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Wednesday January 9th, 2008 @ 6:59 PM

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I want to get my tongue pierced and it will be my first non-ear piercing and while I was doing my research I realize that I could have a metal allergy.

But when I went to my pierce he basically said to deal with it; if it does get infected, switch it in a week with a gold one when the swelling goes down because they don’t have a gold barbell long enough for the 1st piercing, which doesn’t make sense because if it got infected the swelling wouldn’t go down so I couldn’t change it. And it also sounded like he didn’t care if it did happen or didn’t know much more then me. Which leads me to want to get another piercer. But anyway I said all that to ask this:

Should I fine a new pierce?

Could I have a metal allergy and can I still get my tongue pierce?

Is titanium and gold the best metal to use and would it be wrong if I brought my own barbells to be pierced with?

And if so where can I find a good place that sells them.

How is

Thank you so much!!!

A couple of points of clarification, just so we’re on the same page:

When you have a reaction to a particular kind of jewelry, it’s exactly that…a reaction. It’s not an infection. An infection would occur for a whole different reason and would be a whole different issue to deal with. Your body has a reaction to the jewelry because there is something in it that your body simply can’t deal with.

Most people who have metal sensitivities end up being sensitive/allergic to nickel. The reason you can’t wear “standard” earrings or stainless steel body jewelry is because it has nickel in it. Most people can tolerate a high-quality piece of implant-grade steel without having a reaction. However, that’s a whole different discussion. For your purposes, what matters is that you’ve had trouble wearing stainless steel in the past.

Gold is typically a good option for people who are sensitive to nickel…but again, this presumes it’s a high-quality piece of jewelry to begin with. One of the downsides to gold is it’s high price.

Another option, and one that is much less expensive, is titanium Titanium works well because it contains no nickel.

As for your piercer…I’d say ditch him. If he didn’t offer titanium as an option, or wasn’t at least willing to order the appropriate piece of jewelry for you, it sounds like he either doesn’t know as much as he should and/or he doesn’t care about your health and safety as much as he should. Whatever the case…you don’t want to get pierced by somebody like that.

As for buying your own jewelry, that might be an option. However, I think finding a piercer that knows what they are doing, cares about doing a good job and either stocks the jewelry you need, or is willing to order it, is probably your best option.

Good luck!

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