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Tuesday February 26th, 2008 @ 9:44 PM

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I’ve read some expierences about pulls/suspensions and some say when the needle is put through the flesh lube is used, some say no lube… I’m staring at a 10ga needle and it seems like lube would be a good idea - but what kind? I find it hard to believe KY would be appropriate. Thanks.

For starters let me say that in the realm of pulls/suspensions, its very rare that a 10ga needle would be used. At least in my past experience with suspensions & pulls. In fact the average reputable suspension crew will usually use 8ga and 6ga needles and hooks.

Now I could make MANY comical statements here…Saying to not use lube, Saying to use spit and various other sexually related joke comments. But alas lets just cut to the chase, with these large sizes its ideal to use some Sterile Water Soluble Lube. Sure you can insert the 10ga needle dry, but my personal suggestion would be to use the Lube.

Also know depending on the type of needle you’ve obtained, the use of lube can definitely be an ideal option. As certain companies produce needles differently then others, ie: some are duller than others.

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nipple piercing

Tuesday February 26th, 2008 @ 9:29 PM

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Hey bme its me again . I have yet another question. I submitted a picture of my nipple piercing so that you can help. Wen I got the piercings I got both done unfortunately the lady that I requested to do my piercings didn’t know what she was doing she was trying to pierce my nipple and it wouldn’t go threw so it started to bleep badly so she takes it out and calls the man to cum do it (which I didnt want because he was a man) so he tells me he’s going to do it over but in the same spot she did it and its going to hurt which it did , badly… so then he do the other nipple but he don’t put it in the same spot as the other one that the lady started he pierces it and it didn’t hurt that bad I guess he knew what he was doing… but here’s my problem… I looked at my nipples when I got home they were in two different spots one was directly threw my nipple which I took out, so now I have only one which I’m starting to question because I want to get the other one pierced again and I want you to tell me if it is in the right place or not so that I will know if I should have the other one done the same… the piercing is not threw my nipple as you can see in the picture it is behind the nipple but kind of threw the begining of my areola I can’t really explain the placement but hopefully you understand …is this placement ok or is it done wrong help me please also I’ve had this piercing for almost two years and it still forms crust and it do not smell good is this a sign that it is in the wrong place? Or infection? If any one else other than bme wants to help you can email me at [email protected]

Greetings and Salutations!

First I’d just like to say that it really grinds my gears when I hear people say how they don’t want someone of the opposite gender, piercing them. When people look at piercers they should not look at what gender they are, they should care more about getting the best person to do the job. Because like you said you insisted on the woman doing it, yet she didn’t do the job right in your eyes. It’s like this, picture yourself in a car crash and dying or your seriously injured. Now the ambulance pulls up and they are men, are you going to send them away demanding a female EMT?

Although some people view it more as a comfort thing which is fine, their views are their views. But honestly I just wish people would consider the piercers capabilities instead of what gender they are.

As for the picture its a bit distorted/pixelated, probably due to resizing and everything…But to answer your question, NO a nipple piercing is not suppose to be behind the nipple base and in the areola….Especially with the nipple development that is displayed in the picture. In some relations (mostly men) you can go a tiny bit behind the nipple base to secure it better, but it should only be a mm or so behind the areola not multiple mm’s.

Ideal placement especially with women is specifically right at the base of where the nipple and areola meet, and to use the ideal gauge size required with the specific nipples in question. By that I mean some nipples are more developed then others thus ideally would require larger gauge sizes, ie: some are suited for 14ga, others are for 12ga and some are 10ga and so on and so forth.

As for what you’re describing the discharge/crust,etc that can be a result of low quality jewelry, do you know if there is threading on the post (Externally Threaded) or is the threading on the beads? (Internally Threaded)…Is it Stainless Steel or is it Titanium?

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closed infected nipple ring from 2 years ago.

Tuesday February 26th, 2008 @ 9:15 PM

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hi, im 19, female, i self-pierced my nipple about 2 years ago. It got infected so i took it out about a month after i did it (i couldnt bear the pain). I noticed a while ago (around a year ago)that the entry holes are white and bumped up and when i squeeze it a thick white paste comes out. I think there use to be more, but now its barely a noticeable amount. I never noticed a smell. it does hurt sort of, but its like the nipple is sore, but so is the rest of my breast or below my breast. I think its related. I went to my doctor but he doesnt really know much of anything, i dont want to show him though. Its been worrying me because im getting married soon and having kids and want to breast feed, though since i did it myself im not sure if i screwed that up. anyway, i was worried that since its been like that for so long, can this “infection” spread, causing more problems? What should i do? If i got it pierced professionally would it drain?


The “white paste” is hard to say over the internet without physically analyzing the current sans-piercing location.. It sounds like there is potentially scar tissue formation at the entry and exit points due to performing the procedure yourself (potentially inaccurate techniques, jewelry,etc)…As for what’s occurring it could potentially just be skin cells,etc collecting within the potential pathway that USED to be your piercing, as you had that piercing for roughly a year or so.

What’s confusing me is where you state you went to your doctor but did not show him the problem, and claim he doesn’t know much. That’s weird to me because, well, since a doctor has to go through years of medical school,etc…Now granted there’s many that seem to make it through and then forget everything they were taught,etc…But the simple fact is without bringing it up and showing your doctor, how do you expect this problem to be solved?

If the problem is potentially a medical concern that will require the aid of medical professionals, I’d honestly suggest having them check it out.

Here is a suggestion for you to do:

1) Visit a qualified/reputable/knowledgeable piercer and have them look at the problem.
2) Visit your doctor and have him check out the problem. If he doesn’t know what he’s seeing he should suggest you visit another doctor who would know more about what’s going on (ie: ears, nose and throat doctors won’t know about urology, so they’ll suggest a urologist instead,etc).

I doubt its an “infection” because if it was, having it for 2 years, you’d not be typing this (ie: you’d be in serious medical condition)…Potentially re-piercing it might help the situation, but again best to have it checked by piercer(s) and a doctor(s) in person.

It doesn’t hurt to ask…and as much as online help can be of service some times, sometimes its just best to seek help in person.

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clitoris hood piercing

Monday February 25th, 2008 @ 9:58 AM

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I want to get a clitoris hood piercings, and I don’t like to shave because I usually get bumps when the hair starts growing back. I don’t have a lot of hair down there anyways but I wanted to know if I don’t shave will that be ok? Can they pierce my hood if I don’t shave ?

I also wanted to know why people keep saying that this piercing is not for everyone, how do I know if its not for me? Why do they have to check your vein pattern? Please some one answer these questions for me …I’m kind of nervous but I want it so bad!

First off, it’s really normal to be nervous before any piercing, especially a genital piercing, so don’t fret, it’s ok! :) No, you definitely don’t have to shave your pubic hair to get a hood piercing, so don’t worry about it if it’s not part of your normal routine. Technically speaking, you don’t have to shave before getting ANY genital piercings, although it does make placements like an outer labia or a christina a lot easier to scrub and mark up for your piercer. If it’s a bit TOO wild and jungle-y to work around, a piercer might trim some hair back with sterile scissors, but for a VCH that’s really not even necessary.

As for anatomical concerns, probably the easiest way to check at home if you’re suited for a hood piercing is to do the Q-tip test and make sure you have enough room down there to accommodate the piercing. Don’t worry about the veins/vasculature, your piercer will check to make sure that there’s nothing massive in the way, but it’s a very, very vascular part of the body and at least some bleeding is normal and expected. Again, don’t worry about it! Go to a piercer who makes you feel at ease and answers your questions calmly and confidently, someone with experience with genital work, and you will be just fine, I promise. :)

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Will it make a difference?

Monday February 25th, 2008 @ 9:53 AM

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My industrial got a little irritated from the barbell being too long, and little lymph bumps formed (they are definitely not keloids or hypertrophic scarring). I got a custom fit stainless steel barbell a few months ago and it has helped immensely. I was wondering if I got a custom fit titanium barbell, would it be even better for my piercing? or would it not make much of a difference at all?

Eh, six of one, half-dozen of the other. Titanium is more biocompatible than steel, as a rule, but that being said, some people demonstrate allergic reactions to titanium alloys and have no dramas whatsoever with steel. So, as with many things in the world of body mods, there are no hard and fast rules. I think the polish of the jewellery has at least as much to do with it as the metal - I’d take a mirror-polished piece of Anatometal steel jewellery over a lesser-quality, less-shiny piece of titanium from another company any day of the week.

If you’re going well with your steel barbell, I wouldn’t bother changing it out, personally. If the piercing is still healing, changing the jewellery will just tend to irritate it and should be avoided unless completely necessary.

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Large Gauge PTFE

Monday February 25th, 2008 @ 9:47 AM

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I have a 0 gauge apadravya in which I am currently wearing a 1″ stainless steel barbell. I have been wanting to try something a little lighter and thought of PTFE but have only been able to find small gauges. Do you know of anywhere to order something similar in PTFE or someone that will custom make such a piece?


We don’t as a rule link away from BME (for obvious reasons), but since BMEshop doesn’t carry any PTFE at all, I feel like it’s probably justified in this instance. I have a LOT of respect for the folks behind Aesthetics Bodymod - all of the jewellery they carry is fantastically high-quality and obtained from ethical, reputable manufacturers, and they manufacture PTFE and Delrin in-house and can make it to suit whatever you like. Their contact details are on their website. :)

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Sternum Piercing

Monday February 25th, 2008 @ 9:44 AM

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Hey! I got my sternum pierced yesterday, I was wondering, if when I wash my hair, the shampoo will harm it in any way, & would it be good to wash it with sea salt water? Also, I really don’t like it when blood kinda crusts around the piercing when I wake up, I woke up this morning & there was a tiny bit, obviously because it’s a new piercing, but even with my cleaning spray it’s hard to get off, what should I do to get rid of that?

You should definitely rinse your hair down your back, away from the piercing, and give the piercing a good rinse at the end of your shower to help get rid of any residues from shampoos or conditioners!

And I’ll always recommend a good old fashioned salt soak over using any spray you can think of (even the sea salt-based sprays, god forbid you’re using some BZK-based stuff), it will do a lot more to help your body heal the piercing by promoting cellular regeneration and circulation tot he area, and it’s always ideal to clean your piercings after you shower anyway, cos the shower helps loosen everything up a bit. Easy! :)

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Nipple piercing won’t seem to heal after jewlery removal

Monday February 18th, 2008 @ 8:13 PM

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Hi there, I had my right nip done and for some reason it never seemed to heal. I had my left done years ago and worked out wonderful. So over a year ago now I took out the right nipple since it just wouldn’t heal. Today it still doesnt seem to have healed at all. I can still queeze it and looks like a white puss still comes out. Im not sure what to do but I would love to get repierced but I want to make sure this one heals as much as it can first of course. Thank you so much for the help!

What you are experiencing is actually pretty normal. Since you had your piercing for quite some time, it’s possible the hole won’t ever completely close. The “white puss” you are getting is simply dead skin cells which collect inside the piercing. When you squeeze your nipple, the build-up gets pushed to the outside.

Without seeing your nipple I can’t say for sure, but in general, re-piercing it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Can wooden jewelry REALLY be sterilized?

Sunday February 17th, 2008 @ 5:53 PM

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I’ve always known that “organic” jewelry is a breeding ground for bacteria and such and it shouldn’t be passed around from person to person(never mind the ick factor), but what about sterilizing the jewelry after you’ve worn it a while? Say if I had stretched lobes and wooden tunnels and I got some sort of infection in my ear lobe would in be safe to wear that jewelry again?

I found this:

about kitchen cleaning and at the bottom it talks about sterilizing wooden cutting boards in the microwave. Is that an option with wooden tunnels/plugs?


I think the chance of you getting some sort of infection in your earlobe, which would live in your plugs and then somehow re-infect your earlobes is extremely unlikely. You could try microwaving your plugs, and it might help in terms of an baddies living on/in the jewelry, but it’s hard to predict what it would do to the integrity of your plugs…in other words…I wouldn’t do it if it were my jewelry.

Regular oiling and the occasional washing with mild soap and water (if you’re concerned about germs) should be sufficient to keep your plugs clean and looking good.

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Abscess? Infection? Derp?

Sunday February 17th, 2008 @ 5:45 PM

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About a three week old lip piercing, there is no pain or discomfort and it feels quit comfortable, I thought I might of been in the clear after the area was no longer tender.

Then today when I brush my teeth I notice this, it is raised about a centimeter above the surrounding tissue and is hard to the touch. I thought it might be an abscess and I am wondering of the appropriate course of action.

An abscess would typically be much bigger and MUCH more painful, as an abscess is a pocket of trapped infection fluid.

What you have appears to be nothing more than some excess scar tissue. At three weeks, this sort of thing wouldn’t be all that uncommon with a lip a piercing. The scar tissue tends to show up for a variety of reasons:

1) Too much movement of the jewelry, just from natural things such as talking or eating; but more commonly from playing with the jewelry too much
2) The diameter of the ring is too small, which therefore irritates the piercing significantly and your body forms excess scar tissue as a way to protect itself from the source of the irritation.If the jewelry fits too tightly, it’s not uncommon for the inside of the lip to “tear” slightly, as the body moves the jewelry into a position it can cope with.

If you’re concerned that the jewelry might be too tight, you should consult with your piercer.

Other than general aftercare, and avoiding playing with it, there isn’t probably much to be done about the scar tissue. In most cases it will simply go away on it’s own after the piercing heals a bit more an toughens up.

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