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Thursday July 31st, 2008 @ 1:38 AM

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Two weeks ago I had my nose pierced at 16g with a screw post. I have been washing it with saline twice a day and doing sea salt soaks (only starting three days ago) once a day. My problem is, I believe the post is too short. The part of the post that comes through the inside of my nose, where it bends at a right angle and then spirals, the right angle is up inside my nose. I realize this could just be due to swelling, but when I clean and turn it, the ball on the outside of my nose goes into the hole almost to where I can’t see it and I have to push it back through. When my piercer was putting the needle through my nose, he did comment on how thick my nose was. I have also developed a bump next to the post on the outside of my nose, but I understand that is rather common. It is however pretty sore sill. Do I just need to keep doing my cleaning since it’s such a new piercing, or do I need to go to a shop and have a longer post put in?


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Anyways back onto the subject matter at hand.

Original poster know that Saline and Sea Salt Soaks are the EXACT same thing, but there’s a big chance that your Sea Salt Soaks mixture of salt and water are not the same as the Saline you’re doing. Pick one or the other and do so only twice a day, not three times a day.

Also what the Nostril Screw jewelry that the piercer inserted, pre-bent? Or did they look at your nose and using tools take a straight piece of nostril jewelry and custom bend the ideal shape you required?

Chances are since they commented on how thick your nose was, and that the 90 degree bend is apparently inside the pierced pathway, I’ll call it safe to say he used a pre-bent one. These pre-bent nostril screws are a HUGE issue/problem as they cannot be guaranteed to fit each individuals nostril properly. Not only that most companies only bend the nostril screws in one direction, whereas sometimes you need the curl on the opposite side. ie: Left bend or right bend for left nostril or right nostril,etc.

You’re options are to locate a qualified piercer who knows how to custom bend nostril screws and have them insert one with a longer post passing thorugh the piercing. That or remove the nostril screw jewelry all together and instead insert a Labret Stud, measured the right length to fit properly.

I bet once you remove that crumby pre-bent nostril screw and put in a proper high quality (implant grade) piece of jewelry (custom bend nostril screw or labret stud) begin to start taking care of it properly. Then that bump will start going away and that piercing won’t be swollen or sore anymore,etc.

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