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Monday October 19th, 2009 @ 3:27 PM

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I am interested in getting a horizontal lip piercing, so I’ve been looking at all the pictures in the BME gallery and reading everything on it in the BME encyclopedia. I will be doing the legwork to find a good piercer with experience doing these, since I don’t like being a guinea pig, and no one in my local area seems to have any experience with it. While I’m trying to find that perfect piercer, though, I had a few questions.

What is the “ideal” jewelry to use in this type of piercing? I’ve read that it is often done with flexible jewelry, which I’m not very comfortable with. I really prefer to have only top-quality stainless steel or titanium in my new piercings, and I’ve heard bad things about flexible jewelry breaking down in the body over long periods of time.

Is a curved barbell ok? Or would a surface bar with the 90 degree angles be a better choice? I want to be able to put the flat disks on mine, so that they don’t interfere as much with eating/drinking/kissing/etc., and I think the flat disks only come on the surface bars, right?

And here’s my stupid question - can surface bars be changed out, or do you just change the disks/balls/jewels on the ends? I’m a little worried at the thought of getting a piece of metal that I can’t just yank out if I really need to. I’m also concerned about getting a good fit with this piercing - since that is an area that stretches a bit when smiling or laughing, is it possible to get a nice snug fit on the jewelry, without it pulling/tearing if you smile really big?

Wow, I had more questions than I realized. Thanks in advance! :D

The first horizontal lip piercings done that were recognised by BME were done out of my shop several years ago. We did tonnes of them. We used curved barbells, 90 degree bent surface bars and regular surface bars.

Over time, all the the lip piercings rejected and for the most part, people had more trouble with than didn’t.
Because the lip stretches out and contracts so drastically ever couple seconds it’s my opinion that they just arent’ great piercings to have.
Surface bars CAN be changed out, they just shouldn’t be. But with horizontal lip piercings and knowing how much oral tissue swells when pierced, extra length needs to be left to accommodate the inital inflammation. Afterwards, a downsize is needed. Which more often than not, irritates the hell out of the piercing and causes some swelling again.

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