Non-laser tattoo removal

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Tuesday January 15th, 2008 @ 1:30 PM

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I’ve only recently started hearing about a new non-laser tattoo removal, such as

I’m skeptical–does it work? What’s the straight dope?

My first thought was just to reply with “If it seems to good to be true, it probably is” but being diligent I read the site. I haven’t heard about this type of removal until reading your question but after looking at the site, it is not the typical “PAIN FREE TATTOO REMOVAL CREAM!”. They tattoo over your old tattoo using this cream instead of ink. I doubt it’s less painful or more effective than laser removal. You also have to keep in mind that you’re tattooing a cream into your skin.

Personally, I’d rather get traditional laser removal than put a chemical under my skin to destroy tattoo ink.

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One Response to “Non-laser tattoo removal”


    By Sky News SkyNews - Thursday, February 14 10:49 am

    An expensive cream that is claimed to remove tattoos does not work and is a waste of money, doctors are warning.

    For about £200, you can buy six months worth of supplies from companies operating online and advertising in national newspapers.

    One of the sites says it has proven success with volunteers and claims that some “95% of them reported their tattoo having either completely disappeared, or barely visible”.

    And there are long lists of testimonies from satisfied customers to back this up.

    One user from Stafford wrote: “After two months of using the cream you could barely see it, and now I’m just finishing the final tube of cream which is my fifth month and it has nearly gone.

    “I am just totally shocked by it. I definitely recommend it.”

    Paul Stevens from tattoo2go told Sky News: “We have a really high success rate. Unlike other treatments which can burn you skin ours doesn’t. And we’ll give a full refund after six months if customers aren’t happy with the results.”

    The company even offers a full refund if customers are not happy with the results.

    But despite the convincing before and after pictures, medical experts say the idea that a simple cream could erase a permanent tattoo is nonsense.

    Dr Patrick Bowler is a surgeon doctor and director of Court House Clinics. He told Sky News: “It is too good to be true.

    “There’s no scientific evidence that these things work. I think they’re really expensive and there’s no given of any outcome. My advice would be to avoid them.”

    The Tattoo Club of Great Britain says the nature of tattoos means removal is not possible with a cream. Lionel Titchener, who set up the club, told Sky News: “The pigment is injected right under the skin.

    “I cannot understand what cream could safely dissolve the tattoo. I would urge people to speak to their doctor before putting anything on their skin.”

    There is no denying tattoos are back in fashion, and the number of people having them done is on the increase.

    Part of the reason some say, is the celebrity endorsement factor. The likes of David and Victoria Beckham and Amy Winehouse, all have several.

    But fashion is fickle, and doctors believe once the trend changes, they will be seeing a lot of patients who want their tattoos removed.

    The most common method of removal is laser treatment. It is a long and sometimes painful experience, and can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

    Different lasers are used for each different colour, and complete removal is not always possible.

    Dr Bowler says prevention is better than cure. He warns: “It’s a bit like deciding to have a facelift. You need to give good thought to it and remember, they’re permanent.”

    Lori St.Leone on February 18th, 2008 at 3:18 pm

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