Monday April 28th, 2008 @ 1:12 AM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

after much debate about whether to keep my philtrum/medusa piercing or not, i have decided to retire it due to placement. it did not “align” with my vertical labret piercing as well as i would like, and i would like to have it re-pierced. i know that oral piercing tend to heal a lot quicker than others, however, how long should i wait before getting it re-pierced, seeing as i would like a different placement to where it was pierced orignally? obviously, i would like my baby back as quick as possible ;) thanks a lot!

Unfortunately this is hard to answer via the internet without first knowing how long you have had your philtrum for. Personally I’d suggest waiting until the pathway is completely sealed and stabilized, which could technically mean waiting a few months after removal, to even a bit longer. But without knowing how old it is, or seeing how well healed the piercing is, its hard to give you an accurate answer as to how long you will need to wait before re-piercing it.

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will my large gauge ears grow back

Monday April 28th, 2008 @ 1:05 AM

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i want to go to like a 2-0 and i want to know if theyll grow back i need to prove it to my parents to asure them that it will thanks

Unfortunately if you’re looking for a sure-fire guarantee, no piercer will give you one in answer to this question.

There’s many things we have to factor in this, and its ultimately falls on if your body wants to return to normal. Unfortunately at 2ga or 0ga its very unlikely that the pathways are going to close entirely up. They might shrink in size and go to say around a 6ga or 8ga, but I honestly will say they’ll never get back to a 14ga or 16ga size.

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Tongue Splitting

Monday April 28th, 2008 @ 12:54 AM

Filed under: Surgical

I’m looking to get my tongue split by an oral surgeon. Before I start contacting doctors I wanted to ask here and see if anyone know of any oral surgeons in NY (more specifically on long island if possible) that would do it. If no one does know of anyone what would be the best way to go about asking? I was also going to get my wisdom teeth pulled would it be best to ask when I call to make an appointment for that (I figured it would be best to do the split and pull my teeth at the same time if they are willing to do it )?

Unfortunately the chances of finding a doctor to say: “Yes I will split your tongue for you” over the phone,etc is going to be non-existent.

When you’re booking the appointment for your wisdom teeth, don’t toss into the convo: “Oh yeah and I’d like to have my tongue split too, while were there.

Ultimately its about tactfully slipping the concept into the doctors mind, when you are face to face. So book your appointment for your wisdom teeth. Normally when you book the appointment its for a consultation so the Oral Surgeon can see the situation before the teeth extraction. I’d say if anything during that consultation regarding your teeth, bring it casually up to them privately. Discuss the matter with them and see what they say, and ask many many “why” questions if they refuse. Now that doesn’t just mean you keep saying: “But why not?” Instead just think up logical responses to what they say to you.

Also I’d strongly advise looking into the law aspect and using that as a grounds for them to actually do it. Find out what cities/states have banned tongue splitting procedures, unless performed by a licensed practitioner,etc. Armed with that information bring all the research up to the oral surgeon,etc.

Another avenue is consulting with Plastic/Cosmetic/Re-Constructive Surgeons. You don’t have to specifically state what you want the Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon to do for you, until you meet them. If asked just inform them that there’s a couple things you’d like to talk to the practitioner about in regards to possible work,etc. Then when in the room the Plastic/Cosmetic/Re-Constructive Surgeon and yourself can go over the idea of splitting your tongue.

Know that ultimately these people are going to quite possibly label you with the crazy labeller. But by getting yourself informed and educated and handling yourself in a mature manner, you might just prove them wrong.

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Tragus Fiasco

Monday April 28th, 2008 @ 12:40 AM

Filed under: Ear

I got my tragus pierced in October (for the second time, the first time it was pierced in the opposite ear too shallow and had to be removed). And the thing still isn’t Healed. I believe the piercer used a 16g 1/4″ CBR. I have been good about soaking it in salt water and leaving it alone otherwise, but I’m wondering if it isn’t something else keeping it from healing. I was having a look a few weeks ago, and noticed that the CBR is slightly “bent” (ie: it is not a perfect circle). The part that is bent is directly opposite where the bead is on the ring, so it is naturally the part that wants to sit in the piercing itself. I brought it up to my piercer, hoping he would change it to a barbell, and he said the piercing had to be totally healed first and that cartilage is just a bitch to heal. I try to keep the ring rotated (after I clean it) so that the bent (smaller diameter) part of the ring is not in the piercing…

So my question is: am I just slow to heal (my last tragus was healed after this amount of time), or could this slightly bent ring be an impediment to the healing process? And if so, is it worth the trauma of getting the jewelry changed to a barbell mid-healing?

To just quickly answer the main portion of the question, regarding healing. Most cartilage is indeed a “bitch” to heal. I normally instruct my clients to understand that cartilage piercings can quite often take anywhere from 6 months all the way to a year or longer, to fully heal. This is just the nature of ear cartilage, but also “slower healing” can be a result of other factors as well: 1) How often its bumped/hit, 2) Stress applied to the body (lack of sleep, lack of proper hydration, improper hygiene,etc) 3) Improper jewelry type/quality,etc.

Now without seeing the pierced location up close and personal, its hard to troubleshoot the matter properly. I will say though that using a 1/4″ (6mm) CBR seems a bit too small for my liking, for an initial tragus piercing. If I’m ever using a CBR in a tragus (I very rarely do by the way) I tend to put either an 5/16″ (8mm) or even a 3/8″ (10mm) depending on the thickness/shape/size of the tragus and ear,etc.

Also the statement you made about the CBR being slightly bent opposite of the bead is not an ideal situation. To me that might describe said piercer taking an 5/16″ CBR and tightening it down to a 1/4″ size, or a different bead was used in the 1/4″ then what it originally was made for/with. By tightening/closing the tighter on the smaller bead like that it can if done improperly create that “bent” look you’re referring to.

Now finally you got the piercing done in October, we’re now entering into May, thus making it roughly 6-7 months old. At this point there’s absolutely no reason NOT to just give it a try, just to see if any positive result can come from it.

What I’d personally do is visit a bunch of shops in your area, or anywhere else you might end up. When you visit these shops, they’ll hopefully spark up a conversation with you. To which you can ask for their opinion about your tragus piercing, giving you a 2nd, 3rd, 4th,etc opinion on the matter. Then after you have visited a few shops, logically decide what the overall consensus is on the situation and make your decision accordingly….Personally though I’d say get that ring out and get a properly fitted implant grade internally threaded (or threadless) labret stud, but that’s just me ;)

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Flat-backed labret studs for outer labia

Sunday April 27th, 2008 @ 11:53 PM

Filed under: Female Genital

I’m not so keen on the idea of using CBRs for outer labia piercings, but would it be possible to use flat-backed labret studs for outer labia piercings? Would that style of stud be more comfortable than normal barbells?

I’ve always used barbells as the non-ring option for labia piercings, mostly just because my own personal experiments with wearing labret-type studs in my own labia piercings never ended well (I just found the disc REALLY pinchy and uncomfortable), and I had a client once who special ordered some large-gauge labrets for her own stretched outer labia piercings, and she got all kinds of weird ulceration/scarring from the rubbing of the edge of the disc and had to replace the discs with balls, ultimately. So together, those experiences have just made me really hinky about labret studs, heh. That being said, I know a LOT of women do wear labret studs in their genital piercings and are just fine with them, so if any labia-piercing-enhanced readers want to throw their two cents in with jewellery experiences, I’m all ears!

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How to overcome nervousness for piercing?

Sunday April 27th, 2008 @ 10:55 AM

Filed under: Nipple

I’d like to get a nipple piercing and have wanted to do so for a while now. I am however so nervous about even going in a piercing shop : is there a good way of overcoming any feeling of nervousness short of hypnotherapy for example?

I guess most of my nerves are due to the fact I haven’t had any piercings yet so don’t really know what to expect. You could describe it as a “fear of the unknown”. I would so like to over come it.

Thanks for any ideas.

The best thing to do is to pop into a studio and have an informal chat with the piercer. Explain that you have no intentions of getting your piercing done there and then and don’t be afraid to voice your concerns. Any piercer worth their salt loves having questions fired at them! Also, go round other studios to chat to other piercers. This will give you the opportunity to find someone you feel comfortable with. Don’t forget to do your research to find a reputable place beforehand. A good piercer will be able allay your fears and put you at ease about every aspect of the procedure. Just bear in mind that it is perfectly acceptable to be nervous. I still get nervous!

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Nostril Piercing Question

Saturday April 26th, 2008 @ 10:52 AM

Filed under: Nose

I am considering a nostril piercing. However, due to a very strict dress code in my future profession (lawyer), I will most definitely not be able to wear the piercing at work. Are there any images available of what a well-healed nostril piercing looks like with the jewelry taken out? And how long do such piercings usually take to heal to the point that they do not close up when the jewelry is taken out?

Also, are there any images available (or would anyone on BME be kind enough to show some) of what a scar from a nostril piercing looks like, if the piercing is allowed to close up? How noticeable are such scars, usually?

Thank you in advance for any responses.

To err on the side of caution I would allow between four and six months healing time, however, something to bear in mind with nostril piercings is that they do shrink up rather quickly upon removal of the jewellery. I have had mine for 18 years and still find that if I don’t have the jewellery in for a couple of days, it can be a stingy affair reinserting it.

As for scarring, well, it’s impossible to say for sure. If you follow good aftercare there’s every chance the hole will be barely noticeable once healed BUT everyone is different. If the piercing gets irritated during the healing time then the likelihood of visible scarring is increased. My advice? If you are seriously concerned about potential scarring, don’t get any visible piercing.

As for images - a good search should yield results.

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Clone-A-Willy Kits

Saturday April 26th, 2008 @ 1:50 AM

Filed under: Male Genital

My wife and I got Clone-A-Willy and Clone-A-Pussy kits for our anniversary this year. Basically, it is a kit that lets you make a mold of your genitals and then make copies from that. My wife and I are both pierced - she has a VCH and I have an apadravya. The FAQ from the company suggests removing all piercings before using the kit, but what’s the point of doing it without the piercings? Has anyone had any experience with these kits and know whether it is dangerous to use them with piercings in?

I have no experience with these sorts of things whatsoever, but I have to say, I’m DYING to read any experiences people will post in the comments. So bring it on, readers!

And what is the point of these kits, anyway? Is it to make personalised sex toys? Interesting sculptures or paperweights? What do you do with the resulting clone of your tackle?

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It doesn’t seem to heal

Friday April 25th, 2008 @ 8:30 AM

Filed under: Nipple

About 2 years ago I had my nipples pierced. Everybody who had piercings done at the place I went to raved about how good they were. The shop was clean and there was an autoclave. Lots of hand washing and gloves. Anywho, my left nipple doesn’t seem to want to heal. I took the right one out when it started to migrate due to my now ex’s disagreement with my choice. There’s no infecting or pain just lots and lots of crusties I have only soaked it with sea salt before I get in the shower instead of soaping it up. (just a pinch in a shot glass.)Is there anything more I could be doing or could the healing have been set back? Sorry this is so long.

If it’s not red, painful, migrating, or genuinely infected, it’s probably just normal sebum and dead skin cells and whatnot exuding from the piercing. Nipples are notoriously schmutzy piercings, what can I tell you? Most people find at least SOME dried junk on their nipple jewellery that wants to be washed off in the shower, and most women with pierced nipples certainly notice that the amount of junk seems to correspond to where they are in their menstrual cycle - you’ll tend to get more crusties and stuff right before your period is due. I’d say just to give ‘em a bit of a wash in the shower (I like natural soaps like liquid Dr. Bronner’s, personally) and don’t worry about it.

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Tattoo before surgery?

Friday April 25th, 2008 @ 8:25 AM

Filed under: Tattoos

I’ve been getting the itch for a new tattoo BADLY. However, I will be going in for minor oral surgery next Friday. The tattoo I have in mind should cover about 1/3 of my right calf (if size matters in this question). Am I able to have it done now without it interfering with the healing process, or am I better off just waiting?

I’d recommend waiting until after you’re healed from your surgery, just to avoid putting excessive stress on your immune system and to promote good healing of both your mouth and your new tattoo. It won’t kill you to wait a few weeks, I assure you - I’m walking around with a partially completed sleeve right now that’s been put on hold until after I deliver my baby in June and then finish breastfeeding (however long that takes, we’re aiming for at least 12 months!), just to be on the safe side of things! And let me tell you, rockin’ a partially completed tattoo just about KILLS ME. We’ll both be fine, I’m sure. ;)

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