Oval Labrets VS Circular

Sunday January 3rd, 2010 @ 9:59 AM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

My question is about oval shaped labrets particularly the larger sizes. Do the oval labret pieces distort the hole during stretching or is it the same scenario as Teardrop plugs in that you can switch between the two types (circular and oval) once it has healed. I am planning to stretch my labret and i was unsure about oval pieces

You should be able to easily switch between oval and round plugs once healed. My understanding is that many people with larger-sized labrets find ovals more comfortable, and they seem to distort the shape of the lip a lot less, which can be a desirable aesthetic for some. :)

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Microdermals for labia

Sunday January 3rd, 2010 @ 9:54 AM

Filed under: Female Genital

I’m an uber-professional MBA by day, but love modification, so any mods I have must be invisible under a suit. I am super careful before undertaking anything, and do a lot of research so I have real expectations about anything I do. (It took me three years before I went for my first tattoo, because I wanted to make sure I definitely wanted it for life.)

A few years ago, I had a dream about a woman with gorgeous carnelian studs in her labia, and the image keeps coming back to me. I’d love to be able to create this in real life, and so I’ve been researching labial piercings, but nothing looks like what I dreamed. I’m not looking for a ring through the labia, but rather a microdermal with a decorative stone.

I’ve asked some piercers about microdermals in general, and I keep hearing that they work best in skin that doesn’t move, and I’ve never heard of anyone putting a microdermal in a genital piercing.

So, experts at BME, is it possible? Do you have any readers who have a labial microdermal piercing? Or can you recommend a resource? I would really love to make this dream come true.

A photo of a microdermal in a woman’s perineum was recently Modblogged, but I gotta tell ya, I really do think that is the worst idea ever in terms of microdermal placement. I sincerely can’t imagine that it would withstand any kind of abuse and be at all viable for long-term placement. Honestly, why not have your labia pierced with labret-type studs or barbells and get cabachon-set carnelian ends for them? That’d look amazing and be WAY easier to heal and live with! :)

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tragus + labret stud

Sunday January 3rd, 2010 @ 9:47 AM

Filed under: Ear

I’ve had my tragus pierced for several months, and after a few battles with infections and bumps, I think I’m ready to change out the barbell. Because I want to be able to listen to earbuds again, I’d like to try a labret stud in it, to allow more room. Are they commonly used in tragus piercings?

Since the tragus is such a tricky spot, I’m not sure about putting the labret stud in, especially since it has to go in through the back. Would it just be easier to go to a piercer to have it put in?

I use labret studs in tragus piercings pretty standardly, they are a lot easier to live with than a barbell, in my opinion! They can be a bit fiddly to change yourself, for sure, you might find easier to have your piercer put it in for you, and I’m sure they’d be happy to do so. Some people can easily change their own tragus jewellery, some people are as good at it, it’s no big deal to have a piercer help you out, we do it all the time. :)

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