hip surface piercings

Friday August 29th, 2008 @ 12:50 PM

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Okay I know the photo has bad quality and all but I took it with my phone. Well I got both my hips pierced about 2 weeks ago and I’m scared that they are starting to reject. They are really sore and hurt to touch. I’m really careful and I’ve only bumped them once. And I nearly cried from the pain. Friends and family are scared that they are infected and I’m just worried about not being able to keep them. Are my hip piercings going to reject or is this just the healing process? I have flexible bars in my hip piercings and I think they are nylon however I have no idea.

Can someone help me because I am worried about it all and this is my first experience with surface piercings.

Unfortunately, those are almost certainly destined to reject. Improper shaped jewelery and inappropriate materials in a high movement, high impact area like that will ensure those piercings don’t look great for ever.

If you’re concerned you have an infection, have your doctor take a look at them and get some antibiotics before you remove the jewelry. And you will have to remove the jewelry and try the piercings again.
Find a more experienced piercer and maybe consider Surface Anchors or at least an implant grade steel or titanium surface barbell.

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Placement of Nipple Piercing

Wednesday August 27th, 2008 @ 3:52 AM

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I had my right nipple pierced about ten years ago. It did not heal well, became infected and after about a month I took it out and let it close up, which it did quite nicely. There were two tiny little marks where the openings had been that were almost non-discernible. As I have little points for nipples the original piercing was placed wider, further out as opposed to tightly spaced toward the tip nipple itself. About three weeks ago I had a spur of the moment brainstorm to get my nipple re-pierced, so I ran out and did it. I showed the piercer my prior spot and asked if we should use or avoid it, as perhaps scar tissue from the old piercing, should there be any, could cause a problem. She thought it better safe than sorry and went further out as opposed to closer in onto the actual nipple. I have uploaded a photo of the piercing so that you can see. She had trouble getting the needle out the other side once she began and she also pierced freehand, without a clamp to guide the needle. This resulted in a slightly lopsided piercing. I am not too happy about this. With that said… my questions are:

Was this done correctly or is there no right vs. wrong for placement? Ideally I want my piercing to enhance my already sensitive nipple as well as look good and heal properly. I have the sense that because it is placed wider and not right into the tip, it may not have maximized the sensitivity and might take longer to heal as well. Is that wrong? I am now considering having my left nipple pierced and want the two to match symmetrically. One is already not perfectly horizontal. I would also prefer that my piercings be closer in, on or near the actual nipple itself. Can you please speak to the situation and my concerns and suggest what to do? Thank you very much!

Based on what I read and with that picture, in my eyes it appears that the piercer was not quite experienced/knowledgeable as she should be.

You do not want to be piercing deeper into the areola as many complications can occur. One of them is what I am seeing in that picture where through scar tissue, deep placement,etc your nipple is rather distorted from what it ideally should be. Also this can be a result as well from the type of jewelry you have in your nipple, ie: small diameter circular barbell. As it will pull down and apply stress on a straight pathway thus increasing scar tissue and irritation. Not only that but she didn’t even pierce it in line with your nipple.

So realistically when it comes to piercing your other nipple, I implore you to actually get it done properly and with a straight barbell, at least for the initial healing time. Symmetry with these piercings is going to be very hard now. Even with normal paired nipple piercings its hard to keep symmetry due to different developments/angles of the nipple/pectoral muscles,etc.

But like I said if you came to see me with this nipple piercing, with great frustration and concern with what happened to you. I would explain specifically why what you had done is not the ideal situation and that realistically I would not want to compromise your well-being as well as the quality of the piercing, in order to make it symmetrical with a botched piercing job. If anything I would encourage you to remove the jewelry, provided it was problem free and could be removed. And then from there I would advise you on how to care for it and see how it heals, and if it was suitable re-pierce it properly the next time around.

*sighs* I’m still looking at that picture you posted and it makes me cringe and want to cry. We really gotta find a way to get all piercers on the same page of knowledge so that things like this, never happen again.

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Help! My surface piercing (vertical tragus) fell out!

Wednesday August 27th, 2008 @ 3:12 AM

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I was trying to remove the balls on my vertical tragus surface piercing (done with a surface bar - well, a straight bar that my piercer bent into a ’surface bar’) to change them for blackline spikes, but I accidentally let the bar fall out, and when I tried to put it back in I succeeded only in aggravating the piercing and making it bleed. The piercing WAS fully healed (I think - or nearly) but I’m concerned that if I have to leave it with no bar in it’ll soon heal up. If I have to, I can go to a piercer tomorrow to get it fixed, but it’s quite far to go, so I was hoping someone could give me some advice as to how to get the bar back in!! Thanks!

First things first, how old is the piercing? I’m almost inclined to say only a few months if that? Or have you had the piercing for longer than 6 months?

Also are you aware that bending a straight bar into a “surface bar” is not the ideal way to go? And quite often can increase the chance of failure due to “human error” in properly bending the jewelry. Not only that but there is a increase chance damaging the internal wearing surface, potentially even gouging the surface. This is why most reputable artists will only ever use a proper surface barbell pre-made by a company, and not attempt to fashion on themselves.

If you’re unable to insert the jewelry yourself, the best option is to visit a piercer and have them look at the jewelry and the pathway and see if it should/can be re-inserted or not.

Also not just to yourself but to anyone reading this, I implore you. If you are interested in getting a surface piercing make sure it is done with a proper surface barbell, not a straight barbell bent into some crude example of a surface bar. When looking to get the piercing ask what type of jewelry would be used and if it comes is pre-bent or if its bent into shape from a straight barbell. If they explain they are going to take a straight barbell and make it into the shape, I strongly encourage you to seek out a more reputable artist.

There are many artists out there, myself included, who have quite a library or horror pictures. I also know I am not the only one with a number of pictures of, hand-bent surface bar, surface piercings on file. Proper surface bars have been around for quite some time now and have been perfected by various manufacturers, there’s no real reason why piercers should still be hand-bending their surface bars.

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Septum Stretching and Jewelry

Wednesday August 27th, 2008 @ 2:56 AM

Filed under: Nose

Hi guys :)

First of all, I would like to thank you regarding my previous questions at the beginning of the summer. My septum healed perfectly and the nipples of my girlfriend too. So thank you.

But of course, I have another question regarding my septum ! At the moment, I have an horseshoe jewelry into my septum. Since I wear most of the time my septum hidden, I find the horseshoe kinda “large”. I’m looking for a jewelry a bit smaller like a retainer, plug or tunnel. My 2 favorites are the retainer and the tunnel, but I’m affraid that the retainer will feel as the same as the horseshoe, too large. I do not have a large nose.

I was more looking at the tunnel, because I like the way it’s made. You can actually see the hole and it does not rotate like the horseshoe or even the retainer. My septum has been pierced at 14G, which I think is very small for a tunnel. From what I’ve read on the BME wiki, the plugs are usually starting at 10G. Is it the same for the tunnels or do they make smaller gauges ?

If so, I would need a stretch. If there is a stretch to be done, I would like to do it my self. Not because I’m cheap or anything, just because this is my body. In order to stretch I would need a stretcher somehow. My local piercing shop is pretty expensive and I would like to buy online, but BME Shop is down and we have no clue when it’s coming back. Would you happen to know any good online store for jewelry and piercing tools such as stretchers ? I’m not talking about ebay, but reputable stores such as BME Shop. This wouldn’t be a big stretch but I feel much more confortable using a tool made for it than something with electrical tape on it. :)

I’m not doing a big stretch because I want to keep it hidden. Ideal would be a tunnel with black ends. I love big septums (2G,0G), but I just can’t afford to have one at my work. :(

Oh and last question : My local piercing shop sells Titanium and Stainless Steel jewelries. Other than Titanium being lighter, is there any other benefits ? At the shop,

You can get 14ga Quartz Glass Retainers/Plugs in various lengths. It essentially is a flat back on one side and a silicone o-ring on the other side.

However there is a bit of “is this a loaded question” stuck in my head, because it seems you simply don’t like the 14g and want to go bigger. So just trying to clarify and figure that out because really whats the point in telling you there is something in that size, when you simply are more drawn to the larger gauge sizes.

Also know that going from a 14ga to a 10ga hole IS a big stretch and not advisable, realistically you should go from 14ga to 12ga first, let that relax and settle down and then go to 10ga.

Personally I’m of the mindset that we should not sell piercing tools to untrained/inexperienced people, but that’s just my opinion. Realistically you can find a taper anywhere but the main concern is if it will come sterilized or not, same goes for the jewelry as well. Because quite often most clients (sadly most piercers as well) do not properly comprehend what stretching does and what all is involved. As passing through a non-sterile taper and non-sterile jewelry can lead to many complications/problems.

Any off-topic but is it just me or am I the only one that feels black is so over-rated a shade/color? When are we going to start seeing people more interested in white…blue…pepto bismol pink…its always gotta be black…black as my soul…

excuse me, off topic, sometimes my head is like a hole ;) hahaha get it! yes my comedy is bad.

But as for keeping it hidden and stretching it to a larger size and wearing a black tunnel/eyelet, depending on your nose, “hidden” might not be doable. So as I said you can either purchase a 14ga quartz glass single flared retainer/plug in the right length required. Or you can find a means of stretching your septum, but I strongly encourage you to do so very slowly and try not to force the stretch too much.

As for the Steel and Titanium question….Long as they both meet ASTM standards for implant grade capability, they are both good in my books. Some people are better suited for titanium and others are better suited for steel. As I’ve known people who have had allergic reactions to both metals… Personally I’m more a fan of Titanium though because it can be anodized various colors and not just the regular steel look.

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Wednesday August 27th, 2008 @ 2:51 AM

Filed under: Tongue

Ok so my aunt has this like 2 acre natural lake. and i just got my tongue pierced about a week and a half ago (it’ll be two week when i am at the lake). so my question is do you think it will bother my piercing if i go swimming for a few hours in this lake that all these fish live in and dogs swim in and people swim in?

Realistically because your tongue is in your mouth, and when swimming in a lake like that, you should be keeping your mouth closed. Swimming should not pose many problems for you, in regards to your piercing specifically.

Just keep your mouth closed and don’t swallow/fill your mouth up with the lake water and don’t go licking any fish, dogs or people that are in the lake with you.

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Suspension in Philly

Tuesday August 26th, 2008 @ 9:49 PM

Filed under: Suspension

Hey there. I was wondering if anyone knew of any suspension groups operating out of Philly. I moved here about a year ago and have not been able to find anything. Thanks!

Rites of Passage, NYC are about as close as I’d recommend. And I LIVE in Philly.

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Career a good idea?

Sunday August 24th, 2008 @ 7:49 PM

Filed under: Culture

I’m 28 years old and while I’ve always been fascinated by body modification, I’ve only recently begun to take a more serious interest. I’m wondering if it’s a little too late for me to look into a career in the industry. It’s obviously something that would take years to master and I wonder if, in your experience, most customers would be hesitant to get work done by somebody that “old” who’s just starting out.

I’d also like to add, after reading a rather long argument about whether or not it’s necessary to have mods to do them, that I don’t really plan on getting that many mods myself. As it stands, I have a few tats and a few piercings and while I intend to get more work done(including some microdermals) I’m not really into extreme mods for myself. That being said, I love extreme mods on other people and nothing would make me happier than to be able to help others get the mods they want. Although I’m obviously not an expert, I have done quite a bit of research about body modification and I think I know more about it than your average layperson. I’m very passionate about tolerance through education and whenever I hear people talking about “self mutilation” or calling people “sick” for getting mods, I make it a point to talk to them and try to help them understand more about it. I’ve actually managed to help change quite a few people’s views about the subject, despite not having any mods myself. I’ve also helped a few people to overcome their own fears about body modification to a point where they were able to get mods they’ve always wanted but probably wouldn’t have had the courage to get without somebody to help them understand it better. Er…not really sure where I’m going with this at this point but yeah…there you have it. Any advice/comments/info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I think that as long as the clientele could sense your commitment to their well being your age wouldn’t be much of an issue. Added to that I think that I’d personally be more comfortable with an apprentice who’s had a few more years under his belt than with one still wet behind his/her already massively stretched ears. Life experience is not a liability.

As to being modified? Have the mods you want to have. Do the mods you want to do. Steve Haworth doesn’t have horn implants. Brian Decker doesn’t have a split tongue. One doesn’t need to have a specific modification to be able to perform it.

The advice I always give goes for a person of 28 or of 18:
Classes. First Aid. CPR. Anatomy. Humility and Patience come in handy too. If you’re going to become someone’s apprentice they’re going to be teaching you a marketable skill- THEIR marketable skill- that will hopefully be the last job you ever get. Earn that. They tell you to wash forceps all day? Wash them. Two sugars in that coffee you ran to get for the fourth time today? Make sure you bring a third just in case. Above all- ask what you can GIVE to the community and not what you can take from it.

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First time suspension

Saturday August 23rd, 2008 @ 11:23 AM

Filed under: Suspension

I live in Milwaukee, WI and I’m wondering if there’s anyplace reputable near here to get suspended. The only place I know of is a tat shop that does it illegally(no license) and there’s no way I’m going there, obviously. I’m also wondering what kinds of questions I should ask to make sure they actually know what they’re doing before deciding where to go.

Swing on over to http://suspension.org/groups.htm and check things out. The basic questions I would ask would be:

How long have they been doing this?
Who taught them the “ropes” (bad pun) and how many suspensions have they performed?
Are they primarily a performance group or do they do private ritual type suspensions? Are they attached to a shop? Do they have sterilization equipment?

This experience should be very special to you- if at any point you get a negative feeling from them- move on.

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Friday August 22nd, 2008 @ 8:14 PM

Filed under: Nipple

I got my nipples pierced about 3 weeks ago. I haven’t had any problems or signs of infection, but for the past few days, I’ve been having trouble turning the rings. It almost feels like it’s healing too tightly or something. They don’t want to move when I try to turn them, and it’s starting to hurt to do so. I’m just wondering if this is normal or if I should be concerned about it.

Why are you trying to turn the rings? Please tell me this wasn’t the advice you were given by your piercer? Piercings heal from the outside inwards so moving the jewellery in a healing piercing only serves to damage the tissue, cause irritation and lengthen the healing process - hence the pain - you bodys way of saying ’stop it, you’re harming me’. The key to healing trouble-free piercings is more a case of what you don’t do to them, rather than what you do do to them. My advice - leave them alone, don’t turn them, don’t play with them.. whatever, and continue with nothing more than your twice-daily seasalt soaks.

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Earlobe infection?

Friday August 22nd, 2008 @ 8:04 AM

Filed under: Ear

I have 9 ear piercings, 4 lobes, and 5 slightly above the lobe, but not quite to the helix. the 3 higher piercings on my left ear have a small red area around the jewelry that is very slightly swollen. I have been doing sea salt soaks daily that have made them less noticeable, but they are still very much there. What else should/can I do?

You haven’t mentioned how old the piercings are. If they are irritated, it doesn’t matter what you put on them. The only way for the symptoms of irritation to subside is to nail the cause of the irritation and remove that from the equation. Ask yourself these questions.. do you sleep on that side? What type of jewellery do you have in there? Is it good quality jewellery? Is the jewellery fitted properly, for example, if they are healing is there enough room to accomodate potential swelling? If they are healing do you avoid getting hair products in the piercings? Were they pierced at the correct angle? Is there anything you may have done differently, any stressful events that may have occured roundabouts the time you first noticed they weren’t happy?

A bit of detective work should reveal the root cause of the irritation. Deal with the irritation and the symptoms should subside.

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