Septum healing time

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Thursday March 5th, 2009 @ 8:53 PM

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I got my septum pierced around 6 weeks ago. However it still hurts some when put my finger under my news. How long does a septum piercing take to heal? Is there any way to speed the healing along, other then to continue sea salt soaks once or twice a day?

(assuming you meant “nose”)
It’s possible your piercing may be through the cartilage in your septum and not in between it. In that case, you may experience a longer healing/stabalizing time for the piercing.
Try to avoid mashing it around (pressing it with your finger, for instance) and be very gentle in your aftercare.
Your body will heal faster or slower depending on how clean and healthy you are. So get lots of rest, take your vitamins and keep your nose clean and that will help promote the healing better than anything. And stop touching at it! :)

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