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Thursday July 31st, 2008 @ 2:08 AM

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hi. this is the second time im submitting a question because the first one wasnt replied.. perhaps i didnt explain myself properly? anyway, i hope you reply.

my tongue was pierced 1 yr ago. and im still studying. a change of teachers…. well.. long story short, i cant wear it. a typical school day for me is around 8-12 hrs.

so i took the stud out for around 12 hours..

when i reach home, i found that the hole is closing up. and i had to force my stud in. and when the stud is n the hole, it’s really tight, like it cant move properly. and it keeps hurting.

i did this for almost a week.. every single day, stud out for 12++ hours, in for 4-5 hrs.. and my healed piercing keeps hurting because i keep forcing the stud in.

each time it’s closing, i force the stud in. im real worried that it’ll get infected and such..

my question is, will it? is it bad for the tongue?

Your tongue hurts so my question is: “What does common logic dictate to you?”

Of course taking it out and cramming it back into the tightened up pathway is not an ideal thing to do, and the potential of infection is there if you’re not careful.

If its an issue involving the metal look in your mouth, try a quartz glass retainer to wear while at school. They can be autoclaved and used for longer periods of time then the plastic retainers.

That would be a lot more ideal then taking your jewelry out every time for school and forcing it back in, once school is over. And you can get the quartz glass in clear so its visually hard to see inside the mouth.

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One Response to “need urgent advice”

  1. the lack of common sense, and/or the lack of ability to do research, deeply disturbs me.

    Clara on July 31st, 2008 at 4:16 am

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