sewing needle or something? hahaha we all have lapse in judgment from time to time.

Personally I’d say your best bet is to consult with a doctor/dermatologist and have them analyze the tissue. So that by going to see a doctor/dermatologist you’ll be able to get a more accurate answer and potentially something to deal with the situation.

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