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Tuesday April 29th, 2008 @ 7:52 PM

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Im thinking about going into piercing as a career , I went to college an graduated but haven’t done anything with myself. Im just wondering what kind of path/adventure Im in for, I should also mention Im an artist photograper an do alot of hands on production work in the graphic arts field.

If you apprentice the good old fashioned way, you have this to expect:
Learning humility. Respect. Patience. Traditional well placed piercings that the client has every chance of healing- and once you’re ready… you get to learn how to apply it all. As time goes on, you come to realize that you’re a bartender, a hairdresser, a priest, a shrink, a nurse and a friend to people who all want your best- not just a good piercing, but someone who listens and helps them on their way. Be prepared for that- moreso than dealing with people’s skin, a good piercer has to deal with tempermental clients, clients having bad days, et all. And sometimes for a less than stellar income. Is it worth it? It can be. On a good day, you get out of the industry what you put into it. On a bad…

Now. If you plan on doing the “rockstar internet” route of learning to pierce- all you need to do is look the part. Stretch everything REALLY big. Tattoo your most public of areas. And most of all- remember- it’s about you, NOT the client. *

*If you take this route, expect a lot of people to be unhappy.

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One Response to “Piercing career”

  1. Hey it’s me Chad If I do plan on this I will apprentice I know a few great guys who would help me out I hope so any way, but thank you BME love you much.

    Chad Austin Iowa on April 29th, 2008 at 10:39 pm

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