Navel Piercing

Wednesday June 11th, 2008 @ 7:38 AM

Filed under: Navel

So I’ve had my piercing for about 7 months. Recently, I’ve been having sex. I think it stretched out the piercing because there is a bigger hole. It kind of looks like it is going to tear. How do I reduce the stretching? or What should i do about it?

Do I DARE make the various of HILARIOUS quick comments involving this vaguely interesting question?

Nah I can’t, its just TOOOOO easy for me ahahaha

To just quickly bypass the comic relief you can try to cover the piercing with a bandage…You can also try and stop having sexual intercourse that revolves around chest to chest contact or any contact where your piercing is being caught, impacted. Or you could always stretch your piercing to a larger size and that larger size will make the piercing more stable and capable of taking a bit more “punishment” And if you’re worried you cannot get “good looking jewelry” in the larger gauge sizes, don’t worry too much because there are many reputable companies out there who make 12ga, 10ga, 8ga and even larger curved barbells that can be anodized, have various gem settings,etc.

And on a final note girls, just because you have a deep navel, just say “NO” when your partner wants to “Try a different hole” *drum and cymbal crash*

Thank you! I’ll be here all night! Please try the fish!

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clavicle hypertrophic scarring

Wednesday June 11th, 2008 @ 7:28 AM

Filed under: Surface/Unusual

can a hypertrophic scar turn into a keloid?

my piercer confirmed i had hypertrophic scars on my clavicle piercings and suggested i use tea tree oil,i have been doing so,and nothng seems to be working,baring in mind ive only been using it for 2 days. im very worried as i know keloids have to be removed surgically, and i pride myself on my appearance i dont want ugly massive scars on my chest nevermind that can grow to an abnormal size!


Let me get this right….You have clavicle surface piercings and you DON’T want “ugly massive scars on my chest, nevermind that can grow to an abnormal size”


Just tossing it out there, cuz, well I wouldn’t be doing my thang-a-lang if I didn’t…But did the piercer you got to do these clavicle piercings…Did they bother to tell you that these types of piercings quite often have a high rejection rate…And the result of said rejection rate would be quite often visible scarring?

I only ask because I’m just curious that’s all, cuz “visible scarring” is something ALL individuals who get surface piercings should be potentially prepared to have, incase their surface piercings do reject.

Know that these magic potion ideas are not guaranteed to work instantly/over night…It is something that will take more than just a couple days of doing it here an there.

If you don’t mind me asking how old is your clavicle piercings? Also what manner of jewelry do you have inserted? Is it Metal based or some type of “Flexible” jewelry? Does the jewelry exit out of the skin almost parallel or does it appear to come out of your skin straight (ie: 90 degree bends in the jewelry)?

Personally I’m not a huge fan of Tea Tree Oil, its really a hit or miss product that can either help or produce more complications/problems.

Other than the tree trea oil, exactly what aftercare protocols have you been doing and for how long have you been doing them?

Since your piercer advised tea tree oil though I’d continue doing that for roughly about a week or two. If you do not see any clear signs of improvement consult your piercer immediately.

And just a reminder know that if these piercings fail, you WILL have visible scarring…Just realy trying to let that sink home for you and everyone else when it comes to certain piercings and the aftermaths that can come from removal due to rejection,etc.

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Infected Nose piercing

Wednesday June 11th, 2008 @ 7:22 AM

Filed under: Nose

Hi there, I have had my nose pierced for 9 months now and I believe it is infected. I have tried almost everything from sea salt soaks to hot water compresses to Chaomille tea compresses. It has yellow crusties around it every morning and it constantly has a red circle around the hole.

I think I should change the jewellery as that might be what is irritating it. Currently it has the same nose stud it was pierced with. I am however unsure of what jewellery to change it too.

It would be awesome if you had any suggestions.

In order to assess the situation properly one would need to see the situation up close and personal, as well as troubleshoot exactly what facial products (if any) are you using. Also figuring out the materials that make up the jewelry being worn can help (ie: if its 316L Steel or 316LVM Steel or if its Titanium as well as if its implant grade or not,etc).

What you’re describing sounds to be irritation and inflammation as a result of something being introduced constantly into the piercing… It can be the facial cleaning products, it could be make up, it could be the laundry detergent you wash your bed sheets in. It could also be your pets, if you’re on a “well water” system, if its inferior jewelry quality,etc…The list can go on an on my friend, but unlike the song(and the discussion of whats posing the problems), this specific entry CANNOT go on and on my friend.

I would simply suggest you perhaps visit a few reputable piercers and have them analyze the piercing in person and give you their suggestions…The reason why I say a few is so you can fact check and reference between them all what the most ideal option is that you will want to do.

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Tattoo brightness/vibrance in colors

Monday June 9th, 2008 @ 12:40 PM

Filed under: Tattoos

What makes a color tattoo really stick out in it’s colorfulness, is it the quality of ink a tattoo artist uses, or is it their skill with color, or some combination of both?

All that and more!
The pigment quality is very important, as is the artists ability to get it solidly into the skin. Add to that the client’s skintone and how they heal it, and you have your answer!

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Conch piercing

Sunday June 8th, 2008 @ 5:23 AM

Filed under: Ear, Surface/Unusual

I’ve had my conch pierced for about 5 weeks now. Everything was great for the first few weeks, until the day I accidentally hit it once, then a few days later a friend of mine gave it a good knock.

I’ve noticed that there’s a little bit of tissue around the entrance hole, but there’s still never been any pain or discomfort. Do you think a jewelry change when it’s 6-8 weeks old would help?

Personally I’d much rather use a Labret Stud or Barbell for jewelry when doing a Conch Piercing, I find them to be less problematic then CBR’s.

What I’d suggest doing first though before changing jewelry is to do hot salt water compresses or even chamomile tea bag compresses to try and help sooth the area. If the problems persist after about a week or so, I’d then suggest switching over to a pre-sterilized implant grade steel (or titanium) internally threaded labret stud or barbell.

But first try the hot salt water (or chamomile tea) compresses.

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Posted by Warren Hiller | Permalink | 4 Comments

Angry Lobe?

Friday June 6th, 2008 @ 7:46 PM

Filed under: Ear

First i would like to say that I know this would be easier if I had a pic I could show you… but my cam isn’t working..

Last night my 00g was really sore so i took out the double flare titanium tube i had in it and imedietly after it was out my lobe got verry sore and a little red.. the hole has almost completly closed now… I would say its maybe a 10g now, and its only been a little over 12 hours. its now overly red or sore anymore, but the hole is still shrunk.

How can i save it? do you think there could be an infection causing it?

Oh and so you know I havent done any stretching lately, its been about 2 years since i reached 00g and i had it to 0g for about 3 years before that.

Thanks for your time..

Stretched lobes can be temperamental at times. Sometimes changes in the weather, being a little run-down or even getting a hair caught can cause a stretched piercing to flare up. Sometimes they get pissy for no obvious reason. You did right to take out the jewellery. I would keep the jewellery out until it is back to being all nice and healthy and then stretch up again from whatever size jewellery your rested lobe will accomodate comfortably. In the meantime, do twice daily seasalt soaks - especially if it is weeping and once the lobe is dry, try massaging it every other day with something like Holey Butt’r (my personal favourite - I should get commission!!) and you will be back up to your normal size in no time. Be patient. Don’t rush. Don’t hurt it. Give it the baby treatment.

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Dimple mistake??

Friday June 6th, 2008 @ 6:03 AM

Filed under: Piercing

So around 1:30 p.m. yesterday (Thursday June 5th) I got a dimple piercing that I am now starting to wonder whether or not I want to keep. I was pierced with a 1″ 14g barbell, and already I am coming across issues I feel I hastily did not think through. First of all, I was not expecting a barbell, and the ball inside my mouth is already irritating my teeth. In addition, my wisdoms are causing some pain on that side, so that in combination with the swelling and regular pain a piercing causes is, unfortunately, not something I think I want at this point. And beyond that, it turns out I’m not a fan of how it looks on my face…it doesn’t quite suit me.

I have wanted this piercing for a long time and I unfortunately did not do my research before jumping into it. I have also had many other facial piercings and have never felt so strongly displeased with one as much as I do this one, so I feel I must go with my gut and remove it. So my question is, how long should I wait before removing it, and what is the best way to go about it so as to avoid any unwanted infection or excess scar tissue?

You can remove it straight away. It may spot a little blood or serus fluid but nothing to cause concern. For future reference, you can remove piercings immediately after having them done if for whatever reason you don’t want them. It just means you will bleed, but nothing that a bit of direct pressure won’t solve. Back to your cheek piercing - you can follow normal aftercare for the next couple of days until the piercing has sealed itself if you want but as it is no longer a wound trying to heal with a foreign object in situ, keeping it clean and dry will suffice. The sooner you remove it, the less risk of noticeable scarring.

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Posted by Tiff Badhairdo | Permalink | 1 Comment

lump of scar tissue

Thursday June 5th, 2008 @ 11:33 PM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

I had my lower right lip pierced roughly three weeks ago with a SS labret stud. A few days ago I went back to the shop to have that piece switched out for a ring, as I found it more comfortable and easier to eat/talk with.

I noticed the next morning that the ring was a bit too tight and was causing more scar tissue to build up as it adjusted its placement and configuration. I since switched back to the labret stud, but I’m wondering if that lump of scar tissue will go away…or if I’m stuck with that hard wad of nastiness forever.

The scar tissue is a result of the irritation from the ring being too small. The ring may have simply been the wrong size to begin with. It’s also possible that your lip re-swelled a bit because of the jewelry change, thereby making a ring that normally would have fit okay, too small.

Regardless of the reason, the scar tissue should go away if you can keep from irritating the piercing. Changing back to the labret stud was probably your best option. For the duration of the healing, be very careful with your piercing and things should return to normal.

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Nipple piercing aftercare?

Thursday June 5th, 2008 @ 11:26 PM

Filed under: Nipple

Hi, I just got my nipple pierced and my piercer suggested Spectro-Jel (the fragrance free, sensitive stuff in a purple bottle.) Is this an okay way to clean nipples during the healing process? Or do I still have to do sea-salt soaks? And how many times a day should I clean the piercing? Thanks.

Hopefully your piercer gave you both written and oral aftercare instructions…if not, you probably didn’t get the best service you could have.

I can’t really comment on using Spectro-Jel as I have never used it myself or suggested it as part of my aftercare routine. What I can tell you however, is this: Spectro-Jel isn’t going to make your piercing heal. In fact there isn’t a soap, a sanitizer, a cleaner or any other product that is going to heal your piercing. Your body is what has to do the healing.

Any type of cleaner you put on your piercing is going to interfere with your body’s natural healing process. Now, that isn’t to say there isn’t a time and place for some sort of cleaner. If you get your piercing dirty during the healing process, a mild cleaner may be in order. However, you are using that cleaner to help kill the nasties that may have gotten into your piercing. The cleaner isn’t healing the piercing.

Regular sea salt soaks (mixed correctly) can help create conditions in your piercing that promote better and easier healing. My suggestion to my clients is a warm sea salt soak a couple of times per day. In your case, I would suggest that as opposed to the Spectro-Jel…unless you get the piercing dirty, as I mentioned before.

When it comes to piercings, your body usually heals in spite of what you do to it and not because of what you do to it.

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Posted by Derek Lowe | Permalink | Comments

conch scarring

Thursday June 5th, 2008 @ 11:17 PM

Filed under: Ear

i’ve got quite a bit of scarring on the back of my right conch. its stretched to 6mm as is my left. i never had any problems with scarring on my left conch and i can’t understand why its happened.

i stretched it slowly as i did with my left conch. ive been using emu oil on it but the scarring won’t go down.

have you got any suggestions as to how i can make it go away?


Cartilage can be a fickle and unpredictable mistress when it comes to both piercing and stretching. The fundamental reason this happened is because the piercing on that side of your head is irritated/traumatized/mad. Exactly why that is could be a bit difficult to pin-point.

However, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that you sleep on that side more often and/or use the phone on that side more often. Those sorts of things cause additional irritation, which can cause scar tissue build-up. It’s also possible that the cartilage tissue on that ear is reacting differently to the stretching…just because. That probably sounds lame, but the human body is a mysterious thing.

While you may not want to do this, downsizing one or two sizes might help the scar tissue go away. Scar tissue usually forms because your body is irritated…it’s how your body protects itself from irritation. If you remove the source of irritation, often the scar tissue will go away…or at least decrease. Emu oil and things of that nature may help reduce the scarring, but very often they are only a temporary fix if you don’t address the actual problem.

Best of luck.

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