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Thursday January 21st, 2010 @ 2:03 PM

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I have a 2 gauge PA that I would like to turn into a dolphin. I would like the dolphin to be at 2 gauge as well. Is it acceptable to pierce this at 2 gauge? Would/could I pierce at 4 gauge and immediately taper to 2 gauge? What would be the proper way to go about this? Thank you.

Your current PA is more than likely angled towards the head, whereas a pa used for a dolphin would need to be angled towards the body. In my experience the best means of dealing with this would be to pierce the new piercing at a 4 and downsize the existing PA to a 4 as well. Doing so will provide a little wiggle room for the old PA to adjust to the new angle. Stretching both to a 2 should be fairly easy after it’s healed up.

To answer your specific question, yes you could pierce at 4 and stretch immediately to 2, but that doesn’t address the angle issue with the standard PA you already had.

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One Response to “From PA to Dolphin”

  1. Hi Sean - you seem to be most knowledgeable about Dolphins and I have a question about going from PA to Dolphin, too. Due to this “angling” issue you correctly point out (male micro-anatomy) when I got my second piercing lower down what happened was the new hole stretched only toward the tip while the old hole stretched back toward my body - so I got a very thin isthmus of tissue left to support the piercing by the time I got up to 4/2 gauge. (The holes, new one pierced at 10 ga, started out ~5/8″ apart and what was left after stretching up is ~1/4″, so I stopped, of course - 2 ga wouldn’t be supported on that little skin!)

    I still want the Dolphin (peeing with a PA is such a drag!) and realize it will have to be well down the shaft to accommodate the way my body stretches this skin.

    Issue is, I am the equivalent of uncut (restored foreskin) and so now this second piercing will have to be well within loose outer skin and not within inner foreskin (I’m sure you understand these terms but please ask if not.) And this presents what seems to me an issue with loose skin still being able to ride up toward the tip in normal mobility - or will it always now be ‘nailed back’ on the shaft and foreskin not able to ride up and down past the point of lower piercing…?

    If you want info on restoring foreskin, pls ask. The technique stretches both inner and outer foreskin, but mostly outer (it stretches proportionally.) I can now easily extend my restored foreskin well past the tip when erect (by manually stretching it, of course) so I made lots of new skin on this project! (Took a few years.)

    What do you recommend or suggest will be the outcome for this situation?

    Thanks a lot - Ron

    Ron on March 5th, 2010 at 1:15 pm

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