Earlobe Reconstruction/Stretching

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Saturday December 26th, 2009 @ 7:25 PM

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My girlfriend has been stretching her lobes for the last few years (very slowly). As of this summer, she was at a half inch, and while she wants to go bigger she’s worried about the thinness of her left lobe in particular. Both ears are super healthy, but they were pierced low to begin with and she never anticipated wanting to go higher than 8ga, so when she began it wasn’t an issue. After removing her jewelry, she’s currently at a 0ga that is no longer shrinking.

So now the questions-

1. If she has her lobes surgically closed, can she have them re-pierced and begin stretching them again?

2. Also, what gauge would be optimal for re-piercing lobes with the intent to stretch?

3. How long should she wait to start to get them pierced/start stretching? (She and I think about a year would be good)

4. If all of this IS possible- is there anything she should do to make sure her repaired lobes stretch well and comfortably? In the past, she’s used tape and time to stretch, and it seems to work for her.

She hopes to go up to 3/4″, and she really wants them to be done “right”. Thanks for any help! And I hope this hasn’t been asked before (I tried to search but didn’t find anything, and I looked through several pages before posting).

Thanks, sorry for such a long query!

To answer your question individually:

1. If she has them surgically closed and they were done right and heal well, they should be fine for piercing and re-stretching. This has been done successfully many times. However, if for whatever reason they scar up too much, future stretching could be greatly limited because scar tissue is generally far less elastic than healthy tissue.

2. The best gauge for piercing with plans to stretch further is, IMHO, the largest gauge possible. Often times I will use a 4 gauge needle followed by a 2 gauge taper as the initial size for someone wanting to stretch to a fairly large gauge. Since needles SHOULD NOT remove tissue, there is no reason to start small.

3. Consult with the practitioner responsible for the reconstruction for the recommended time to start stretching. If possible having them check them out in person before stretching would be a good idea.

4. As far as what to do to stretch them properly, the first step is dealing with the lobe closure. Massaging the tissue with vitamin E is a good way to help break up the scar tissue. After that stretch SLOW and in small increments. Teflon tape is a good way to do this but an even better way is just waiting for your body to stretch on it’s own and then getting “between size” jewelry to stretch in small increments.

One thing you didn’t ask is other possible solutions. I haven’t seen you ears but it is quite possible you can fix this placement problem with scalpelling or other options and not necessarily need the closure procedure. My ears are FAR thicker and healthier at 1 3/4″ after scalpelling and stretching than they ever were at 3/4″. So there MIGHT be other hope. Find a good practitioner that you trust, get an in person consultation, then trust there recommendation.

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One Response to “Earlobe Reconstruction/Stretching”

  1. Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely point my girlfriend to your recommendations. She’s very hesitant to scalpel anything as the sound alone is quite intimidating. Still, I think it all sounds like sound advice and when she’s ready we’ll go to her piercer and have the full consultation. Thank you again!

    M on December 27th, 2009 at 2:20 am

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