Stretched ear problems..

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Monday March 9th, 2009 @ 2:49 PM

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I’ve recently been having problems with my stretched lobes that I can’t figure out. I haven’t stretched them in atleast 6 months nor have I changed the type of jewellery I’m using for over three year. (New sizes, obviously, but always the same type..) Yet they’re suddenly (Well, for the past month..) ithcy, red, flaking, gunky and leaking a clear fluid. :/ Sometimes, clear crust builds up too.

I did have a problem the last time I stretched.. One ear could handle going up a size while the other ear couldn’t. I left it in for the day hoping it would adjust but ended up taking them both out (I hate having uneven ears..) and going down a size as it was uncomfortable. It was a little red and swollen for a couple days but that was it..

I’m not alone, though, my husband hasn’t stretched or changed his jewellery in years yet his ear suddenly flared up a couple days ago and is now swollen, gunky and crusty. >_<

What is going on?? O_O (P.S We both wear silicone plugs.)

While a reaction to silicone isn’t incredibly likely, it is possible. And, the symptoms you describe certainly sound like your ears are reacting to something. Sensitivities and reactions typically build-up over time, meaning you may be fine with something for a while and then develop a reaction to it.

Having said that, it would be one heck of a coincidence if you and your husband developed a reaction to silicone at nearly the same time. So, this leads me to think maybe you are reacting to something else in your life. I would suggest thinking about any recent changes you’ve made to laundry detergents, fabric softeners, soaps, body washes, shampoos etc. Things such as changes in your diet could also be the culprit; or a change in your water source also. It seems that perhaps something new has been introduced into your little ecosystem and it’s causing you and your husband problems. It could be something that is reacting with/to the silicone, which might explain while you aren’t seeing a reaction anywhere else on your body.

If you figure it out, I would definitely like to know what the culprit was.

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14 Responses to “Stretched ear problems..”

  1. I’m having the same type of problem…last time I stretched my ears was more than 6 months ago…I did however get a new pair of turqouise plugs and I noticed my problem began right around the time I started wearing them. Problem solved right? I stopped wearing them, put my organic jewelry back in…but they have yet to heal up…been almost 4 months :(( I went to the doctor and he perscribed me a cream to put on…I haven’t filled it yet so we’ll see if it works. This has never happened to me before! Oh btw I also use silicone plugs, but have never had a problem like this wearing them. Very strange.

    Julie on June 20th, 2009 at 10:00 pm
  2. Litteraly same story with me. I haven’t stretched in 6 months and my ears are constantly flaring up and getting really red, swollen & filled with pus. When that one ear heals up then the other one does the same. It’s getting really annoying & theres periods of time when they’re like perfect and out of nowhere they get bad. I haven’t changed my jewelery. I use only acrylic and glass.

    Brian on August 19th, 2009 at 11:52 am
  3. kinda along the same lines for me-ive been at an inch for more than two years and suddenly out of no where, my right ear flares up. its not pussing, its not infected, there isnt any sort of seeping. the only thing thats happening is that its VERY swollen, and of course, hot to the touch. as of lately i havent been wearing my jewelry at night jut because its more comfortable, but i was doing that about 2 weeks before this all even started happening. i wasnt sure what, if any, correlation there may be. i have since gauged down quite a bit because of the swelling, but its only on one side so im a tad lopsided.

    tianna on August 13th, 2011 at 2:37 am
  4. this happens to me on occasion as well. i’ve had my ears at an inch for four years. i’ve worn all types of different jewelry from glass, metal, and my favorite, stone. they get swollen, red, and angry, and also tend to puss a lot. the only thing that 100% always helps and fixes the problem is removing the jewelry, wash my ears and jewelry with dial, and then massage my ears with lotion. i also like taking my plugs out at night to promote good blood flow and massage them with oil. i think the reason it happens is i forget to moisturize my ears. i stay out, or i’ve ben busy and it just slips my mind. the skin on your ears is so thin and sensitive and needs more attention than you may think.

    Lauren on September 5th, 2011 at 5:35 pm
  5. I sized up to 3/4″ (19mm) about three weeks ago and i mean it was super easy sizing up didn’t hurt at all they just slid right in without a problem and i don’t know why but my ears get red with the jewelry inside i wear a white pair of double flared Acrylic plugs and i’ve worn Acrylic plugs like this at smaller sizes but i don’t know why my ears are red…. they’re not swollen,gunky or any of that, that was mentioned they’re healthy thick healed lobes they just turn red with the jewelry in them…last night i slept without my plugs in and woke up and my ears were nice and normal then i put them in and they still have that red tint to my lobes… just wanted to know if anybody had the same problem as me and if you could help me out with this? i’m not sure if i’ll still be able to size up or not but i’m planning on sizing up in about 2-3 weeks to 7/8″ (22mm). (I use the Taping Method with Teflon tape to get to my next sizes btw)

    Jesse on January 16th, 2012 at 7:38 pm
  6. im size 3/4 i havent sized up in a while months but i recently got ichyness a bit pain and im wondering what the hell is going on is it the material?

    elizabeth on January 10th, 2013 at 1:46 am
  7. The inside of my lobe is healed and healthy. I have a rash or something behind my ear, and my lobes with or without jewlery are red and dripping clear fluid. I clean my plugs and lobes 2 times a day and i currently have metal tunnles in. (Im at 1 inch) ive used neosporin and jojoba oil, goldbond lotion, herbal lotion, nothing seems to work. Its gross and annoying. Suggestions of how i could fix this would be helpful.

    Cece on January 21st, 2013 at 4:07 pm
  8. I’ve had sort of the same problem. A few days ago I decided it was time to size up from an 8g to a 6g in both of my ears. One of them (my problem ear) wouldn’t stretch so I’m waiting a bit longer for that one. The other ear did stretch but there’s a bit of pus that seems to form almost daily on my ear. I’ve been cleaning it though so my ear should be fine right? I hope so. I’ve never had pus come out at all every other time that I’ve stretched. Hopefully at the end of this month I’ll be able to stretch up to a 6g in my problem ear, with no pus.

    Heather on February 12th, 2013 at 12:17 pm
  9. Does anybody have a solution to stop this? My lobes keep doing it and my god is it annoying.

    Russell on March 14th, 2013 at 11:49 pm
  10. 2 months ago I went up to 0 gauge and everything was fine up until the past 5 to 7 days. I started getting a clear liquid draining from the outside of my earlobes front and back of them, as it dries out it gets sticky almost like a glue, then will crust and become sort of crystallized and yellow. I have worn metal tapers 99 percent of the time, however I thought they were the issue so I took them out and put acrylic spikes in to see what would happen.. I have also been cleaning them throughout the day adding polysporn after cleaning them. Since yesterday I have noticed my right earlobe isn’t doing it as much through the day until I clean it again and I remove the crust which brings me back to square one. I read that washing or soaking them in a sea salt bath can help which I will try today. Am I having an allergic reaction? Is my body rejecting the stretching process? Is it infected? Please help would be awesome lol. Also going to buy glass spacers seeing as everyone keeps saying glass, bone and wood is best to use for whatever reason.

    Tommy on March 30th, 2013 at 6:06 am
  11. Unbelievable! This morning I woke up and noticed my left ear lobe was swollen and the skin around was all dry and flakey. I couldn’t even poke my pinky through my lobe. Mind you my ears are guaged at 3/4″ and I’ve had my ears stretched for around 5 years and never had an issue with them! I’m actually one of few of my friends who have nice lobes (without blowout or loss of shape) and I maintain this by not sleeping with my plugs in to keep them tight and because I just get annoyed with being uncomfortable at times.
    I haven’t up-sized in years and plan on sticking under an inch. Yet this morning my ear was huge, hard and dry, there is no puss but there is a clear odorless liquid secreting when squeezed but no blood or puss.

    Another thing is that for the last few months all I have been wearing are my silicone skin color plugs. I know I’m not allergic to anything but the silicone plugs seem to be a coincidence.

    I really hate having a swollen lobe and don’t want to part with my guaged ears.

    Anthony on April 9th, 2013 at 8:24 am
  12. Happens to me if I don’t clean my gauges in a couple days or if I sleep on that side too much. Also I think the thinness of the lobe plays a part in it. What I usually do is take my plugs out overnight and let them dry and tighten and then the next morning I massage them with oil and put them back. It forms a scab so I usually put in slightly smaller plugs. I’m stretched to 1″ btw.

    Annette on May 18th, 2013 at 11:44 pm
  13. I have been having the same problem, I haven’t stretched since feburary 2012 and my left ear always flare up normally its just swollen and itchy. I have normally never had puss filled lobes until today I took out my plugs to wash my ears and then after cleaning them with salt water and putting on jajoba oil my ear has swelled up more then it ever has and has pus coming out, I’m confused because I have been wearing the same plugs for almost two years.

    Brittany on May 29th, 2013 at 9:05 pm
  14. hi my name is Nicole.. ive been at 5/8 for quite a while now and I have very healthy lobes.. been wanting to go up a size. left ear did great. but the right one stings and medium amount of pain… I don’t understand why this is doing this? I have worn silicone a lot before..just don’t get why it would only irritate one lobe? any ideas?? thnks!

    nicole on June 27th, 2013 at 4:55 pm

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