Kids ear piercing?

Saturday February 28th, 2009 @ 6:12 AM

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My niece is about to turn 6 and for her birthday wants her ears pierced. My sisters had their ears pierced when they were about 5, as did I, but of course they were pierced with a gun at the mall. My sister is okay with my niece getting her ears pierced, but I am not so much okay with it knowing what I know now about piercing guns…

My question is, would a professional piercer be totally against piercing the ears of a child? Because shes not mine I of course dont get the final say as to whether or not she gets them done, so if its going to happen I’d like for it to be as safe as possible. But is it going to be possible to find a professional who would do it? Or is she pretty much doomed to the tradition of piercing guns at the mall?

While I don’t know of any professional piercers who will pierce BABIES, I know lots of professional piercers who have no problem piercing children, myself included. Most 6-year-old kids are plenty capable of understanding what’s going to happen, able to sit still and to look after the piercing themselves, with a little help from their parents. If you reply with a comment as to your geographical location, maybe someone can helpfully recommend someone close to you? You might call around and ask the better shops in your area, though, it’s more commonly done than a lot of people think!

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Changing jewelry in awkward places?

Friday February 27th, 2009 @ 3:52 AM

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I’ve been looking into getting a ring in my tragus changed out to a barbell. No shops in my town even carry barbells of the correct type/length, but one did suggest a size for me to order (18g 1/4″) and they offered to change it out for me.

It got me thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be so hard to just replace the thing myself. So, how hard is it to change jewelry in a location like a tragus by oneself, and do you have any advice in the matter? (ie: from which side of the piercing should I insert the jewelry etc. etc. etc.)

Thanks a bunch!


I read the title of this and was all like, “what, like in the back seat of a Volkswagen?” ha ha!

Honestly, I don’t even change my own tragus jewellery, I get someone else to do it for me, it’s that fiddly and I am absolutely rotten at doing things backwards in a mirror. Yes, it can be done, though! Personally, I prefer labret studs over barbells in tragus piercings, and I’d say to insert it inside-out, obviously. You might want a pair of small haemostats (or mosquito forceps) to help hold it on the inside while you tighten the ball. Really, though, I’d go get it from the shop - it’s always good to support local piercing studios, even if they have to order your jewellery in, and they’ll put it in for you!

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tattoos & stetch marks

Thursday February 26th, 2009 @ 9:56 AM

Filed under: Tattoos


i’m wanting a pretty big tattoo on my belly of my dogs & horses, but i’m worried that in a few years time when i decide to have kids the tattoo will stretch & be distorted. Am i better to wait til after i have kids to get it?

Thanks Bryony…

I think that it’s a wise decision to hold off on tattooing your stomach until after having kids, yes. We don’t all bounce back after pregnancy as well as Twwly (sadly!), and stretch marks will surely change a tattoo!

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Piercing Guns

Thursday February 26th, 2009 @ 6:25 AM

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I know all of the horrible reasons why you should not use a piercing gun, and I agree. But I wanted to know AskBME’s take on the things that are along those lines.

At your local walmart in TX you can have you lobes pierced or buy the supplies, with a disposable thing that is loaded like a gun but is pushed through only with the pressure the person piercing the ear can apply. In essence its just like the gun but not pressure loaded and disposable. So it seems to me that it would be like your friend just pushing a pointed earring through your lobe, only the stuff for this comes out of what looks like steril packages.

Do you think its safe to use something like this on ear lobes?

I’m familiar with what you’re talking about, and in a nutshell, no. I don’t think they’re a great idea. The blunt force of shoving a relatively dull stud made out of cheap materials and held on by a backing that is, essentially, a big petri dish catching all the lymph and muck coming out of the piercing and allowing bacteria to grow while preventing adequate cleaning is never going to trump an asaeptic procedure with sterile needles and highly-polished, implant-grade jewellery, full stop.

Will you DIE from piercing your ears that way? Nope, probably not. But it’s not the safest or best way, IMHO.

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Microdermal Instruction

Thursday February 26th, 2009 @ 6:20 AM

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I recently came back into the world of piercing after a long hiatus. I was a working proffessional for five years and eventually moved on to other things. I am now working in a shop again and I am getting requests to do microdermal implants. This is not a procedure I have ever seen performed, as I am not the type to just experiment on my clients, i have had to turn them away. My main question is if anybody knows of a reputable training program or seminar on the west coast. I am very interested in this procedure, but I want to make certain of the safety of my clientel. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Probably the easiest and most obvious thing would be for you to attend the Association of Professional Piercers conference this May - you can find more info on the APP’s website, There will be lots of informational classes (including one on microdermals), and you’ll have the opportunity to network and powwow with lots of piercers and pick their brains about how they do things, too. :)

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Eye tattoos in OK illegal?

Tuesday February 24th, 2009 @ 8:45 AM

Filed under: Tattoos

my question isn’t as much a question as much as it is outrage. What is this? The state of Oklahoma wants to ban eye tattoos. I thought that this was a free country. I guess I was wrong. Apparently I do not have the power to choose how I look. I am sad to say that I used to live there. How can they legally do this?

With the risks that come with eyeball tattooing… I’m not really against this.
I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done… just that it being illegal will make it more serious for people to do/get and hopefully keep the hacks from doing something that’s beyond their skill set.

For the most part, things were a lot safer when they were underground.

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Botched Piercing?

Sunday February 22nd, 2009 @ 9:28 AM

Filed under: Nipple

I got my nipples pierced about a week ago, and I am not sure if they were done correctly.

It seems as if the holes are too far apart and the barbell isn’t long enough. I recently noticed that the balls were sinking into the piercing canal. None of the four balls were on top of my skin but rather inside. Naturally, I freaked out. I went to the piercing studio where I had gotten them done and they changed the curved barbells to straight ones and attached bigger balls to the end so they would not sink into my skin.

So far, there is no sinking and all is well. However, I have noticed that the piercing is more or less forming a cave around itself. There are definite indentions where the balls are. It kind of forms a cup around it.

My question was, is this normal? Should I replace the jewelery? I’m at a loss here, and I really need some advice on what to do. I really don’t want to take the rings out but I will if its my only option and go get them re-pierced later.

From what you’ve described, it sounds to me like you most definately need a longer bar. With a fresh piercing there has to be a little room between the skin and the ball ends otherwise the piercing may not be able to drain as effectively which can lead to irritation and a lengthier healing time. I suggest you have a piercer pop a longer, sterile bar into your piercing.

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Growing belly

Sunday February 22nd, 2009 @ 9:21 AM

Filed under: Navel

I just found out I am pregnant (hooray!) and though I have a few months before my stomach gets to this point, I like to plan ahead. I have 2 navel piercing (top and bottom) and I was just wondering what would be best. Should I just take them out when the time comes or just get the barbells to put in? I would rather not retire these to piercings, but if it is what’s best then I will. Thanks for your help.


What you can do is when you notice that you are starting to require a longer bar, is pop an oversized PTFE bar in there and this will accomodate any extra length your piercing may require as your belly grows. I, personally, am not normally a fan of PTFE but this is one of those instances when it does prove useful. Take care not to catch it, though.

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lip snake bite piercing (infected)?

Thursday February 19th, 2009 @ 9:05 PM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

ok so i pierced my snake bite 2 days ago i did it myself i pierce everything on my body but anyway its been pussing,swelling,and it looks like the outside of the ring is about to go into my lip and on the inside its like the ring is pushing against my lip and my skin is hovering over the metal part in the back its kinda swore but not really

but i clean it everyday

1.sea salt (1 min)

2.clean it with dial soap

3.rinse my mouth with mouth wash

4.spray the outside with bactine

5.put A&D ointment on the outside!

idk whats wrong! i want it to heal

plz help meee!!!!

The reason your lip may be pussing, swelling and embedding into your lip is very likely from the following reasons:
1. Cleaning your piercing with a very chemical, strong Dial antibacterial soap
2. Rinsing your mouth out with very chemical, strong mouthwash
3. Spraying it with a numbing astringent like Bactine
4. Gumming it up and preventing the wound from breathing by applying A&D ointment on it.
5. You’ve pierced yourself with clearly no knowledge of piercing aftercare which leads me to believe you very likely haven’t done a lot of research into any other technical aspects of body piercing (ie jewelry size and metal quality, oral anatomy and aseptic technique)

I’d see a piercer and have them check out the placement and jewelry choice and completely cease all of your current aftercare procedure save for warm water rinses on the outside of your mouth to remove crusties and practise a regular oral hygeine regime (brush your teeth as per usual) and rinse your mouth out with a mild salt water solution after anything you eat or drink. (And this is only AFTER you’ve ensured you have a piercing that’s done and placed and jewelry is worn even remotely correctly.)

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Injured tongue web…

Thursday February 19th, 2009 @ 9:00 PM

Filed under: Tongue

A little bit embarrassing, but anyways.

I’ve had my tongue pierced for nearly 3 years now. My tongue web comes forward quite a bit, so it was pierced to the side.

A few days ago, I was kissing someone, and lets say something got stuck, or pulled, or bitten, I dont know, but it seriously hurt. I took out the barbell, and it was bleeding a little. I put it back in and thought nothing of it, just maybe it got a little torn, as nothing looked wrong. So today, (4 days later) and still in the same amount of pain, I gave it a closer examination, and discovered that the bottom ball of the barbell, has ripped a hole through my tongue web, and it can half stick through there…

Am I going to have to retire my tongue piercing so this hole will heal up, as it is aggravating it?

(..that or put a ring in there and celebrate my new accidental piercing…)

Well - a couple options: You could see a piercer and have them assess if your new hole could be filled with some jewelry.

-You could remove your barbell if it’s too much hassle and pain for you
-You could put a slightly larger ball on the bottom part of your barbell so that it doesn’t fit through the hole and gives it time to heal up.

The good news is that oral tissue heals up pretty quickly so whichever option you choose you likely won’t be in as much discomfort for much longer.

In the meantime, be sure to keep your mouth clean and drink lots of water. Basically treat it like a new piercing should be.

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