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Monday June 16th, 2008 @ 11:28 AM

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Dear BME,

I have recently been diagnosed with a gut disease called ulcerative colitis (similar to Crohn’s disease), and I’m currently in recovery. Though this is a chronic disease where my body attacks my colon and gets inflamed, it can be suppressed (not cured) with medicine. Now when I recover I will have to keep taking some form of medicine (probably anti-inflammatory agents such as mesalazine, possibly others, I’m going to confer with my doctor), and I would like to know; what sort of medicine has an effect on the aftercare and healing of a piercing? I would really like to get pierced someday but I want to know if my body isn’t going to protest because of what I’m dealing with here.

Cheers in advance,


My understanding of Crohns disease is that it is effectively managed with immuno-supressants, which puts the person at a greater risk of infection. I also know that there are some instances whereby doctors will prescribe a prophylactic course of antibiotics for those suffering weakened immune systems, usually before surgery or dentistry. It is worth discussing this at length with your specialist. Unfortunately, the treatment for your condition will increase the risk factor associated with getting pierced and healing a piercing. I would, however, be interested to hear what your specialist has to say on the subject.

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