Chances of getting a tongue ring

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Wednesday July 8th, 2009 @ 11:51 AM

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I was wondering if someone could help give me an idea of the chances that I would be eligible to get a tongue ring. I live in Edmonton, AB Canada and I went to a local tattoo shop at the mall. They said they couldn’t do it because I have too many veins in my tongue. I went home and checked my tongue to see how it looked, and it appears I have a vein on the left side, the right side and one in the center. With about 1″ space on either side of the center. I don’t know if this happened because I live in a more rural area, the people at the studio all looked rather young (and I’ve nothing against young people, Just when most of the people there look about 20 or younger, I wonder a bit, if a more experienced piercing artist may be more viable). I really would like to get a tongue piercing or two. I imagine the vein in the center of my tongue eliminates the option of a center-set tongue piercing? What about the chances of an off-center piercing on either side? Might there be a better chance of finding a more skilled/able piercer in Toronto, ON perhaps?

You’re in Edmonton? Well, my advice is to pop on down to the fine folks at Shambhala Tattoos and give my homegirl Lexci a chance to have a look - she’ll tell you straight up if it’s do-able or not, and if it is do-able, they stock nothing but the best body jewellery and aftercare products, so you’re in good hands. :)

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3 Responses to “Chances of getting a tongue ring”

  1. I live in Edmonton as well and I’m going to guess you hit up either Dragon FX or Orchid both of which are not very reputable shops. I can almost guarantee that if you visit a tattoo/piercings studio in a mall in this city you are looking at some crap service and worse materials.

    I would check out Shambhala, Strange City (both of these two are on Whyte), or Eye of the Lotus. Plenty of capable piercers and wonderful jewelry.

    Sammy on July 10th, 2009 at 5:26 pm
  2. I’m guessing too you inquired at Dragon FX or Orchid… Dragon FX actually tried to convince me that a curved barbell is REQUIRED for a nipple piercing to “eliviate the stress on the nipple when the barbell presses against the areola”, and pierced my nose with a “14g” screw (it’s actually 18g) with a gem glued into it. I might add that the “great” Lane Jensen was the one who tried selling me the curved barbell for my nipple. He is an excellent photographer though, and should really stick to that career instead of body modification. As for Orchid, my girlfriend thought of getting her nose done there, and I was the one who had to remind the piercer to wash her hands and change her gloves! Needless to say, we walked out. I have had nothing but GREAT experiences at Divine on Whyte Ave. I’ve had well over 20 piercings done there, and even my doctor says, “if you’re going to do this to your body, at least I’ve never seen problems with piercings out of that studio” meaning Divine. Go check them out!

    Carlie on July 12th, 2009 at 1:01 pm
  3. Did the woman say you could do it? Because i’ve wanted it done for about a year now, and this one woman said I couldn’t. (I have the same problem as you) So if you could pleaseee respond to this, i’d appreciate it!(:


    Ashley on February 12th, 2010 at 4:58 pm

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