old tongue ring

Monday August 10th, 2009 @ 4:49 PM

Filed under: Tongue

My husband got his tongue pierced 7 years ago. He took care it at first. But it’s been almost 5 years since he’s taken it out. He wants to remove it because it’s rubbing and causing problems on the roof of his mouth. But when we tried to take it out, it’s impossible to unscrew the ball from the bar. I’ve even tried pliers but the errosion is so bad that it just won’t move. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Barbell balls can certainly get stuck if the threads aren’t regularly brushed free of plaque and other oral gunk.

Some people find success with rubber gloves and even holding the barbell balls with paper towels for a better grip.
Make sure you’re unscrewing it in the right direction (left/loose right/tight)
If all else fails, pop and see a piercer. We’ve got a few tools and tricks up our sleeves to help loosen that ball.

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VCH falling out

Monday August 10th, 2009 @ 2:48 PM

Filed under: Female Genital

I got a VCH two weeks ago, and everything’s been fine so far in terms of healing. However, in the past three days it has been falling out. Not completely, but the top bead (I have a curved barbell) has several times slipped through the hole and into the piercing itself. I can push it back up (which is uncomfortable bordering on painful), but eventually it slips back down. I’m thinking it may just be a jewelery issue, but I’m not sure what I would need to change. A longer barbell, one with a bigger bead, or is something else going on that I need to be concerned about?

You have a couple options:

A) Get a bigger ball to wear on the top of the barbell
B) Stretch the piercing up a bit and wear a thicker barbell
C) Change the material of the barbell. If you have a steel barbell, it may be just too heavy depending on the gauge. Look into wearing Titanium jewelry which is much less heavy.

Good luck!

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Small gauges vs. silicone plugs

Monday August 10th, 2009 @ 2:46 PM

Filed under: Ear

Soo, I just bought these 8g silicone plugs theyre double flaired. Ive been trying to get them in my ears for about a week now and They just wont go through. Any helpful ideas/tips on how to get them in? Ive tried searching the internet and everyone says how ‘easy and painless!’ it is.. but they all had larger Peircings.

Im starting to think that buying these were a bad idea for such a small gauge. :/ Help?

Those wee silicone tunnels are a bugger to get in.
Make sure your ears are AT the size you’re trying to get in. They’re not the best things to stretch with and can cause you a bunch of greif.

I’ve found that using little hemostats to pinch down one side of the flares and poke them into the piercing is about the only way to get them in easily.
Make sure you’re using a nice lubricant to get them in too.

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Frenum Issue

Monday August 10th, 2009 @ 2:41 PM

Filed under: Male Genital

I pierced my own frenum last weekend. It went in no real pain, no blood, but it was crooked. It started in the center and came out the side. I noticed the capture bead was too small and then after about 36 hours it got snagged on something (no Damage) so I removed it.

Now it has been a week and the swelling on the side has not reduced much and the appears to be a halh inch hard long noodle above the exit hole. Are these normal symptoms? When can I expect them to go away? I have no real pain, occaisional light discomfort, but most of the time it feels normal. Can you help?

You pierced yourself, it was crooked, you put in inappropriate jewelry and then snagged the piercing and removed it.

Now a week later there’s swelling and pain and a half inch long, hard noodle by it that wasn’t there before?? I don’t know what that is… Your doctor might! I suggest you ask him/her.
Piercing yourself isn’t always the best idea as it can cause some pretty negative results if you don’t know what you’re doing. Including crooked piercings and abnormal irritation and even awful infections later on. I don’t suggest it.

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Tattoo and Sex

Monday August 10th, 2009 @ 2:37 PM

Filed under: Other

I am getting my first tattoo in about two weeks and have been reading some aftercare instructions online. One website said not to have sex for up to six months (I don’t believe that). But my friend who has experience with tattoos said that you shouldn’t have sex for a few days, if the tattoo is in a place where it can be rubbed.

I plan on getting my tattoo on my hip bone, which would be rub during sex. Do I need to worry or just proceed as I normally would, so to speak?

Having sex with a new tattoo isn’t going to cause it any harm.
Any rubbing or trauma to the freshly tattooed area can cause it some pretty good irritation.
It should take about 2-3 weeks for a tattoo to be healed enough that any rubbbing on the tissue shouldn’t cause it any bother. Be mindful of scabs or flakes that haven’t come off yet - if they’re torn off prematurely, that can affect the tattoo.

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Labret in tongue?

Monday August 10th, 2009 @ 2:34 PM

Filed under: Tongue

I recently got my tongue pierced and have been down sizing the bar. At the moment I have a 12mm/1/2 inch bar and I still have a fair amount of room left and have been trying to find smaller sized bars online. Finding smaller bars has been difficult and I particularly want to try out a plastic bar with plastic balls.

Its looking like the only type of bar that I can find to fit 10-12mm are primarily labret bars. Are these suitable to be used for a tongue piercing? And are there any suggestions for anything in particular that I should be looking for in a labret bar for a tongue?

Thank you.

Be careful putting plastic into your piercings. It’s not an implant grade material meant for longterm wear and will start to break down and could irritate your piercing.

You should be able to find appropriately sized barbells for your tongue that aren’t necessarily labret barbells. (You’ll probably find that wearing a flat disc on your tongue will be uncomfortable anyway)
Check with your local piercer to see if they have anything shorter to fit your piercing a bit better.

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Monday August 10th, 2009 @ 2:33 PM

Filed under: Navel

So I got my navel pierced twice back in frebruary. It seems like it’s perfectly healed, but as of tomorrow I’ll be going on antibiotics because i’m having all four of my wisdom teeth out (oh joy!)

I realise it’s proooobably a bit late to be asking this, but is my precious piercing at risk because of the antibiotics?

Seeing as your navel piercing is just a barbell under your skin and not an infection, your antibiotics won’t harm the piercing.

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Bridge Microdermals?

Monday August 10th, 2009 @ 2:29 PM

Filed under: Eyebrow/Bridge

Two years ago I got my bridge pierced, I think it was fated to reject eventually. It was crooked from the start but I still loved it, had it professionally done at a studio in Kansas City.

Would microdermals work in the bridge area so that I could get the same effect as a bridge piercing but less chance of rejection? Would giving the bridge piercing a second try when the scar tissue settles down be a better option? Do you know of anyone in Kansas City who even does microdermals?

Thank you.

I’m not familiar with piercers in Kansas City but I’m sure someone here could make suggestions.

I wouldn’t put anchors in a bridge piercing placement. The way the bridge of the nose is shaped and the way surface anchors need to be positioned would make the final result look pretty wonky in my opinion.
Your best bet would be to seek out a piercer who can do a straight bridge piercing with appropriate jewely (I do these piercings at 12g+ with straight barbells) and try it again.
Unfortunately, depending on the anatomy, these piercings are prone to migrating throughout their life and looking a bit crooked.

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How old do you have to be to get Dermal Anchors in Los Angeles?

Tuesday August 4th, 2009 @ 12:44 PM

Filed under: Pocketing

I’m sure you guys get tons of questions from underage teens, but I figured asking was worth a shot!

I was wondering if you guys knew the what the age limit is for getting dermal anchors in Los Angeles?

I’m going to assume 18, but call around to shops in your area and see what the minimum age is. I always like to think of ASKBME as a last resort… googling, calling local shops and sometimes just asking around will take care of the most basic questions.

Either way… good luck!

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Possible to get my tongue pierced?

Tuesday August 4th, 2009 @ 11:55 AM

Filed under: Tongue

I have wanted my tongue pierced for as long as i can remember.

I went to a studio 4 years ago to get it done, only to be told he wouldnt pierce my tongue in the center because of my vein positioning.

So i asked about piercing it off center and he said no as the bar will eventually rub away at my vein causing it to burst. Is this true?

Still 4 years on i am devastated that i cannot get it pierced…although everybody is telling me that i could still get it done off center as their tongue is fine! Almost everybody i know has theirs pierced off center?

Ugh…can you give me a little hope for getting this piercing? Or is it time to get over it :(

You could certainly consult with a few different GOOD artists about it before giving up hope, but if your anatomy isn’t suited for the piercing, there’s not much you can do about it! That being said, I’ve done a few tongue piercings for “no-hopers” who had been knocked back by other piercers, and I don’t EVER do them off-centre. I am pretty good at marking up appropriately and hitting my marks and not any major blood vessels, though. ;) Call it a gift!

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