Does LITHA really work?

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Friday July 10th, 2009 @ 11:06 PM

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I got my tragus pierced 3 days ago, and so far haven’t touched it. No sea salt soaks, nothing.

The piercer gave me a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide, and told me use it twice a day - without even diluting it! He told me when your skin goes white it means its healing - when the bottle says ‘Strong solutions of Hydrogen Peroxide may cause irritating burns on the skin, and could produce a white patch of dead tissue.’ Dead tissue near a fresh piercing doesn’t sound good to me. Also, he claims that sea salt soaks will dry out the piercing and will cause it not to heal..

So my question is, will LITHA really work for my tragus piercing? And how much of a risk of complications, eg. infection or hypertrophic scarring. I have healthy, slowly stretched 14mm lobes and during the whole stretching process have never cleaned them, not even with sea salt soaks - I am just lucky? Is it worth risking my tragus piercing?

I’m a big fan of a “less is more” approach when it comes to piercing aftercare, and use it myself to heal all of my own piercings. I wouldn’t say that I NEVER clean them, but I really only clean them when they need it, and I use mild saltwater solutions or soaks to clean my piercings. I DEFINITELY wouldn’t advocate the use of hydrogen peroxide to clean piercings, it’s incredibly irritating and harsh (although I certainly use my share of peroxide products to bleach my hair, and used hydrogen peroxide as an irritant to increase the scarring on my branding), and I think you’re quite correct to ignore your piercer’s aftercare advice in this instance! Bear in mind, saline wound washes are used in surgical/medical settings every day to clean wounds, and hydrogen peroxide is NEVER used. Common sense, y’know?

Infection is caused by exposure to pathogens, and prevention is the best way to avoid infections. If you’ve been swimming or had a bit of a dirty day working in the yard, a wash with mild soap in the shower, a thorough rinse, and possibly a bit of a clean with saline does wonders to prevent infections. Hypertrophic scarring is generally a response to irritation, and again, prevention goes a long way toward reducing the odds of that, too - appropriate jewellery size/materials/styles, minimising/eliminating exposure to irritants (chemical, physical, environmental, etc). In short, I think you’re on the right track, and with a bit of time and patience, I’m sure your piercing will heal up beautifully. :)

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4 Responses to “Does LITHA really work?”

  1. hydrogen peroxide also only kills pathogenic bacteria that contain the enzyme catalase and when something bubbles when you put hydrogen peroxide on it that is the hydrogen peroxide lysing(bursting) the cells containing that enzyme. staph bacterias are killed by hydrogen peroxide, and some types of staph live on your skin permanently to help protect you from colonization by other nasty stuff. so you kinda want to keep those around.
    but strep bacterias are not killed by peroxide(and flesh eating disease is caused by a strep bacteria).

    Miss Dev on July 13th, 2009 at 12:17 am
  2. LITHA works sort of…keep your piercing clean with a liquid anti-microbial (Provon or Satin) soap, if you can’t get either of those then an unscented antibacterial liquid soap such as Dial will do. Wash once or twice a day (depending on your skin type - dry skin once a day - oily skin twice a day) around the outside of the piercing being careful not to get soap into the wound, then rinse well. Sea Salt soaks when used in moderation do not dry out the piercing, once a day for 5-10 minutes is actually soothing and good for it for a long list of reasons.
    Good luck with your piercing.

    Lynx on July 16th, 2009 at 7:53 am
  3. Lynx, I am not at all a fan of antibacterial soaps, personally, and think it’s a bit of overkill of the good stuff and underkill of the real nasties - hence why mild castile soap (Dr. Bronner’s is one popular brand) is all I’ve ever used on my piercings and tattoos, it’s all I use on my body! At any rate, the aftercare regime you’re describing isn’t at all LITHA, it’s not even Leave-It-Mostly-Alone. ;)

    Lori St.Leone on July 16th, 2009 at 9:04 am
  4. i’m following the “leave it mostly alone” method (; for both of my traguses(tragi? haha) but i have a saline solution (4tsps sea salt/ 1 gal of water) that i put in a little spritzer bottle that i spray on if they get mad (:

    Angie on October 11th, 2009 at 12:02 am

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