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Tuesday January 29th, 2008 @ 5:09 PM

Filed under: Tattoos

Okay… so I have four tattoos already and three of them have been done by the same artist at the same studio.

But, I’ve booked an appointment at this studio to get a portrait of Edgar Allan Poe on my thigh, but my original artist doesn’t do portraits so it’s going to be done by another artist.

The problem is, my original artist’s station is right across from this new artist… what am I supposed to do? Isn’t it going to be a bit awkward?

I was just wondering what I should do in this situation? Possibly talk to Angela while getting tattooed by Paul?


Tattoo artist have specialties and unless you want all your tattoos to be in a similar style (or have Filip Leu as your artist), your best bet is to have numerous artist working on you in the style in which they excel. If your artist doesn’t do portraits, they have no reason to be upset in you getting your portrait done by the other guy. If they did do portraits, but not as well as the other guy, they should still not be upset. Simple fact is you owe it to yourself to get the piece you want by the artist you want.

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New Sternum Piercing

Sunday January 27th, 2008 @ 10:05 AM

Filed under: Surface/Unusual

I got my sternum pierced today with a one inch surface bar. Because I am quite slim the woman told me my piercing will be shallow and more likely to reject. I had a plaster put over it and when I took it off 5 hours later the bar seems to be sticking out more than it was, is the piercing rejecting already or is this due to swelling going down? Sorry I haven’t been able to include a picture.

A picture would definitely be helpful in this situation. However, I can pretty much guarantee you your piercing hasn’t started to reject just yet. It will take a bit more time than that.

If you are rather slim I probably would have preferred not to use a surface bar quite that long, but without being able to see and feel your skin in that area, that’s a very generalized statement.

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Nose bump

Sunday January 27th, 2008 @ 9:54 AM

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Help! I’ve had my nose pierced for 15 months. I love it, but I keep getting this blood filled growth right next to the piercing. If it’s infected why is there only a tiny amount of white gunk? It started like the 3rd month I had it. I’ve talked to the guy that pierced me a few times. He said that I was over cleaning my nose and that it would go away if I only cleaned it once a day and got lots of sleep. It’s been clear lately, but now it’s back! Is he right? Do I just need more sleep? Today I blew my nose and it opened. It took a minute or so to stop the bleeding. What do I need to do to stop this from happening? It doesn’t hurt, but it’s very ugly and annoying! Do I need to take it out and let it heal? I don’t want to, but if it stops this from repeating again, I will. Thanks for your help.

The “nose bump” happens to a large percentage of people when their nose is healing. Most commonly it shows up around the 1 month to 2 month mark, but it will sometimes show up later. The bump typically goes away after a bit of time, as your piercing heals up and becomes a little “tougher”.

The bump is not an infection…it is a build-up of fluids and skin cells that gather around the edge of the piercing. Most often, the bump is a sign of irritation…your body is unhappy with something that is going on with your piercing. Over-cleaning could be the source of irritation, but so could cleaning it with something too harsh and/or touching it too much and/or lots of other things. Getting plenty of sleep and taking good care of your body in general is a good idea when trying to heal a piercing, but I doubt that’s what’s going on in your case.

If you’ve had the piercing for 15 months, and you are still getting the bump occasionally, I would start to look at the jewelry as the potential problem. If you are wearing a nostril screw type of jewelry, it’s likely that the jewelry needs to be adjusted so it fits your nose better. If it’s too loose, it will move around which can irritate your piercing. It is also more likely to get caught on towels, shirts and bedding, which can irritate it. If the jewelry fits too tightly, that can cause a problem as well. Although, generally, if it was fitting to tightly, you would have more of a consistent problem. If you’re wearing a ring, they can be prone to getting knocked around, since they stick away from your nose, which can cause a problem. In that case, you may want to consider changing to a nostril screw/stud for a while.

It could also be that your body isn’t happy with the material the jewelry is made of and/or the quality of the jewelry. If you’re currently wearing jewelry made of stainless steel, you might want to consider changing to a titanium piece of jewelry. What you are describing isn’t a typical allergic reaction, but it could be that a slight nickel sensitivity is keeping the piercing from settling down. I’m not really sure how to advise you on the quality of the jewelry, but many piercing studios use low-quality, inexpensive jewelry that isn’t polished very well. That can definitely lead to prolonged healing and healing difficulties.

Hopefully some of this helps to at least put you in the right direction of trying to figure out what the problem is.

Good luck!

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Prince Albert jewellery position

Saturday January 26th, 2008 @ 11:14 AM

Filed under: Male Genital

I will be getting a PA done in a week or two, and from browsing image galleries etc. I have seen what looks like two different jewellery positions for the PA, and have replicated them (roughly) by playing with a spare bcr (see picture).

I by far prefer the first image, where the ring closely follows the curve of the glans, rather than hanging below the penis.

Is the difference in how the jewellery sits, due to: how far down the urethra it is pierced? The internal diameter of the jewellery? The angle of the pierced hole? Or is it another factor?


It may be possible to get PA jewelry to fit the way it does in the first picture, but you likely won’t be able to do that until the piercing is healed. While the first picture may appeal to you aesthetically, wearing jewelry that fits that way would likely prove to be uncomfortable with a healing piercing. The pressure that would be put on the piercing would be uncomfortable as well as irritating to a new piercing.

Placing the jewelry further down the shaft will not likely result in the fit you want…in fact, it would probably have the opposite affect. Because a ring is the same size in all direction, and you would need a bigger ring to reach further down the shaft, the ring would then hang more on the bottom side because of it’s size.

The varying sizes and shapes of different people’s anatomy affect what will and won’t work for each person. It may simply not be possible for you to get a fit exactly like you see in the picture. And if it is, it’s something you’ll probably only be able to achieve once the piercing has healed and toughened up a bit.

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DIY piercing advice

Saturday January 26th, 2008 @ 10:51 AM

Filed under: Nipple

I’ve been piercing myself for about a year now, and I’m at the point where I outright refuse to go to the pros. So the other day, I tried piercing my nipples. I failed in both tries. The first time, I simply couldn’t get it all the way through. At some point, I was pushing and the clamp slipped, so I took out the needle and gave up on that side, I tried the other side and I saw the end of the needle about to poke through, but then I looked in the mirror and realized my placement was too low, so I gave up on that side too.
Also keep in mind, I’m a DIY piercer. I don’t have any professional supplies other than needles and a clamp.

This questions was edited slightly for brevity

I’m going to try to ignore the irony of the statement, “…I outright refuse to go to the pros” yet, here you are, seeking advice from “pros” when things didn’t go the way you planned. To be clear, I haven nothing against DIY piercing…I just find your philosophy a little amusing.

A couple of advantages of having your piercing done professionally is that the piercer doesn’t have to feel the pain, so they can complete the piercing much faster. In addition, the angle/position for doing the piercing (especially nipple piercing) is generally better…much easier to get the piercing to come out straight, not have the clamps slip etc. It sounds like you are having problems in both of those areas, but there isn’t much that can be done about the second one, since you are determined to do it yourself.

As for the other…the best thing I can suggest is be 100% sure of your marks as well as the position of your clamps and your needle.. If both of those things are spot-on, you should be able to push the needle through quickly and still end up with good results.

There really are no others tricks or mysteries to it. But even if there were, as a “pro” I couldn’t tell them to you anyway. :)

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Lip Ring = Bad Teeth?

Saturday January 26th, 2008 @ 10:48 AM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

I want to get a off center lip ring. but my mom says it is going to kill all my teeth and mess up all my dental stuff. do lip rings even do that as long as they are the right size and placed correctly?

A properly-placed lip piercing with appropriately-sized jewelry has a low risk of doing damage to your teeth or gums. However, any type of oral piercing has the potential to damage to your oral tissues. Again, the chances may be low, but there is no way to eliminate all the risk.

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Hepatitis C and tattoos?

Thursday January 24th, 2008 @ 12:48 PM

Filed under: Tattoos


I haven’t had any new piercings or tattoos in awhile, and lately I’m getting a hankering for a tattoo. However, there’s a problem…two years ago I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C.

I feel I should be honest with the artist I choose about my disease, although I fear I’ll be turned down flat.

My question is should I expect to be refused service and forget about getting a new tattoo, or will a reputable artist tattoo me anyway (considering all the safety precautions taken I think there’d be minimal risk)?

I haven’t asked anyone personally, because I generally don’t broadcast my condition to just anyone. I already feel like a leper, I don’t need any more grief about having HCV. If I’m going to get turned down, doused in bleach and tossed out of the shop I’m not even going to ask.

Having Hepatitis C shouldn’t influence an artist’s decision to tattoo you, assuming you are otherwise in good health and don’t have problems healing. As you mentioned, each artist should essentially view each client as walking cess-pool, in terms of the health and safety precautions they utilize.

Unfortunately, not every artist is going to approach things that way.

If you have a shop/artist in mind, you may want to consider simply calling them and asking them if your HCV-status is going to be an issue. By calling you can hopefully get an answer to your question without having to let everyone in the world know your status. This also helps you figure out which artists you don’t want working on you…because in most cases, if they are ignorant enough to turn you down because you have HCV…you don’t want to be worked on by them anyway.

Good luck!!

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nape piercing

Thursday January 24th, 2008 @ 12:45 PM

Filed under: Surface/Unusual

I searched, but I couldn’t come up with definite answers…

I’m dying for a nape piercing (one last “crazy” thing before I head into corporate-world)…


Fist, I have long-ish hair, that I usually wear down with some product in it. It doesn’t really hit my neck all that much, and I can keep the product off the hair that does touch my neck no prob. Is this going to be a serious problem? I’ve healed a lot of other notoriously finicky piercings before (conch, rook, tragus), hair products and all, without a problem, but I know surface piercings are among the trickiest. I could even wear the hair up for a while, just til it settles down a bit, but I will have to go on interviews with this bad boy and want to make sure I can wear my hair down for the day to hide it if I have to(I know definite answers might be impossible but what’s my best bet?)

Also, I do yoga regularly (a few times a week). Provided I just take it easy on the neck bending, will that be a problem?



Hair in general can be irritating to a healing nape piercing; little bits of hair getting into the piercing is obviously no good. If that hair also has a bunch of product in it, that’s even more no good, obviously. During the first month, I would suggest wearing your hair up as much as you can. If you need to have it down for an interview, then you have to have it down. If you need to wearing it down three days a week for work, then so be it. Just keep it up off the piercing as much as you can while it’s healing.

Good luck!

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Tongue tied

Thursday January 24th, 2008 @ 12:36 PM

Filed under: Tongue

Okay so I went into a shop to ask this question a few months ago but my mom was with me but I had only gotten her to agree to one piercing soooo…. the guy told me that I couldn’t pierce my tongue because I’m way to tongue tied for a center one but I want two one on the left and one on the right(Venoms? I’m not sure on the name) Any who my question is: would it be possible to pierce the sides even if I can’t get the center done?? I know this might be an anatomy question but I’m not allowed into the shop without a parent and I’d rather have a basic idea if it’s doable or not before I try to talk them. Thankx

If your tongue is too short to accommodate a standard tongue piercing, it’s not likely to be any better-suited for side tongue piercings. In fact, depending upon the shape of your tongue, it might be even less-suited for a piercing.

A tongue piercing done on a tongue that is too short can often lead to damage to the lower teeth and gums. The piercing(s) would probably heal fine, but it’s the long-term affects it can have on your oral health that you need to be concerned about.

It sounds like you’re a minor, so you may not have this option right now, but at some point, you could consider having your tongue webbing cut (frenectomy). This will generally take care of your being “tongue tied”, and often makes the tongue long enough to be pierced.

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Thursday January 24th, 2008 @ 12:33 PM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

4 days ago I have labret in the middle lip, but it turns out that for the inflammation the part inside of the piercing the inflamed lip gets lost, that is to say, covers it almost in its entirety, I must change the jewel? Or do I wait to that this deflate me?. I am afraid of that it is buried.

If I understand the issue, the disk on the inside of your labret stud is sinking into the inside hole. If that’s the case, you need to return to your piercer and get a longer labret stud. It sounds as though the piece that was put in initially was not long enough to accommodate the swelling you are having. If you don’t get a longer piece put in, the disk will likely embed into your lip to the point that it’s impossible to get it out without cutting it out.

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