Numbing the prince

Thursday August 7th, 2008 @ 6:08 AM

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I was wondering if there is any effective way to numb my penis for a prince Albert piercing without novacaine.

Im no stranger to mods (16 facial piercings, multiple tattoos, etc) and I have had it done before, but had to take it out for personal reasons. I loved the piercing, but getting it was rather uncomfortable getting it, so I’d like to avoid it if possible. If its just impractical, and I jut need to man up, so be it.

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Well Butcher first out of curiosity, what exactly was it about the first Prince Albert attempt that you felt uncomfortable? Was it the Receiver Tube? The needle passing through or the jewelry insertion?

You can use a Xylocaine Jelly based anesthetic, without Epinepherine, which can be applied into the urethra (ie: take a q-tip and apply the jelly onto it and insert it into the urethra around where the needle would be passed through). You can also obtain a produce called: EMLA; however you will want to make sure its completely cleaned off the surface area before piercing.

Usually though with my clients I tend to advise them that anesthetics are usually not needed as the pain will be minimal. I think the only time I’ve ever used any anesthetics with PA’s is when I did my 4ga PA by myself, mostly just to take the “edge” off since I was doing the procedure myself to myself.

Realistically though all you’d need, if anything, is the Xylocaine Jelly, that is if you REALLY MUST/NEED to use an anesthetic. But just know that even though it was uncomfortable the first time around, doesn’t always mean it’ll hurt the same or worse the second time.

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Stretched Outer Conch & Industrial

Thursday August 7th, 2008 @ 6:03 AM

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Hey, i was wondering if it was possible to have both an expanded outer conch and a diagonal industrial bar on the same ear?

If so, would i have to wait until the conch had been fully healed before getting the industrial done?

Finally, is 8/10mm an adviseable size to stretch the outer conch to?

This is all a matter of your anatomy of your ear and its ability to house both pieces of jewelry. Visit a professional who has experience in both matters and discuss it, heck even talk to multiple piercers in person (ie: visit a variety of shops and ask thoughts/opinions,etc)

Depending on the size of your outer conch area should dictate what ideal size you can comfortably go to and if you were planning to go to an 8mm or 10mm outer conch, perhaps see if its possible to biopsy punch it at that size instead of stretching. So as to reduce the amount of pressure you apply to your cartilage.

Personally if I had a client capable of housing both piercing types. I’d want to start with the outer conch first and let it heal, before attempting the vertical industrial.

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