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Tuesday August 11th, 2009 @ 9:25 AM

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I’ve been considering having a scarification piece done just below my hips, but am wondering if there’s a possibility of the design warping, not unlike a tattoo. The design I’m interested in getting is fairly thin (vines with leaves). Would you say that, with time, there is a definite possibility that the petite vines could stretch into oblong tree trunks?

In short- yes.
Scarification changes more than any other modification. A good scarification artist should give you a fairy realistic idea of the reality of cutting/branding and the effects of time. My scarwars blog featured a “Phases of Healing” entry a few weeks ago:

You can see the client has stayed the same size, but the branding has gone through a decent growth.

Scars are NOT tattoos- so be forewarned that it will not remain as crisp and “perfect” as the fresh photos you’ve seen. If the finished product is your main motivation, it’s possible that tattooing is more appropriate.

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