how old?

Monday June 30th, 2008 @ 11:28 AM

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do you have to be to get the monroe done, without parental consent?

PLEEEASE SAY 16! haha.

my moms already taken me to get my belly button,

and she says she dont care if i get it, she just doesnt want to like go through the whole process again?

i dont know. ha

I can say 16 if that’s what you want to hear, but the reality is, that’s not always the age.

Age of consent policies within shops often vary based on the city/state they are in, as well as simply what they say they want to do.

Know that if you’re in an area that requires parental permission for anyone under the age of 18, you’re going to need your mom to sign the consent form every single time. However some places allow individuals 16 years of age or older to sign their own consent forms.

The best way to have your question answered is to call a experienced/reputable studio up and inquire about their age of consent laws.

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I’m Ready for my first time.

Monday June 30th, 2008 @ 11:14 AM

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I have finally decided to go through with a suspension, but i am not really sure on where i could go to do something like that where i live. One of my best friends owns a tattoo parlor, but he, nor the people who work there, do anything like that. I thought i would come to the best source to get more information.

I am 20, and i am getting married in september, i would like to try this before my 21st b-day next year. I live in Southern Ohio, and I really want to find the best of the best, and go about this in the most professional manner.

Any suggestions?

The Suspension Crew you are looking for is iHUNG…They are pretty much the ideal suspension group based out of the Ohio area. Not only do they know their stuff when it comes to suspensions, but they are just an amazing group of people.

So get in contact with iHUNG and you’ll be obtaining the “best of the best”…

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weenis piercing

Sunday June 29th, 2008 @ 1:20 AM

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I recently got my elbows done, specifically my weenis, and i was wondering if it was usual after a while for a bump to i guess grow over the area where the piercing is. This is only happening on my left elbow and I am wondering if my skin is trying to reject it or what but it feels like scar tissue and the area is reddish. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if it was just a normal part of the healing process

With something like this we’d really need to see a picture of the problematic piercing before we can properly assess the situation for you.

Your best bet is to visit the piercer who did them and seek out advice from them. If they say its doing fine and you aren’t too sure about that, simply get other piercers to give their thoughts on the matter.

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Sunday June 29th, 2008 @ 1:15 AM

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So recently started stretching my ears and im at a 14 right now. they have been in for about 1 month (as per instruction) and they seem to be completely healed. I can easily change jewelry and there is no pain or any problems. However, i cant get the 12 gauge in w/o lots of pain! Is there a possible reason for this or do i just need to wait longer? (They feel fine though). Please help as i am very impatient!


Remember people before asking your questions, try actually reading/searching through AskBME first to see if a similar/identical question has already been answered.

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Saturday June 28th, 2008 @ 5:40 PM

Filed under: Piercing

What is your opinion on Glyoxide as a tongue piercing aftercare?

When I started piercing, GlyOxide was a very common part of the aftercare routine for oral piercings. Today, you hardly ever hear of it being used/suggested. It’s absolutely not necessary. In fact, based upon my experience, it does much more harm than it does good.

As with all piercings, the more (and harsher) chemicals you put on a piercing, the longer it tends to take to heal. In terms of the damage it can do to newly-forming tissue, GlyOxide is pretty harsh stuff. I stopped suggesting GlyOxide about 10 years ago. I saw absolutely no increase in infections or increase in the number of problematic piercings. In fact, I saw piercings (especially tongue piercings) healing faster and having fewer problems.

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Implant grade titanium?

Saturday June 28th, 2008 @ 5:36 PM

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Is it possible that PVD coated titanium jewelry can be implat grade?

It is possible that the titanium which is underneath the coating/plating created by the PVD process is implant-grade. It’s also possible that it’s not. I believe the PVD process can be used to apply a coating/plating to many different types of materials; both implant-grade and not.

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Friday June 27th, 2008 @ 3:34 PM

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how do i stretch from 1 to 1.5 without blowin’ out ?


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Vertical Labret : Raised Tissue

Thursday June 26th, 2008 @ 7:11 PM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

About two weeks ago I got a vertical labret piercing. One night the ball went straight through the hole and I had to pop it back through. For a few days it was just swollen but now it has raised tissue around it in the front. I really don’t want this to be a keloid, but I am not sure. I went to one piercer and they told me it was fine and that tissue was there because I ripped it. The other piercer told me it was a start of a keloid. I am totally confused now. I don’t know if I should take it out. The only thing is I don’t want to have a bump there for the rest of my life. I know I will have a scar, but not a bump. I need some help on what to do to cure it or if I should remove it.

Unfortunately, way too many people, including way too many piercers, toss around the word “keloid” as soon as they see a bump on a piercing. At the risk of making rash generalizations, any piercer who claims you have a keloid on your piercing probably doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about. Now, I’m not saying keloids never develop on piercings…because they do. However, true keloids happen so rarely, chances are very few piercers have actually seen a real keloid. Piercers who use that word to describe small bumps on piercings are typically not well-educated/well-experienced in their craft…which clearly sucks….especially when it comes to information that is readily/easily available.

I will now climb down from my high-horse of snob-hobbery and try to get to the heart of the matter.

The bump on your piercing is just that…a bump. It’s almost certainly there because the ball of the jewelry got pulled into the piercing which made it down right angry. Your body generated some excess tissue as an indication of it’s pissed-offness, as well as a bit of a defense mechanism against further irritation.

Given how new your piercing is, the chances of that bump being permanent is very small. Be extra careful with your piercing during the rest of the healing period. Once the piercing heals a bit more and toughens up a bit more, that bump should start to go away.

And remember…the next time a piercer tells you that you have a keloid…just slap them. Immediately.

I kid!
I kid?

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How to care for ebony jewelry?

Thursday June 26th, 2008 @ 7:05 PM

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I have a pair of 00g ebony spirals and have no clue how to clean them. Any help would be great. Thanks


If you are the only person who has ever warn the jewelry, and you are storing the spirals in a clean place when you aren’t wearing them, there really shouldn’t be a need to actually “clean” them. If they get dust or debris on them, wiping them with a dry (or even mildly damp) cloth should do the trick. If you really feel the need to clean them, most manufacturers of wood jewelry suggest a brief washing with a mild soap and water.

More important than actually “cleaning” them is oiling them to help keep them moisturized and to help reduce the likelihood of cracks forming. There are a variety of different types of oils you can use on organic jewelry. I am personally a fan of jajoba oil…it is also the oil that most of the wood manufacturers I deal with suggest. If you are sensitive/allergic to nuts, you may want to avoid jajoba oil.

If you can avoid submerging your spirals and avoid wearing them in the shower, you will go a long way to prolong the life of the jewelry.

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Ear lobe stretching using Darkside Acrylic Stretching Taper

Wednesday June 25th, 2008 @ 8:30 AM

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Hi there,

I have an enquiry regarding a ear lobe stretching taper i found at

I really am looking forward to buy this, though not before I know how to use it the correct way. This taper actually stretches several stages at one go, so it’s stretched over 2 or 3 different sessions per taper.

My question is:

How do I stretch my ear lobe using this taper to insert a non-flared tunnel right after?

E.g. the 11-16 mm taper.

Since I could only go 2mm per stretch, I’d be stretching my left lobe from 12mm to 14mm.

Question is, how do I insert my 14mm tunnel - other than the crazy idea of removing the taper from my ear lobe once it slids to the 14mm diameter, and quickly insert the 14mm tunnel into the naked ear lobe?

Wouldn’t the ‘fresh’ 14mm hole close back so fast that it’s impossible to insert the 14mm tunnel in time? Not to mention, the agony and the pain caused by the pressure in doing so.

Also, I have been reading that arcylic taper that they’re no good to be left inside piercing to gradually stretch them. Would this fact be correct or otherwise?

Many thanks in advanced!

I honestly hope you did not already purchase the said piece. If you have, well, I am truly sorry for your botched purchase.

It really grinds my gears Quahog when the following is stated:

It’s important to only stretch your piercing up one size at a time and to leave at least 2 weeks between each stretch to avoid tearing the flesh. Some jewellery can be left in and gradually pushed along to stretch the piercing over a longer period of time

As you said the reality is Acrylic is not safe for autoclaving and thus will usually melt when placed in an autoclave. Which means even if you: wipe it down with alcohol, boil it in oil, buy jesus juice and rub it all over it,etc it will not be safe to wear while tissue is healing.

When you simply cram jewelry in your ears and “wait two weeks”, quite often that’s simply not enough time. The result in this is micro-tears that can occur within your fistula. These micro-tears can cause scar tissue build up, blow outs and with a “dirty” (not sterile) item, can lead to a potential infection.

These items were simply taken out of the piercing studios and sold because impatient people simply lack the ability to wait. What was hopefully used responsibly and properly by the actual professionals is now easily obtainable by the uninformed public, to use whatever way they deem to be proper.

In order to PROPERLY increase the size of your lobes, you simply need to be patient and wait. It might take 2 months, 3 months, personally I say wait 6 months up to a year (sometimes even longer); before attempt to go to the next size up (ideal to only go 1mm a a time).

By waiting these, what impatient people call, “long periods” of time, you’re enabling your lobes to become relaxed and healthy. This would increase the elasticity of the lobe tissue and enable you to safely increase the size of your piercings, without damaging the fistula.

Also know that if you were planning to ignore all this and stretch it anyways using something that ends at 16mm would not help your cause whatsoever. Because as soon as you insert and then remove the taper to pass the 14mm one through, you’re going to have difficulties. If you NEED to stretch it and cannot wait because you’re impatient then what you’re looking for is a taper that ends at 14mm, nothing larger. That way the jewelry is the same size as the taper and insertion should most likely be a lot easier that way.

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