inverse navel

Friday April 25th, 2008 @ 8:22 AM

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I just got my inverse navel pierced last saturday. I was told sea salt soaks or H2Ocean twice a day, as well as cleaning it in the shower were the only necessary cleaning I needed to do.

I’ve been doing that, but the bottom/exit hole has redness around it, probably about an 1/8″ ring. I don’t know if it’s normal for that to happen or if I’m over cleaning/accidentally hitting it often enough.

Do I need to worry or is it normal? This is probably a very typical question, but I’m extremely paranoid of it ever rejecting.

Some redness is very normal for any fresh piercing, but you haven’t said how you’re cleaning it in the shower or what products you use in the shower. It’s entirely possible that the piercing might be getting slightly irritated if you’re using any harsh antibacterial soaps or whatnot on it, but in all likelihood, it’s probably just a fresh hole in your body with a piece of metal in it, trying to heal. ;) If you have any concerns about your piercing, your first course of action should be to go in and consult your piercer, not to ask Teh Intarweb, just so’s you know - they’ll be able to give you a lot more insight from a glance at your piercing than I will from a description or a dodgy photograph!

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Tuesday April 22nd, 2008 @ 12:50 AM

Filed under: Suspension

Are there any reputable suspension artists in northwest ohio?



I don’t know if it’s northwest, but I am pretty sure they are in Ohio, check out


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Paralyzed, droopy face?

Tuesday April 22nd, 2008 @ 12:43 AM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

Ok, so my mom is about to drag me out of the house to get my cheeks pierced. Ive been wanting it FOREVER but at the shop I used to work at, the guys wouldnt do it for me. They said they have never done it before and it was too serious of a piercing. I want to know if it is AT ALL possible to be permanently paralyzed if your cheek piercing is done wrong? I know you can get some serious infections, but is that it??

Thank you!

Lot’s of piercers will lie and say “there is no chance of being paralyzed from a piercing”. You can trust me to be more honest than that though. If the piercer slips, stabs you in the upper palate which causes you to pass out and flail around frantically and then you fall down the stairs and land on your head, thereby breaking your neck, you could indeed be paralyzed by your cheek piercings.

That being said, cheeks are tricky piercings to perform as well as to heal, and there are glands that should be avoided even though they aren’t capable of paralyzing you. You are probably far better off not getting pierced in a shop that either doesn’t know what they are talking about, or spreads lies to compensate for there lack of skill.


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Custom Flesh Tubes?

Wednesday April 16th, 2008 @ 8:28 PM

Filed under: Piercing

I’ve got some blowout on my ear and I’m getting it scalpelled to deal with that but my piercer is having trouble finding fleshtubes deep enough for the job. They need to be 28mm tubes that are 20mm deep. Is there anyone who could make these for me or sells tubes of this size?

It is very easy to have custom jewelry made, but be sure that it is made with a material that meets ASTM or ISO specifications.

A few reputable high quality jewelry makers that I recommend are:

These are just a few companies that I personally go to, so bear in mind that there are many more out there. With a little searching around it shouldn’t be difficult to find more. Feel free to refer your piercer to these companies if they aren’t already familiar with them. Some companies are wholesale only and don’t sell to the general public.

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Sunday April 13th, 2008 @ 3:46 AM

Filed under: Ear

I’ve had my rook pierced for 7 months, and it’s done wonderfully. I know that they take quite a while to fully heal, but I’ve noticed that mine still excretes a little bit of lymph when I soak it (I soak every other say for 5-10 minutes). Is this normal? could it be doing this because I still soak it so regularly?

Thanks! :)

That’s pretty normal and nothing to worry about at all. Salt water soaks promote lymphatic drainage, that’s why they’re great for healing piercings, so if it’s ever going to lymph a bit, it’s going to be after a soak. I’d say keep it up until it’s well and truly healed, most cartilage piercings like rooks can take a year or longer to full settle in!

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Finding Cheek jewelry

Sunday April 13th, 2008 @ 3:42 AM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

I have an internally threaded barbell with disks at the end but my healing is practically done and the bar is way to big 3/8 inch and I cannot seem to find any cheek jewelry I can put in it. I can only fine up to 1/2 inch labrets but that is to small. Is there any place I can buy cheek jewelry?

Thank You :)

Properly made internally threaded barbells and labret studs are usually sold in three separate pieces, and therefore, you can get a bar in any length you want and put a disc on one side and a ball or whatever in the other and have “cheek jewellery” to fit any size you need. Your piercer should be able to help you out with figuring out what size will work best for your piercing, as the measurements you’re describing don’t even make sense to me - 3/8″ is smaller than 1/2″, last time I checked!

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Dermal Anchoring

Saturday April 12th, 2008 @ 6:18 PM

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Hi, I was thinking about getting an anchor placed on my cheek.

The only concern I have is that I used to have my cheek pierced. Is the scar tissue going to affect it and it make it harder on the piercer?

thanks a lot :)

Installing a dermal anchor into scar tissue can be done, but it can definitely be a little trickier than a procedure without scar tissue involved. I recommend recruiting a piercer who has experience with this particular type of situation, whether they use either the needle method or punch and taper method.

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3 wk old septum + santa ana winds= not awesome

Wednesday April 2nd, 2008 @ 12:43 PM

Filed under: Piercing

I’ve recently got my septum pierced at a 14g. Its been 3 weeks and its healing with no problem at all. But thanks to the recent santa ana winds in so cal my sinuses and my nasal passages are dried out and irritated. Salt soaks and when I use satin cleaner provide temporary relief. My question is: Can I use lotion or moisturizer around the piercing itself?

Try a saline nasal spray. It has some preservatives that are less than ideal, but all in all I think it’s pros outweigh it’s cons.

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Surface Bar For Sternum

Wednesday April 2nd, 2008 @ 12:30 PM

Filed under: Surface/Unusual

Hey, I got my sternum pierced a few weeks ago and as you can see from the picture below the bar is wayyy to big. I went back to my piercer today but it turns out that’s the only size bar they have. I then went to the only other piercing parlour in my town (I live in a small town), they have my size but instead of the bar bending at 90 degrees the bars they have bend at 45. Is it safe to wear a bar like that in my sternum? If not can you recomend a wewbsite where I can buy a suface bar that will fit? (bearing in mind that I live in England) Thanks. :)

Is the bar way too big or the piercing just done too shallow for the bar? The bar doesn’t look like that good of jewelry and the ball ends are HUGE. My advice, take it out and have a piercer that uses quality jewelry pierce it to the proper depth.

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