split vch

Wednesday August 19th, 2009 @ 9:18 PM

Filed under: Female Genital

i got my hood pierced and a week later it split in half. i need surgury to fix it but they cant guarantee how i will heal i could possibly lose all of my feeling. im not sure wat to do. can i sue?

People have sued for much less, sadly.
Can you describe how you feel the piercer is at fault?
And can you put me in touch with the physician who told you that you could lose all sensation due to a splitting (which is done in the body mod community and by some doctors to increase sensitivity) so I can ask them a few questions that, to be honest, may question their competency?

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Hiding Nape Microdermals

Sunday August 16th, 2009 @ 8:35 AM

Filed under: Surface/Unusual

I have been considering getting nape microdermal piercings, and I have been trying to find somewhere that sells flesh colored or clear colored disks/balls or anything that would make a microdermal less noticeable. I have short hair and I am also an actor so I may be required to hide the piercings if I get them. I have had zero luck finding anything like this, and I have been searching everywhere online. I’ve only found clear retainers for other types of piercings.

The easiest way to hide HEALED micros is simply removing the end, if they were done flush to begin with, the post will be hardly noticeable. For hiding a healing micro, or if you aren’t comfortable with wearing no ends a good DIY fix is putting a flesh colored band aid on a flat disc end and cutting it to the same shape and size as the end.

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Sunday August 16th, 2009 @ 8:33 AM

Filed under: Suspension

Hey all you out there in bme-land I am looking for a reputable suspension group in the San Francisco Bay Area and was hoping you could point me in the right direction. Thank you!

Just because I don’t believe it has been mentioned in a while has the most comprehensive list of suspension teams anywhere online. That is always the best place to start.

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Septril piercing

Sunday August 16th, 2009 @ 8:29 AM

Filed under: Nose

What type of jewelry can you wear in your septum after you have your septril pierced? Do people usually wear tunnels with holes in them to allow for the stud, or do people wear no septum jewelry at all afterward?

I have seen pictures where people are wearing no jewelry in the septum, and I’m curious as to how they keep their septum from closing up around the septril piercing.

Thanks :)

The most common jewelry is definitely an eyelet, with a hole in it for the septril to go through. Some people also wear solid plugs or rings even and wear the end of the septril under the jewelry with a flat back end on it. As for wearing no jewelry at all, some peoples septums never heal shut and even a small opening is sufficient for the end of a septril piercing.

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Does my lip piercing sound infected?

Tuesday August 11th, 2009 @ 7:58 PM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

Alright, I tend to be a little bit paranoid so please bear with me. I’ve waited for my lip piercing for the past 5 years and I just don’t want anything to go wrong. Alright I got my lip peirced five days ago now and the area around the peircing was a slightly red circle and it’s been a bit sore but I figured thats normal. The area around the peircing today seemed a bit darker red and very irritated. A friend of mine and my mom (who have no knowledge of peircings) said it looks like the beginning of an infection and it isn’t normal for the area still to be enflamed five days later. It really hasn’t been hurting me much but I have been touching it a lot so now it feels even more sore.. still nothing excruciating. I’ve been washing my mouth out with H2ocean and have been rubbing the same stuff Claire’s gave me when I got my ears pierced years ago (probably not the best idea). After being told that was a bad idea I’m now using antibacterial soap (Dial I believe). I probably wouldn’t have this concern but Im starting to get a low grade fever and feel naucous and I’m worrying they could be related… If someone could just help me out and tell me what they think it would be appreciated

Sounds to me more like irritation caused by two things. Primarily the stuff you have been cleaning your piercing with (switch to twice daily seasalt soaks - how to correctly do this can be found on this site with a quick search) and also touching the piercing. This is a total no-no as the potential to introduce bacteria from dirty fingers is there (other than the fact that touching the piercing will disturb the jewellery and irritate the wound). Other symptoms of infection include pain (an infected wound is really painful), discharge that can be a yellowy-brown colour sometimes streaked with blood and often foul-smelling and swelling. I believe it is always better to err on the side of caution so if you are concerned, a quick trip to the docs won’t kill you. If they do diagnose infection and prescribe antibiotics, be sure to leave the jewellery in, at least until the infect has cleared (should you decide to retire it).

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Should I bother with Surface Piercings?

Tuesday August 11th, 2009 @ 7:32 PM

Filed under: Surface/Unusual

Hello there, I am a fairly new piercer, been piercing (post year long apprenticeship) for about 1 1/2 years. I have done plenty of small scale surface piercings like the horizontal eyebrow, the “sideburns” (surface in front of tragus), anti-eyrbows, etc with great success and now I would like to move on to larger scale surface piercings. My thing is, it seems like most spots don’t really heal well at all, and most of the rest have a fairly high rejection rate, although some piercers seem to, or at least claim to have high healing rates on the surface piercings they do. On the other hand it seems as though microdermals have advanced quite a bit and heal pretty well, as well as being more easily removed now and even having microdermals with no holes, i assume to be removed easily.

My question is basically, do you think it is worth it to get into surface piercings? Do you believe microdermals are a better alternative to the surface piercing? If not, what are the best and worst spots as far as healing for surface piercings?

Okay, the way I see things, there are three main factors that influence the viability of surface work - placement, technique and jewellery. There are other factors too, such as lifestyle, general health etc. With placement, areas with the least amount of movement stand a better chance of healing. You should also consider a persons clothing (is it likely to rub?), how they sleep (think of this one in relation to breasts and cleavage piercings), occupation, hobbies - anything that might knock, catch or move the piercing. Technique-wise, we all have our ways. I prefer the punch and taper method (I prefer punches for microdermals too). Do some research. Read experiences. See how other artists do things. Compare the results, practice on friends and find whichever suits you best. Jewellery plays a crucial part, too. The trick is to have the post exiting with a 90 degree angle between the post and the skin, that way there is no undue pressure on the wound edges from the jewellery. This means that curved barbells are unsuitable for nearly all types of surface work. I am also not a fan of PTFE for the same reason. I really, really dig Anatometals flat-bottomed surface bars. They seem less intrusive, sit nicely and are finished wonderfully.

So that’s my take on it. I think that both microdermals and surface bars both have a place in the wonderful world of surface work. As to whether it’s worth getting into surface piercings? Well, I certainly think so.

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Tuesday August 11th, 2009 @ 9:25 AM

Filed under: Scarification

I’ve been considering having a scarification piece done just below my hips, but am wondering if there’s a possibility of the design warping, not unlike a tattoo. The design I’m interested in getting is fairly thin (vines with leaves). Would you say that, with time, there is a definite possibility that the petite vines could stretch into oblong tree trunks?

In short- yes.
Scarification changes more than any other modification. A good scarification artist should give you a fairy realistic idea of the reality of cutting/branding and the effects of time. My scarwars blog featured a “Phases of Healing” entry a few weeks ago: http://scarwars.net/wordpress/?p=193.

You can see the client has stayed the same size, but the branding has gone through a decent growth.

Scars are NOT tattoos- so be forewarned that it will not remain as crisp and “perfect” as the fresh photos you’ve seen. If the finished product is your main motivation, it’s possible that tattooing is more appropriate.

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Monday August 10th, 2009 @ 7:10 PM

Filed under: Nipple

ok so i kinda feel stupid asking this but i need an answer. ok so i went to change my jewlery, i still have the original ring in, i think its a captive bead ring but i could be wrong on the terminology. ok so i went to change it but the ball just keeps spinning, like its stripped or something. So my question to you is am i just doing something wrong? what do i do now?

A “Captive Bead” ring means that the bead is not threaded into the hoop. It’s just pinched between the gap with pressure. There is a dent on either side of the ball - it just needs to be pushed out.

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Just a random idea about my industrial.

Monday August 10th, 2009 @ 7:06 PM

Filed under: Ear

I was cooking they other day, when I thought of this random idea. I’m just wondering if this would work/be a plausible thing to do.

If I made a sea-salt soak and then put it on the stove to boil, and then let the steam hit my ear, would this have any positive effect?

Absolutely! I was talking with another piercer about his ear cartilage aftercare suggestions and he told me he has his clients “steam” their cartilage piercings and that he finds great success with it.

It makes sense as any physical trauma to cartilage can irritate the piercing and cause hypertrophic scar tissue and uncomfortable swelling.
A good steaming would help promote circulation to the ear and to the piercing and aid in the healing.

…careful not to scald yourself, of course.

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Monroe stud too short?

Monday August 10th, 2009 @ 7:03 PM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

I got my monroe pierced last Thursday. I know the swelling and redness and pain are normal, but today, I noticed that the actual ball on my stud was sinking into my lip. I can pop it out, but it quickly sinks back into the nice little hole it has made. It’s in there so far that when I run my hand across it, the ball is flush against my lip. Is the bar too short for my swollen lip? I’m planning on calling my piercer tomorrow and getting his advice, but until then, I am uncomfortable to the point where I can’t sleep. I’ve been icing it and cleaning it frequently, all of which provide immediate but brief comfort.

Sounds like the jewelry is definitely too short.
While we do pierce with longer jewelry in most oral piercings, it’s impossible to know exactly how much a client will swell up.
See your piercer and they should be able to fit you with a longer post until the swelling comes back down.

In the meantime, remember to keep yourself well hydrated as that will help decrease the swelling a bit.

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