Bloody tissue from bottom hole of navel piercing?

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Thursday June 25th, 2009 @ 12:31 PM

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This is my third time getting my navel pierced. The first time, the piercing grew out. The second time, the top ball kept going inside the hole so I just took the piercing out. Now, on the bottom ball, when I move the bar a little, it seems like spongey bloody tissue is coming out. Also, there’s like a raised bubble around the hole. I’m just wondering what I should do, because the bloody tissue is really scaring me. Any suggestions?

First of all, don’t be freaked out by the bloody tissue. The bump/tissue you are describing is not uncommon with navel piercings. They typically show up around the 2 months mark, but sometimes they show up later and sometimes earlier.

Without seeing your piercing, I can only talk in very general terms. Very often, those bumps are a result of jewelry that does not fit well/right. The mechanical irritation keeps the piercing irritated, hence the bump/blood tissue. To figure out if this is the issue, a piercer would need to take a look at it.

You didn’t mention what you were doing for aftercare, but cleaning too frequently and/or using something too harsh can also contribute to irritation. If you are doing anything other than sea salt/saline soaks a few times per day, it’s probably best to consider changing your aftercare routine.

Another thing that many people miss is being sure to dry out your navel really well after you shower or soak it. Extra moisture can inhibit healing.

Good luck!

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29 Responses to “Bloody tissue from bottom hole of navel piercing?”

  1. The same thing with me..when i got piercing with a 7/16th it was too small because my piercing is two deep.( the balls were sinking in my skin) so i got it changed to a 5/8ths and it is my two month mark and i have the tissue and bubble on the bottom ball… recently i changed my cleaning regime to sea salt soak in the morning ..( i just average the salt to water..i make it no saltier than a potato chip) and when i shower at night i clean with dial anitbacterial soap.I kinda burned myself with the water could that be it? I am gonna admit i sqeezed the hole a little to see the tissue..I also produce a lot of lymph. Is this pretty normal? should i reduce my cleaning..maybe get a smaller ring? YOu can email me back at [email protected]
    Thanks it is much appreciated!!

    sam on August 6th, 2009 at 10:17 pm
  2. my belly’s doing the same thing i’v had it done since june 20th and it’s proper sore, and around the bottom hole of my belly it seem’s to get crusty (yes i know ew) and when i clean it it really sting’s! and it always bleed’s i dont know what to do?!

    emily on November 3rd, 2009 at 4:47 pm
  3. I got my belly button pierced in november of ‘09 and its now may ‘11. I’ve had every problem with it other than migrating and i’ve tried every single thing the piercer said, i’ve gone in there so many times lol. i had a bubble-type thing on the top by the hole that would look watery but sometimes would hold either blood or puss, and that came and went for a year varying in size and pain levels. everyone was telling me to take out the ring but it was still infected + id have an ugly scar there so i kept it in. to my amazement it healed 4 months after the last ‘bubble’. ( i also got the length of bar changed and the material to see if it would do anything) and now there’s inflamed tissue at the bottom hole with tissue coming out. sometimes it bleeds, (not often, only when i irritate it) but it pusses. Ive used sea salt, hydrocortison to dry it out, tea tree oil, saline sol’n, polysporin (DONT USE), anti-bacterial soap, an ointment that promotes healing and NONE of these have worked. with the top bubble, and i admitt i did the worst thing and popped it, because it had puss and neeeeded to drain, but i won that won because i waited it out. im just thinking if i clean it when it needs cleaning, considering its almost 2 years old, it’ll just go away? i haven’t gone to the doctor because what could they tell me that the professional piercer hasn’t? i dont know if it’s just me or if anyone else has had this similar problem lol but i can tell you, it sucks having it done for 2 years and i haven’t changed it myself yet or been able to wear any of the jewelery i’ve bought. :(

    katelyn on May 17th, 2011 at 5:56 pm
  4. well looks like I’m not alone here everybody seems to have the same thing. Mines look like that right now I got my belly navel done five times and they all did the same thing to me so I thought that my body was rejecting it and didn’t want it but I didn’t care. So I got it done again on December 2nd of 2011 everything was going home with it until my jewelry that they put it was mad of plastic and I had to take it out and change it. And that’s when everything started to get worse the top gold healed fast but the bottom hole never did it got worst everyday. I fallowed the after care they gave me and nothing worked and than I fallowed sea salt the h2o spray and everything else and nothing worked at all. So than my belly botton started to ich aloot and got a rash all over underneath my belly button piercing on my skin and now is bleeding very painful hurts allot and is very dry. But now its healing well and the bottom of my belly navel hole is going away and is healing well I dont np what im doing to heal it so im just leaving it alone for ever until december 2nd comes than that will be ones year since it tales up to a year to heal so yeah. After I get older I am taking all my piercings out and selling all my belly button rings no more piercings for me they are just too much.

    Mandi on July 2nd, 2012 at 1:49 am
  5. I have the same problem, but it’s a little different. I got mine done in March, and it’s healing fine. But it seems like I have a second hole next to my bottom ball. Body tissue is coming out and it’s bleeding. I have no idea why it’s doing this.

    Valerie on July 3rd, 2012 at 3:45 pm
  6. My bellybutton has rejected twice. this is the third time i have had it done. i have had it about 2 months. at first, it was doing well, no soreness, no pus, and then it got sore, and then like a week later it was fine again.. Well, now, its pussing and today it had a little bit of blood come out of the bottom hole. it has been very very sore the past 2 weeks. && i havent changed my jewelry. just the balls on it. does anyone know if its rejecting again? my daily routine is, i wake up, do a sea salt soak, shower in the middle of the day, antibacterial soap in the shower then i do another sea salt soak before bed.

    Chels on July 15th, 2012 at 6:28 pm
  7. I’ve had mine pierced for about a month and a half and I took the jewelry out to clean it today and when I went to put the jewelry back in, it was a tad painful and bleed. Then when I started to come toward the top of the hole with my jewelry, a piece of skin came out. It seems to be attached to the inside of the hole still and it’s wrapped around the jewelry. I can still move my jewelry up and down but I’m just curious to what the piece of skin could be. Should I take my jewelry out? Is it infected?

    Tiffany on October 2nd, 2012 at 8:54 pm
  8. Hey i got my belly pierced the 25th of july it is now oct. 20th it was doing fine but the other day i wore a dress that was to tight with a belt and i think it earitated it now its sore when i move around also looks a little bit more to the left at the bottom ive heard about it alot so im kinda scared its a sign of rejecting yesterday when i cleaned it i think there was a small amount of blood but not from the piercing it seems like my actual belly button (behing / underneath the piercing itself) has a cut or split or something any ideas why or if this is bad/normal it kind of stings but i dont think its from the pierce hole if uve heard of this and kno what i should do please email me [email protected] thanks

    lana on October 20th, 2012 at 3:48 am
  9. hey. im really freaking out. I have had my belly piercing since September. I was cleaning it last night with a q tip and noticed it was a dark yellow discharge that dries white. I lifted up my belly to see the bottom Hoke and BOOM! a big as piece of pink meaty flesh. it hurts a lot and bleeds thick discharge. I’m kinda scared it is an infection so I pop some amoxicillien that I had left over from a surgery I had a while back. my piercing has red brown crust on the bell but white crust on the skin. Idk what to do! ): I’m too young to die! help!!!!!

    Mina on November 15th, 2012 at 2:03 am
  10. I’ve had that problem too. I’ve had mine for abpit a year and a half now and I haven’t changed the jewelry on it either. The bottom hole seems like it’s quite tight around the skin and the top hold looks perfect. I have done seat salt soaksad washed it with antibacterial soap. Last night I took out the ring and soaked it in hydrogen peroxide. I cleaned both the holes with than too. Put the ring back in and cleaned it with soap in the shower. Its doing fine. But I hope that it heals completely soon.

    Brenda on November 18th, 2012 at 12:40 am
  11. Mine is sorta doing this too. I did mine Nov 3 this year, today is Nov 30. Its my third time and everything was going great till my dogs claw snagged it a little. Now i have this red tissue out the bottom and top and had some blood. Its no linger bleeding, but the tissue is still there. i understand that its normal, but its earlier than everyone elses. Also my top ball is fine, but the bottom one had a large hole around it, pretty much the size of the ball, i have no idea why its so big but i hope its not migrating. Anyways i think I’m going to try a longer bar, even tho I’m not supposed to change it out i really don’t want to lose it this time

    katrina on December 1st, 2012 at 1:12 am
  12. mine is a big bump that appeared above the bottom hole on my top naval piercing with tissue like stuff coming out, I had it pierced before and I believe that’s where the old bottom hole used to be, I think it is just scar tissue that is irritated. also my dog jumped on me the other day and yanked the piercing pretty good! I don’t know whether to take it out or not? I love the piercing but it seems to be giving me more trouble than it is worth..

    bri on December 27th, 2012 at 3:19 pm
  13. Nov. 30 is when I got my belly redone. For about 2 weeks it was going perfectly. Then I bumped it when i was sleeping so i put a bandaid on it for a while to help it not catch & it was irritated & ever since & it hurt in some way. The top hole had some blood come out of it but that eventually stopped making me think that I was back on course to healing. A couple days ago where I had the bandaids on, itched reallly bad. Now new years eve, the bottom hole was the first time being extremely tender. I moved my ring to get it unstuck, & it started bleeding like crazy! & this pink tissue came out & it hurts to touch it. What do I do?! I wash it with glycerin soap & sea salt soaks twice a day, everyday. Please help..

    Sam on January 1st, 2013 at 3:56 am
  14. hey ive had my belly button pierced for 3-4 months and ive been getting gross smelly bump things coming out the bottom of my belly piercing, im kinda scared and i dont want to take it out kz i like the look of it what should i do ??

    kiana on January 25th, 2013 at 12:30 am
  15. I had my belly button pierced about 3 or 4 yrs ago , it has been out for about 2 years . For the past 3 days I have had this knot right were my belly button ring would go and it hurts to the touch or if I moved a certain way. Last night I had some discharge I think come out of ny belly button and some crust ? I have no idea what to do , but its not painful anymore , however the knot is littler but still there . Any suggestions ? Or what do you think it is?

    tiffany on January 30th, 2013 at 7:08 pm
  16. im 14 any its really freaking me out there is quiet a big bit of pink flesh coming out of the bottom hole and its literally comming out of it its pretty gross please tell me it will go away by its self

    emelia on February 18th, 2013 at 3:40 pm
  17. i have this like bubble right below my bottom hole. If I push on it, blood comes out and I don’t know what to do. Also I have this bloody tissue that comes out of my bottom hole and I don’t know how to get it to go away. Any ideas?

    ali on February 26th, 2013 at 12:10 am
  18. I have a kinda spilt just below the top ball! it sting all the time and sometimes bleeds. should I be worried?

    Georgia on March 17th, 2013 at 7:25 am
  19. I’ve had the same thing as all of you, my belly has a big bubble at the bottom and it pusses with red tissue stuff coming out. At the moment I clean it with salt water twice a day but now I’ve bought some lavender oil and I’m hoping that will heal it. I’m going to see the piercer soon and hope everything is okay!

    phoebe on March 25th, 2013 at 1:46 pm
  20. Please someone email me back! Ive had mine for 11 weeks and recently a little bit of gooeyish blood has been coming out the bottom hole and sometimes it gets crusty with white pus

    Kat on April 9th, 2013 at 9:56 pm
  21. I got my piercing about 4 months ago, and under the bottom ball i just popped this big bubble of puss. the puss was a light yellow and white along with a lot of blood. it looks like under the actual hole from the piercing my skin is splitting but its not from the piercing hole. Whats going on? should i see my piercer? i stopped cleaning it about 2.5 months ago, now im back to cleaning it. it doesnt hurt just worries me.

    bianca on April 22nd, 2013 at 9:31 pm
  22. I have had my belly button pierced for 7 months I’m currently pregnant and noticed a bubble on the bottom hole of my belly piecing I started cleaning it more than usual because I was worried it could be an infection. It then one morning popped and started bleeding. It stopped but I noticed a noticeable size piece of tissue looking like stuff coming from the hole. Any suggestions on what to do :(?

    Kortni on May 4th, 2013 at 12:48 am
  23. hey guys
    i read a few of your comments and some of you were worrying about the simplist of things
    no 1- white puss is normal its healing.i know it doesnt seem nice but its fine.
    2- dry flakes around the navel its also nornal .dont pick it
    3-little bubles (i had one once when i wont up think i pulled it a bit not rly sure but it seem like a bubble of blood) they also go away.
    4- wear the appropratie size belly bar as too small its going to irratate and pulland to long likely to catch.
    5-rember it takes a while to heal so be pacient.

    things to watch out for!
    1-cleaning too much or using the wrong thing to clean it with
    dont use cotton bud to clean it it leaves fibres (clean with cup of warm water and a pinch of salt in a cup and put cup over pericing)
    2-yellow or green puss u have an infection (clean well and go to see the doctprs)
    3-clean your hands before touching percing
    4-use appropiate jewellery like silver,gold,titaniam (not dangly during thr healing process) also avoid cheap jewellery.

    i hope this any peircing it must be enjoyed so just rember a few of these simply steps to get the most out of your one wants a infectef peircing to show off.

    kate on June 7th, 2013 at 1:25 pm
  24. I’ve had my piercing for four months now, there is a blood filled bulb like thing coming from inside my pricing, it hurts a lot and I’m scared, do I pop it or leave it? I clean my belly every day with sea salt and dry it after a shower. I’m really scared, should I go to a doctor about it?

    Gabriella on June 19th, 2013 at 1:20 am
  25. Ahh, I’ve had mine for two years and about 6 months ago this red blood-ey bubble appeared….I’ve tried cleaning it with everything! Whenever I do sea salt soaks it just stings for ages and the bubble looks the same.
    Not sure whether to just take the piercing out and give up on it?
    Will the bubble go away if i remove it?!

    Julia on June 25th, 2013 at 10:44 pm
  26. Ive had mine pierced for around 2 1/2 months now. I first got this bloddy bubble but it was kinda hard, not liquid like blood. And then now it’s bloody tissue and of hurts and sometimes it comes out. I’ve been doing a sea sale 3 times a day and cleaning it off after I get out of the shower and nothing is working. Should I just take it out?

    Taylor on June 26th, 2013 at 4:53 am
  27. i got my navle peircing done throughout the last christmas holidays,i was given a bar that was brand new but had plastic balls instead of metal ones.Before i incerted it i soaked it in metho.About two weeks later i found my bottom belly ball sticking to a peice of red,pussy wet tissue,I wet it with water it came lose,=.The next morning it was stuck again,i attempted to try and place it in the hole again but only a certain bit went in.It wasn’t really that bad untill i had a cheerleading comp last week when i had to take it out for safty issues for abot an hour ,i checked it many times and it appeared the top hole was closing up so i attempes to put it back in after my stunt,i had to force it,the peice of tissue came out of the hole again and its still sticking to my peircing ball,im not sure what to do?? HELP

    jemma on July 1st, 2013 at 3:25 am
  28. ive had my belly done for about month now, and its not sore, itchy or anthing but I got puss coming from the bottom hole, but the other day I changed my bar and its not got puss coming out any more but a red things has appeared at the bottom, I touch it with a cotton bud but I don’t feel a thing. I check in the morning before a shower and its stuck around the bottom of my bar and my belly buttons got blood in it, I really don’t know what it is but I would really like it sorted, anyone know?

    chanel on July 18th, 2013 at 6:34 am
  29. I had the same problem and bought h2ocean solution it works like a miracle cleaned it in the morning and at night u can ppurchase it at any hot topic store

    Beyoutiful on July 18th, 2013 at 10:33 pm

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