Dermal Anchors

Thursday June 25th, 2009 @ 12:47 PM

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So i want to get two dermals where a normal sternum piercing would be. how painful (compare to other piercings?) can i expect this to be?

This is going to sound like a smart-ass answer, but that’s not (mostly) my intention.

They will hurt more than some piercings and less than others. Without knowing what you’ve had done, it’s hard to say. And, even if I did know what you had done, it wouldn’t be a lot of help, as obviously, pain is relative. Add to that variations in the skills of the piercer performing the procedure…there is no way to give a reliable comparison.

Most people I’ve done dermal anchors on say they hurt less than they expected. A few have thought they hurt more than they expected.

Best of luck.

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General Questions/Advice?

Thursday June 25th, 2009 @ 12:40 PM

Filed under: Tongue

I got my piercing 26 hours ago. I attempted to do my research ahead of time as I was a huge chicken about pain, hygiene etc. Since having it pierced only 3000 more questions have crossed my mind. Even with swelling I am having no trouble speaking so my main concern of a “lisp” forming seems to be no concern. But not I keep reading everyone’s horror stories and I keep worrying “will that happen to me?”

So for the only that I have experienced is swelling the full length of the 14 mm bar used and my jaw is very tight. I slept on my back last night with but my head/shoulders elevated at a little over a 45 degree angle. I have been drinking protein drinks and upped my vitamin regimen before the piercing to accommodate the chance of not eating much. My piercer told me to avoid yeast/ dairy for at least a week. I was also told to use sea salt/water + Crest non-alcohol Mouthwash. To change my toothbrush to a new soft bristle one. To take lots of Tylenol (do to a stomach surgery I can’t take anything but Tylenol rapid release). I know I am probably over worrying, but I start thinking of everything that could go wrong and I wonder if I should just take it out now and let it go as a lesson learned.

Also I was slightly upset as it isn’t pierced in the center, and I wanted informed until after the piercing was done that it wasn’t pierced in the center. I evidently have a vein there, and my piercer wouldn’t take a chance going through it. I am worried that I will look “stupid” even though I have read this is common in some people. Honestly for a 26 year old adult female I feel like I am 12 years old again getting my ears pierced for the first time, panicking about everything that could happen.

So any advice besides go on Prozac as quick as possible would be of great help.

So, I”m not sure Prozac is really in order, but certainly a couple of deep breaths and a nice counting-to-10 might be helpful at this point. Okay, now count to 10 again. :)

You definitely need to relax about the healing part of it. It sounds like you are dong all the right stuff to get your piercing to heal. Add to that, tongue piercings are typically very fast, very easy healing piercings…and yes, you’re worrying a bit more than is necessary. You probably don’t need to do the Tylenol thing regularly, unless you are in pain. Tylenol doesn’t typically help much with swelling (as opposed to ibuprofen/Advil), so it won’t do much for you.

As for the placement thing…I guess you will know how you feel about it once all the swelling goes away. My guess is that it isn’t going to look stupid and you will still be quite happy with it. If it turns out you don’t like the way it looks, you can take it out at that point.

It is unfortunate the piercer didn’t discuss it with you beforehand.’

Take a couple more deep breaths.

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Bloody tissue from bottom hole of navel piercing?

Thursday June 25th, 2009 @ 12:31 PM

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This is my third time getting my navel pierced. The first time, the piercing grew out. The second time, the top ball kept going inside the hole so I just took the piercing out. Now, on the bottom ball, when I move the bar a little, it seems like spongey bloody tissue is coming out. Also, there’s like a raised bubble around the hole. I’m just wondering what I should do, because the bloody tissue is really scaring me. Any suggestions?

First of all, don’t be freaked out by the bloody tissue. The bump/tissue you are describing is not uncommon with navel piercings. They typically show up around the 2 months mark, but sometimes they show up later and sometimes earlier.

Without seeing your piercing, I can only talk in very general terms. Very often, those bumps are a result of jewelry that does not fit well/right. The mechanical irritation keeps the piercing irritated, hence the bump/blood tissue. To figure out if this is the issue, a piercer would need to take a look at it.

You didn’t mention what you were doing for aftercare, but cleaning too frequently and/or using something too harsh can also contribute to irritation. If you are doing anything other than sea salt/saline soaks a few times per day, it’s probably best to consider changing your aftercare routine.

Another thing that many people miss is being sure to dry out your navel really well after you shower or soak it. Extra moisture can inhibit healing.

Good luck!

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Condition Interaction (Medical Inflamm./Uveitis)

Monday June 22nd, 2009 @ 10:07 PM

Filed under: Tattoos

I’ve looked everywhere for an answer to my question - I hope this is it. I have a condition called Uveitis. It is inflammation of the eye. I take prednisone to control it. I really want a tattoo - eventually alot. And I’m doing fairly well right now with the disease but I would absolutely HATE if a tattoo brought it all back. I asked a specialist in my condition and he doesn’t know. I’m afraid no one knows my answer and I’m worried about getting one. I’ve also heard blue ink CAUSES uveitis in some cases. Any information would be MORE than appreciated. Thanks in advnace.


Hey Lauren;
I spoke to a modified friend in the medical community who’s asked to remain anonymous and to make it very clear that this is not an official diagnosis. Their answer:

“so by the way Lauren is talking about it, it seems to be an autoimmune disorder for her, rather than an infectious process. autoimmune issues are always difficult because its your body attacking itself, causing the inflammation, which is why the prednisone works to keep it under control. I have the same answer the specialist had: I dont know. the reason I give that answer is because so many things can trigger an autoimmune disorder to flare. tattoos in general is one big wound that the body then has to take care of. the prednisone already supresses the immune system so the body doesn’t have AS good a defense mechanism. each person is different and the body reacts different ways to autoimmune issues. there are many case studies on different reactions to tattoos and flares of many autoimmune disorders, however there has been no clinical trials showing the specific relationship. based on the case studies, its not just blue ink they have seen it in. has been red, blue, black. I know this doesnt answer the main question but its more info. the only thing she can do is try something smallish to see her body’s reaction and go from there.”

So that’s the best answer we have for you… I hope it helps!

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Brass Neck Rings

Thursday June 18th, 2009 @ 12:28 PM

Filed under: Culture


I was just kind of curious about brass neck rings. Since I was in 5th grade I have been completely fascinated with the elongation of womens necks. I myself have been half wanting to try it, but would like to hear stories from somebody who has done it first hand. I’ve been searching but haven’t found anything yet (maybe I just suck at computing with the interconnect)

Come to think of it, where the hell would I even find brass rings? I always assumed I would have to have them custom made if I did go through with this, but maybe there is somewhere to actually purchase them. Also, I’m curious if this act might change breathing or eatting patterns if there is excessive “stretching.”

Um, Yeah!! So, any of you guys know?



This is a good example of a question easily answered with google.

Nonetheless, since I too share a fascination with this mod I’ll share my limited knowledge on the subject. First and foremost, the neck is NOT actually stretched. In reality the collarbones and ribs are pushed down and shifted creating the illusion of stretched neck vertebrae. Generally this is done on very young female children, as doing so slowly when the bones haven’t fully developed is the least painful and most effective method. I believe 12-13 is about the oldest the procedure is started and am in all honesty unsure how effective it would be on an adult. I don’t forsee too much difficulty coming from breathing or eating. However, if the rings are worn for a long time the neck muscles underneath would most likely grow real weak and atrophy, which would make life after removal difficult until the muscles were redeveloped (if the muscles are not too far gone). To the best of my knowledge, this has never been attempted outside of the tribal cultures (please come forth and correct me if you know of any exceptions to this).

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Shaft skin removal

Thursday June 18th, 2009 @ 9:51 AM

Filed under: Skin Removal

I am planning to go forward with skin stripping, meaning that all skin from my cock shaft will be removed/skinned.

I have seen some articles about that, and noticed that in some cases guys have lost even 50% of the lenght from their cock.

Is there something that could be done during the healing process to avoid this? A small reduce on lenght is not bad, but for example 50% of it feels too much.

Loosing 50% of thickness would still be ok :)

In most cases this procedure is done as a re-circumcision procedure which, in effect, shortens the penis by packing the inner penis “meat” into less outer skin. Often this is done to make erections painful and/or impossible. If you removed the skin without suturing the remaining skin back to itself, you would prevent most of this shortening. Keep in mind though that healing such a flesh removal could generate a good deal of scar tissue, which could tighten up and cause the same side effects as the re-circ. Also, removing this much flesh from your penis without any form of wound closure would put you at a high risk for infection.

PS: If I knew your reasoning for wanting this specific procedure I would be better suited to help point you in the right direction.


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Chicago: BodyArt Expo at Navy Pier

Thursday June 11th, 2009 @ 8:39 PM

Filed under: Tattoos

Hello, this is my first time posting…

This will be my first time getting a tattoo…We are going to this:

I would like to know if anyone knows of any good artists that will be there that they can suggest? What do I need to look for and such?

Thank you!

Tattoo Conventions can be overwhelming; so much going on and so many people…. I generally don’t recommend people to get their first tattoo at a convention; the experience can be a little intense (the tattoo or the convention- take your pick) and there’s a possibility that you’ll be shortchanging yourself in the experience department.

That said- my advice for picking an artist is the same at a convention as it is for finding a good local tattooist…. take your time checking out portfolios, talking with the artist, watching them tattoo. Does their work look amazing overall or is it hit or miss? Do they have a good rapport with their clients? Are they following sterile (or realistically, aseptic) procedure? Do they seem interested in your design choice?

Best of luck and if you get a chance, swing by Clark Street for me and grab a Clark dog… dill pickles on a hot dog? I’m in!

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hip microdermals

Wednesday June 10th, 2009 @ 7:23 PM

Filed under: Surface/Unusual

i go to shows a lot and im wondering if its worth it to get hip microdermals, or if theyll reject right away if i bump them or if theyll rip out in a pit? i move around a lot and im wondering how long they usually last?

I’ve actually had pretty good success with hip-placed surface anchors.
If you’re bumping and snagging them - they will very likely get angry and reject.

I tell my clients to wear a water-proof bandage that seals the whole way around the jewelry if they think they’re going to put their anchors in a situation where they may be compromised.

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Frenum Piercing

Wednesday June 10th, 2009 @ 7:15 PM

Filed under: Male Genital

I recently got a frenum piercing done, and have been since told that such piercings need to be stretched or they tend to reject. Is this a known issue with these types of piercings?

You can reduce the risk of your piercing rejecting if you:
-Find a piercer with experience in the procedure, wear and aftercare.
-are using implant grade jewelry (I do frenum piercings 10g and up)
-taking it easy on the piercing site (Hands, mouths, etc off of it for the first several weeks)
-practising diligent personal hygeine and care.

Some people find that piercings become more stable if they’re worn at a larger gauge so if you’ve got a weeny little 14g barbell in there, I’d suggest stretching it up…

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I want to buy my own dermal anchor jewelry

Wednesday June 10th, 2009 @ 7:13 PM

Filed under: Surface/Unusual

I’d like to buy my own dermal anchor jewelry before going to a piercer to get it done; I need to buy four. But I don’t know a reliable site or what I should be looking for as far as the specifics go. If you could help me out, that’d be great.

An even better idea would be to find a piercer who can get in appropriate jewelry for you to have it done. I don’t pierce people with jewelry other than what comes out of my own shop so I can ensure and guarantee it’s quality.

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