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Thursday October 30th, 2008 @ 9:34 PM

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just a simple question for those who may know the answer:

I’ve recently recieved and healed a frenum piercing, and I’ve experienced some discomfort and slight swelling after intercourse. I currently have a curved barbell as jewelry, I was wondering if possibly a strait barbell may be a better solution to solve this problem.

any suggestions?

Most guys will tell you that straight barbells feel much more comfortable than curved barbells do in a frenum piercing.
Also, be sure your piercing is worn at an appropriate gauge - I do frenum piercings at 10g and up. As I’m sure we all know, genital piercings tend to take a beating considerably more than any other piercing would so a thick anchor is key.
And of course, implant grade jewelry will definitely increase the longevity and comfort of your piercing.

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