hypertrophic scarring

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Wednesday April 30th, 2008 @ 9:59 PM

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I have had a large lump of hypertrophic scarring around my navel piercing for months now. It appeared about 4 months after I got it pierced and hasn’t gone away. I did manage to get rid of it a few times, however it just came back. I’ve tried everything; tea tree oil, sea salt soaks, just leaving it alone, and nothing works! I’ve started using bio-oil and it seems to have reduced the scarring, however i’m not sure if it will ever completely go. Have you got any advoce?

The problem can be a result of a few things. Often suggestions of Tea Tree Oil, Bio-Oil,etc are only temporary fixes to long term problems. What type of jewelry do you have in your navel? Is it a Curved Barbell or a Ring? Do you know the type of metal the jewelry is? If its a Curved Bar is the threading on the post (External Threaded Jewelry) or does bead have the threading and you screw it into the post (Internal Threaded Jewelry)?

If it’s the jewelry that is the problem no amount of oils, solutions,etc will cure it, except for putting in a better piece of quality jewelry (Implant Grade Internally Threaded). If it was pierced incorrectly somehow then no matter what you do, the scarring can continue to occur.

Also one must factor if the jewelry length is too short, how often you exercise, heck even certain times of laundry detergent can be the culprit to what causes the scarring to occur.

This is definitely something that would be ideally sorted out via troubleshooting in person. That way a qualified/reputable piercer can assess the situation in person and give a more accurate opinion.

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One Response to “hypertrophic scarring”

  1. I have the same problem. But I would like to kno wat u put on urs to make it go dwn. & I heard Bio- Oil effects some people so would u by any chance know what type of skin it effects

    Sarah Nowicki on July 5th, 2011 at 9:21 pm

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