Homemade tapers

Tuesday July 29th, 2008 @ 10:10 AM

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So my ears are at 3/4″ right now and I just bought a pair of 1″ plugs, I’ve never been a big fan of doing the smarter thing and buying tapers to stretch them, so I was wondering if there are any objects I may have around the house to stretch them out with?

3/4″ to 1″ is an enormous jump to force your lobes to stretch and a really awesome way to blow out your ears so they don’t get any bigger (or smaller!) among other things.

“Stretching” isn’t something you DO to your lobes, technically speaking. Wearing appropriate jewelry and keeping your lobes clean and moisturized will ensure they stay plump and stretchy and then relax enough for you to fit the next size jewelry without forcing it.

The best thing you could find around your house to help out would be some teflon tape. Putting a wrap or two on every week or so will get you to 1″ in no time as long as you don’t force it.
Forcing something through your lobes is a surefire way to ruin them.

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Nape Piercing and sport…

Tuesday July 29th, 2008 @ 10:06 AM

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Hi there,

I’m an armature piercer and only have my navel pierced so as you can imagine my knowledge of piercings inst the best.

I absolutely love the nape piercing and have for some time now. Have done a lot of research and the only thing holding me back from getting it done is the fact i play basketball 2 days a week. (im a female) I dont play at a high level, just for fun with a bunch of older ladies one day and in a casual mixed team the other day.

For the first 4 - 6 weeks in the initial healing period i do not intend to play but after that i would like to start up again. Does anyone think it will be possibly to continue playing? if it got hit or anything id obv have a few weeks off until it settled down again.

Does anyone have an experiences with surface piercings namely the nape and playing sports?

ANY advice, tips or hints would be greatly appriciated.



(an armature piercer! You must tell me where you get your needles from! ;) )

For the most part, sports and body piercings don’t really get along.
If you were able to take 4-6 weeks off for the initial healing of your surface piercing that would be ideal. Wearing flat discs rather than balls will be much safer for both you and your piercing in case it gets snagged.

You should also look into covering the piercing with a Tegaderm patch. That may help keep it from snagging as well.

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vertical labret?

Tuesday July 29th, 2008 @ 9:59 AM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

hi bme, i’d like your opinions here, please :)

i’m considering a vertical labret piercing. i’d really like a side labret much better, but i’m quite concerned about side effects, mainly gum recession/teeth issues. my reasoning is, vertical labrets don’t actually go inside the mouth, it’s all through the lip and doesn’t break the inner skin. therefore (hopefully) not rubbing against my pearly whites nearly as much. what do you think? is this something reasonable to assume, or do vertical labrets typically cause an equal amount of teeth/gums issues?

thanks so much.

A vertical labret does not touch the teeth and gums. If you opted for a more off-center placement vertical labret, it still shouldn’t touch the teeth and gums.

If you want an off-center regular labret piercing you can minimize tooth and gum erosion by downsizing your jewelry after a couple weeks. I have my clients come back in two weeks from the piercing date for the initial downsizing and then again in a couple months when it’s fully healed up for a snug fitting barbell once the risk of it swelling up isn’t as high.

There’s no denying that labret barbells can wreak havoc on gums, but appropriately fitted jewelry will greatly reduce this risk and for some people, eliminate it!

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Risky Piercing

Tuesday July 29th, 2008 @ 9:52 AM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

Ok now I know this is probably going to make me sound like an idiot but im willing to wear that label at this point. I had my lip pierced on the bottom side for about 2 years and recently was told to take it out because apparently it was offensive working at a bank… go figure!!! so i took it out and it closed up. now the only way I cant get away with having it in at work is to leave the ball off it. so I approached a couple ogf piercers told them my situation and all of them said basically its a NO-GO, I understand duty of care etc and their own risk. so I decided to pierce it myself for about the third time. It was fine doesnt seem to have a problem however when I when to the piercing shop to get a longer bar story comes out and the guy pretty much told me, maybe not in these words but your a [email protected]# wit and tols me all the infections i would get!!! so now its out and here is my question to you. is it really that much of a risk to have a new piercing left without the ball on during the day?? I realise that its prob not the best idea but I see more people playing with new ones which i cant see would be any better. please give me a up front answer or help me out.


I guess it would be possible to remove the ball off your lip piercing for work during the day as long as you’re putting the ball on when you leave work so it doesn’t fall out otherwise. You’re not going to want to be putting your fingers on your piercing that often though as you’re putting yourself at risk of infection. Nor will you want to be manipulating the jewelry to get the ball back on as that could irritate it a lot.

What I don’t understand is why you had trouble having it re-pierced professionally. Did you ask the piercer to pierce you and leave the ball off? I wouldn’t have done that, but you’d be able to remove the ball later on. I don’t know the whole story in that aspect, but I let people know the danger they’ve put themselves in when they come in for help with piercings they’ve done at home. Especially after I’ve turned them away for said piercing.

For the most part, I tell people that they sometimes just have to make a decision between their work and their piercings. Some piercings don’t fare well to being switched in and out at least twice a day - nor do they look very good after all that either.

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Tattoo Etiquette?

Monday July 28th, 2008 @ 9:27 PM

Filed under: Male Genital, Tattoos

I’m planning on getting a somewhat large tattoo from hip to mid-thigh, and I’ve booked a consultation with an artist who’s linework I really like.

However, while I like his linework, I prefer the shading of another artist at the same shop. Would it be bad manners to request a “compilation” piece for one to do the linework while the other does shading?

Generally speaking, yes.
If the artist who’s doing your tattoo isn’t good enough to do the whole tattoo, you shouldn’t be going to him/her at all.

While getting tattooed by two artists at the same shop is perfectly acceptable, I don’t think you’d really get a positive response from what you’re suggesting.

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i need advice 2

Monday July 28th, 2008 @ 4:17 PM

Filed under: Tongue

this is my second question.. sorry about using up two post but i forgot to ask another question..

is there a chance that my tongue wont heal up if i did not wear the stud? or it depends on the individual?

my friend can not wear her stud for months but her hole is still there.. i go without it for a few hours and i have to *force it through* cause it’s really tight?

is it true that the hole wont close up at all?? i heard that it’ll simply tighten.. so you can sort of pry it back open again?

Again, everyone’s going to be different. Some people CAN wear their jewelry out for years without having a problem sliding the jewelry back in. Some people have matter of hours, even minutes before the piercing closes right up. “Prying” the hole open isn’t going to the be the best idea.

I think you need to really decide if you’re sure you want to take this piercing out!

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i need advice

Monday July 28th, 2008 @ 4:13 PM

Filed under: Tongue

i pierced my tongue roughly about a year ago.. everything has been going well until now, my boyfriend wanted me to take it out because it he doesnt like it.

im ok with this decision but first i need to confirm a few facts …. if i decide to re-pierce it next time.. can i choose to have it through the *same old place*? i heard from friends that it will hurt alot more that way because of the scar tissue.. will it??

second question, i have superbly sensitive skin. i cant even pierce my ears without infection.. it still amazes me till today that my tongue piercing is so successful, maybe it’s luck?? but however, is tongue piercing really that dangerous?? i’ve heard so much horror stories about it.

cheers and thanks in advance ^^

You could definitely re-pierce your tongue in the same spot as before. The pain factor of doing so is completely personal and there’s no way to say that piercing through your scar tissue will hurt more than the first time while other people don’t feel a thing.

If you wore a tongue piercing with no problems, it could be that you’re wearing exceptionally low quality earrings.
People don’t treat their ear piercings the same way as they do other body piercings. Wearing the same low-grade metal earrings and not washing them daily can cause irritation. Not to mention pitching jewelry into the bottom of a purse or jewelry box and popping it back in without disinfecting it can cause irritation as well!

Tongue piercings aren’t really dangerous when they’re pierced correctly and maintained carefully by the wearer. Wearing appropriate sized jewelry and not playing with it in your mouth will save your teeth!

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Stretched Lobes causing problems

Monday July 28th, 2008 @ 4:10 PM

Filed under: Ear

I have 4 lobe piercings in my left ear and have recently stretched my lower one to 1/2″. I have a 2mm second lobe, which since stretching my lower lobe last, it has swollen up and is scabby and crusty. I have been cleaning it with saline solution and putting a couple of drops tea tree oil on a couple of times a day (I find this helpful when healing my piericngs) but it doesn’t seem to be helping. I’ve noticed that the two holes are quite close to each other and the smaller one seems to be pushing towards the bigger one.

Should I take it out or leave it until and see if it calms down?


While some people do have the anatomy to accommodate multiple stretched piercings in their lobes, many people do not.
If you remove you second hole, you may find it more comfortable to stretch your lower first hole. It’s very likely you’re compromising your circulation between the two of them and putting too much pressure on the piercing holes themselves.

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Sunday July 27th, 2008 @ 10:57 PM

Filed under: Uncategorized


I’m not new to body mod. I have 18 piercings and 2 tattoos. I’m 19, and my parents control my money for college. They’ve never liked my body mod, but recently they have threatened to cut me off completely if I get any more piercings or tattoos. I’ve tried to explain that it’s my form of self expression and my lifestyle choice, but they refuse to even listen. Any tips? Anyone dealt with the same thing?

Tips? If someone is paying your way you respect their wishes just like you want them to respect yours.
Take the money and run. Be patient. Get your degree. Thank them. Then go get modified the heck up.
The other option would be working 10 jobs, not accepting their money and showing them that you’re self sufficient AND modified.

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Serious nape infection? please help

Sunday July 27th, 2008 @ 9:54 PM

Filed under: Surface/Unusual

I have had my nape done for 2 years now. It was done at Art In Soul 2 in New Paltz New York with a ptfe bar about an inch long between the balls.

About 4 weeks ago a bump started to develop under the left side of the bar that was about an inch to 1 & 1/2 inches long. It felt like a cyst and when i applied pressure with a hot cloth puss came out. This lasted until about 5 days ago when i started using h2ocean religiously. Now the bump has shrank down and is just right around the bar, with the biggest part right under the opening.

There is no redness and i have wanted to take it out for a while now but could this be a very harmful infection? My doctor is completely against piercings and knows nothing about them and the closest piercing place who does surface piercings is 2 hours away(where i got this) If I could take it out myself and just do salt soaks until it heals that would be ideal but i’d much rather be safe.

Thank you so much.

I really hope i hear from you.

Ideally what you should do is continue doing the hot cloth compresses, you can do it either dry or even soaked in a salt water solution. Compress the area until the cloth is no longer hot/warm and is on the cool side.

Also it would be wise not to try and remove the jewelry yourself, as if there IS a problem, you do not want to trap the problem by taking the jewelry out and letting it close up.

Your best bet is to just go and visit the piercing studio that’s 2 hours away and have them look at it. Because the reality is 2 hours travel is nothing compared to your health and wellbeing.

So just find some time to visit the studio and have then inspect the piercing and see what they have to say. If it needs to be removed you can at least have someone doing it who’s qualified to do it and maybe other troubleshooting situations that might need to be done.

To me it doesn’t sound like an infection problem, more so a drainage issue, that requires hot compresses to help the pathway probably drain out of the piercing. But without seeing it no real answer can be given on that subject matter.

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