How to hide my microdermals

Tuesday March 31st, 2009 @ 4:46 PM

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I was just informed that my family & i will be going on a vacation to Greece which means I will be in a swim suit. The problem is that I have six microdermals on my stomache and very conservative parents who have no idea I have had them eight months.

I was wondering, is there was a way to hide them? Are there tops to the dermals that will hide them? I really don’t want to give up my very costly babies but i may have to because my mom made me take out my vertical labret as soon as she found out. And im afraid if she saw these i would be kicked out of my family.

How long does it take for you to heal after microdermal removal? Will there be scarring?

Thanks:-/ (my belly)

Honestly, your best bet for hiding them is a one piece bathing suit, which from what I understand, is very “in” right now. While there are flesh colored hider tops, they are not all that effective, especially for 6 pieces.

I don’t know your parents at all, but in most cases I have found parents, if talked to on an adult basis without screaming or whining are receptive to the “why I modify my body” talk. If you approach them on your own accord and explain these two key points, they should be receptive:
-Why you choose to modify your body.
-How the modifications you have chosen are semi-permanent, or if they are permanent, how they will fit into your adult life and future career.

If you can’t answer these questions then your parents have every right to be questioning your decisions. If you can answer them and you calmly and maturely explain your reasoning to your parents and they are still not receptive you have only two choices; confirm to there wishes or tell them something along the lines of “I am sorry you feel that way. I still do and always will love you, but I have made these choices for my life and I am committed to them. I do hope that one day you will realize that what I choose to do to my body is not much of a reason to cut ties with your child, and on that day i will welcome you with open arms.”

Of course if you still live with your parents or off of your parents money, you really have no grounds for arguing. If this is the case move out, take care of yourself and prove yourself as an adult, then go back to ‘the talk”.

As for the questions about removal of the microdermals, this is a perfect example of a question that should have been asked BEFORE getting the mod as well as a perfect example of questions that can be answered with a simple search on BME.

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DIY Chest Suspension

Friday March 27th, 2009 @ 7:55 PM

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Hi there BME,

So recently I’ve been contemplating about doing a DIY suspension on myself and been thinking about all the negative things that could come with it.

I don’t think that’s it would really be a good idea although it would really be something to me. The thing is that the word “suspension” is unheard of in my country - I live in Malta, an extremely small country - and there are no options as to where to get a suspension apart from doing it myself. The only help I would get was from a piercer I know (one of the few in this tiny country), that has hooked people for suspensions but never did one himself.

So, what should I do? Should I just wait for an endless time to maybe do a suspension later on in my life, or just try it out?



Hey Isaac;
I certainly understand the impulse- sometimes we feel something so strongly it seems that we won’t be complete if we don’t go through the process. Five years ago I would have told you to go for it- it’s your body and obviously you have every right to do what you want when you want it.

Funny thing is- I grew up. I learned that I am NOT my body and that these rituals are important but not my whole being- so while the impulse is still there, the reality is that it should be a healthy, SAFE and introspective experience. That the preparation is as important as the ritual; and that good things truly do come to those who wait.

So if you’re asking for opinion… wait. Wait until you find someone who can facilitate the experience and make it a truly life altering event. You owe it to yourself.

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Information for the youth

Saturday March 21st, 2009 @ 10:28 AM

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Good morning to everyone at BME,

Just sending an question though to ask for some help or information. I was just recently asked by our local city council to hold talks with the youth of the district. To try and curve the amount of self/ home piercings.

I am chasing any good information about the harm that occurs and the dangers. I do have some of my own information. But would like to have better information. The youths have a some sort of respect for me.

So the council is hoping it will encourage them to listen and learn. As of recently the kids have been busted piercing each other with same needles. Which is the worst thing out there. Then on the other side the parents and teachers have no knowledge or understanding of why they do it. So they panic.

So anything you can suggest would be very wonderful photo, stories?



ModScene- Piercing Studio

I’m throwing this up so people can contact you, Dion…

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Hip piercings

Friday March 20th, 2009 @ 6:47 PM

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I want to get my hips pierced. I don’t want a surface piercing though. Is there a way to get it done without it being a surface piercing? The way I want it (if it’s possible) looks similar to a Monroe. Basically, a stud that goes straight in and doesn’t come out of another side.

You can have your hip-area pierced using surface anchors (aka Microdermal anchors, dermal anchors, etc) That sounds exactly what you’re looking for!

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Hood Piercing and MRI

Friday March 20th, 2009 @ 6:45 PM

Filed under: Female Genital

I’ve recently been in an accident where I had some neurological damage that’s being monitored by doctors. Through my Xrays and CT scans, it hasn’t been an issue having my 9 ear piercings, two navels, and my hood piercing. But for the MRI I’ve been cautioned that unless the metal I have in my piercings is for sure high-grade titanium, I could have some issues with getting an MRI. I’ve heard of the metal heating up or outright being pulled from my body because apparently MRI’s are big magnets? I don’t know. But anyway, taking my piercings out temporarily doesn’t bother me. I’m just having some difficulty with my hood piercing. I’ve had it for over 2 years now and I cannot get that sucker to budge. I’ve had a 16g gold barbell in there since I was first told I was able to change the jewelry. I’ve kept it clean and it’s been fantastic for me, but I’m kind of concerned about what would happen if I just left it in for the MRI? I fight with it for a couple of minutes everyday trying to get the balls loosened, but since it’s in such an awkward spot, I can’t really reach it with tools to stabilize the barbell and try to work at the ball a little better. And of course, my boyfriend is of no assistance. Sure, he loves the piercing, but ask him to help me get it out and he runs and hides and gets all grossed out, haha. Are there any tips and tricks that I could try at home by myself to get this bugger out or should I just suck it up and go see my piercer and throw them a nice tip to help me get it out? Ideally, I’d like to just get the jewelry loosened to where I could hop into the bathroom before my MRI and take it out and put it back in afterward. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Definitely have a piercer help you loosen the barbell balls. We’ve got all kinds of tools and tricks (and experience and skill and the right angles) to get even the toughest stuck barbell balls loose.
DO NOT wear that jewelry in an MRI.

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Medusa irratation

Friday March 20th, 2009 @ 6:04 PM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

I’ve had my medusa pierced for about 1 1/2 years and its never really healed all the way and just lately (the past month) its gotten really bad with scar tissue growing on the inside and swelling. I am doing everything to try and get the swelling down and get it back to normal (sea salt soaks and alchohol free mouthwash) but it doesnt get better.

Is there anything else i can do to get it to calm down?

Also i read somewhere it could be my toothpaste i use one that is cinnimon flavored from crest… also heard from a piercer that it might be getting irrated from drinking from straws (which i cant drink anything without one its like a crazy habit). I LOVE my medusa and i dont wanna lose it im just afraid it will get irrated enough to get infected or swell to the point i have to take it out.

Please help lol

A year and a half with an open wound in your mouth isn’t normal nor is it healthy.
What kind of jewelry are you wearing in it? Is it plastic? Is it implant grade steel or titanium? Jewelry quality and size will greatly affect the healing of your piercing. It might not be placed on your lip in an optimal spot.

Toothpastes, mouthwashes and common compulsive movements CAN cause irritation to new piercings. A year and a half later? Not as likely.
If you’re finding a scar tissue buildup, I’d check out placement as the main culprit.

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Friday March 20th, 2009 @ 5:59 PM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

Hey, I was wondering if migration in vertical labrets is very common and if it stops or will continue. I’ve had my vertical labret for about 11 days now and just noticed today it’s migrated towards the right about 1mm and though it doesn’t bother me, I am wondering whether it will continue to or if it will heal and settle more or less where it is now?

Migration in vertical labret piercings is quite common, unfortunately.
The risk of this can be greatly reduced with several precautions that can be taken starting with finding a reputable piercer who knows how to actually do these piercings properly.

Chances are that if it’s on it’s way out, it will continue to move.
Be sure that you’re wearing appropriately fitted, implant grade body jewelry. That will help. If you have a big long dangly barbell weighing on the piercing itself, it will move out even faster.

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Wednesday March 18th, 2009 @ 7:46 AM

Filed under: Piercing

Hey, I was talking to a few different piercing artists in my city hoping to get an apprenticeship (got one potential) and i found out something that scares me about one shop (not the potential one) they don’t use an autoclave they have some chemical that they say is just as good and takes less time and money. I don’t remember the chemical off hand but it seems weird that people would still use an autoclave if there was a cheaper way to get the same results. am i right to be scared by that shop or are there a/some chemicals that can be used to sterilize stuff?

Chemical sterilization is briefly discussed in the BME Wiki, but honestly, most (if not all, and feel free to correct me on this if I’m wrong, people) better shops use autoclaves to ensure sterilization of their tools and instruments. Chemical sterilization uses pretty nasty stuff that can be dangerous to the health of the people working around it all day, and it’s not terrifically cheaper than the long-term cost to purchase and maintain an autoclave properly.

I, personally, wouldn’t feel comfortable getting work done in a shop that used chemicals to clean their tools - there’s too many ways to screw it up and not sterilize your stuff properly, and no real way to ensure that it’s worked properly, unlike the spore tests and indicator strips commonly used with autoclaves. Most digital autoclaves have a display that will spell it out for the operator if the cycle fails for whatever reason. It just doesn’t make sense to me not to use an autoclave!

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What is the size in millimeters for a 00g?

Wednesday March 18th, 2009 @ 7:42 AM

Filed under: Piercing

I work for a retail body jewelry company and currently we are having a debate about what the true millimeter size of a 00G is. This debate was spawned by us recently getting new digital calipers.

Those of us who have been with the company for a while, and have experience with stretching consider a 00G to be 10mm, which would roughly be 2mm larger than a 0G. BUT, all of the technical charts that I have managed to dig up online; less maybe two, have listed 00G as a 9.2mm. Could you please help us end this debate.

I would say that it’s fair enough to translate 00ga into 9-and-a-bit millimetres. The fun thing about digital calipers is that you really get to find out how wildly the actual thickness/gauge of your jewellery varies from the expected/listed size, I don’t think ANYTHING is ever spot-on once it’s been well-polished, ha ha! And then G-D help you if you’re looking for exact measurements in glass or organics… ;)

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Surface Anchor Producing Lots of Lymph Fluid

Wednesday March 18th, 2009 @ 7:37 AM

Filed under: Surface/Unusual

I have three surface anchors on my wrist (up-down) arrangement and they each have their own personalities. The first one I got has no problems. I recently had two more done about 6 days ago. The problem one is the middle piercing where it is constantly producing a pool of lymph fluid (clearish color). I have no redness in any of the piercings. I’m not normally concerned about this but the lymph fluid is being producing is A LOT. Every 5 minutes a small pool of fluid forms around the piercing. It’s almost been a week now and it’s still pushing out this much fluid. Should I be concerned?

At this early juncture, I wouldn’t fret TOO much about excessive lymphing. I’m a noted fan of the “better out than in” theory, if it weren’t draining, it’d be much more worrying! I’d salt soak it twice a day or so to encourage that drainage, and it SHOULD start to settle down within a week or two as it begins to heal. If it’s still playing up in a few weeks, consider popping in to see your piercer to get their take on it. :)

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