How to care for ebony jewelry?

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Thursday June 26th, 2008 @ 7:05 PM

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I have a pair of 00g ebony spirals and have no clue how to clean them. Any help would be great. Thanks


If you are the only person who has ever warn the jewelry, and you are storing the spirals in a clean place when you aren’t wearing them, there really shouldn’t be a need to actually “clean” them. If they get dust or debris on them, wiping them with a dry (or even mildly damp) cloth should do the trick. If you really feel the need to clean them, most manufacturers of wood jewelry suggest a brief washing with a mild soap and water.

More important than actually “cleaning” them is oiling them to help keep them moisturized and to help reduce the likelihood of cracks forming. There are a variety of different types of oils you can use on organic jewelry. I am personally a fan of jajoba oil…it is also the oil that most of the wood manufacturers I deal with suggest. If you are sensitive/allergic to nuts, you may want to avoid jajoba oil.

If you can avoid submerging your spirals and avoid wearing them in the shower, you will go a long way to prolong the life of the jewelry.

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