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Monday April 6th, 2009 @ 4:55 PM

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I am highly interested in getting alot of work done all over my body. At the moment i am hesitant to because i want to have a stable job that will accept it with decent pay and hours. I live in northern VA and I would like it if anyone had some advice for me?

People say not to get any of the mods i want but i feel its a way of life i choose a self exspretion and an art and i dont feel complete without it someone if u have any advice please help?

thank you

There are exceptions to every rule; while it is difficult to be employed in certain fields with visible modifications, I’m sure that you could find people who’ve worked hard, busted their butt and excelled in their chosen field regardless of the stereo-types that surround “people like us”.

That said- don’t be surprised if you don’t run into many Doctors/Lawyers/Judges/Executives/etc with heavy visible modifications. The key word here is visible. While I totally get where you’re coming from with your belief that this is a “way of life and form of expression” you’re right in assuming that it will make your career path more difficult.

My advice? Stay in school. Go for higher education in the field you want to enter. Make yourself invaluable and most of all- DO NOT LET YOUR MODIFICATIONS DEFINE YOU. We’re all of us so much more than just the things we do to our bodies; yet we get so hung up on the physical.

The drive that makes most of us desire these modifications are what separates us from people who choose not to go down this path. We’re already different, with or without the modifications.

Best of luck!

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5 Responses to “Jobs”

  1. I work at Target while I’m in college. I don’t plan to make that my career, but I’m proud to say that they will hire people regardless of any number of visable tattoos, piercings, and other modifications as part of their diversity policy. They accept modifications for what they are: something that makes us different, but understand that that difference (much like race or gender) doesn’t make us less valuable or less able to work.

    Porkchop on April 7th, 2009 at 7:09 pm
  2. if you want your modifications, the best advice i can give is for tattoos stop above the wrists where a shirt sits, dont go onto the neck, face or hands and you can still wear a suit or atleast a shirt and trousers that can easily cover ink work. alot of places are quite accepting of piercings these days as long as do don’t go OTT (their opinion of OTT)

    i agree you should deffinately stay in school and get as MUCH education as you can for yor chosen career path, get experience as well, that way nobody can say “im sorry we wont hire you because you do not have the qualifications or experience”.

    blackroses on April 10th, 2009 at 3:55 pm
  3. Agreed with the two posters!

    I’m in university still but I also freelance for the government, where they require business dress, which I follow to a T. However, as one of the youngest employees they have, parts of my hair are dyed pink and I’ve got piercings.

    I’ve never been reprimanded for having those things, however, and in fact I was hired with all those things. No one really comments about it or cares, as long as I do my job well, and I always do.

    Still, it is pretty funny, because sometimes the newer security guards notice me walking through the doors and they do a double-take haha. Then they realize that I’ve got a pass and give me a big grin.

    Black roses is right, stay in school and do the BEST you can, and then NO ONE can use the excuse of no qualifications. Piercings don’t define who you are anyway. In my experience, I find that employers, even if they are a bit old-fashioned, will take a chance at new people who show they know what they’re doing and bring great ideas to the table. They might use the excuse of piercings however, to try to sidestep people who are not so qualified.

    Of course, this is my opinion only, I’m still just a student myself :)

    Best of luck

    Chilipop on April 11th, 2009 at 3:15 pm
  4. It really depends on which field you go into and what you want to be. While in general mods have been more and more accepted into the workplace, there’s still a large number of organizations which deem mods as “unprofessional”. As with all other life choices, are you faced with the consequences of your actions, so if mods mean enough to you that you don’t mind occasionally being turned down for a job for the way you are, then go for it!

    That said, I work for a company where I am expected to see clients every now and then, and I proudly walk around with my labret while a colleague of mine (also a guy) who’s main job is to see clients was “encouraged” to remove his nose ring because it was unprofessional. I wear a t shirt & jeans to work on days I don’t see clients. So really, it could go either way.

    Good Luck!

    DarkVII on April 20th, 2009 at 8:13 pm
  5. I say just work on getting non-visible modifications. I work as a web designer, and I am constantly meeting with new clients to discuss new opportunities, and I always feel I need to be professional. I have my back almost completely done, plus my ribs, my feet, my calves and my hips. I can cover everything up with a pair of pants and a tshirt. Even when I’ve went into interviews/meetings in a tank top, I’ve never had anyone even say anything about them in a negative way. It more comes down to how you carry yourself–If you are professional in your demeanor, and don’t act like you mods define you, then for the most part, you will be okay.

    Mary K. on June 2nd, 2009 at 1:39 pm

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