Monday March 22nd, 2010 @ 11:53 PM

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Basically, my girlfriend wants me to brand her in the same way that one might brand cattle.

My only problem with this is that I don’t have a clue how to go about doing this safely and effectively. I don’t know how to heat the metal, what type of metal to use, how long to apply the brand, how thick the brand should be, etc. I kind of need a crash course in amateur branding.

It is important to us both that I be the one who brands her, so unfortunately paying a professional is out of the question.

If you don’t have a clue to go about something safely and effectively, than reading a quickly prepared “how to” on a website’s Q&A will likely not make you any more prepared.

My advice would be to seek out a professional branding artist and explain your situation and see if they can give you some real time pointers.

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Triangle vs. Horizontal Hood?

Wednesday March 17th, 2010 @ 10:43 PM

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I’ve been thinking about getting a genital piercing for the past year or two, and I thought that I had it narrowed down to a triangle. I love how elegant and “professional” they look, very natural-looking. The more I think about actually getting it, though, the more nervous I get–mostly about the pain. I’ve heard it’s one of the most painful piercings out there, and I’m no masochist!

I was essentially wondering about the differences between a triangle and the horizontal hood–I understand the difference in anatomy, but what about initial pain, healing time, sensation?

Also: slightly off topic, but have you ever heard of any waxer telling a client that they cant get a brazilian was with a genital piercing? I haven’t, but I feel like they could be a little weirded out by this. would I want to take the jewelry out beforehand? if so, how long would I have to wait post-piercing to be able to safely remove it?

Thanks :)

If the choice is to be made between a triangle and a horizontal hood piercing, and you have the anatomy to support either piercing, I’d heartily recommend a triangle piercing. Yes, it will be more painful for a few moments during the actual piercing (and you can expect more bleeding, too, during the first few days post-piercing), but they are MUCH nicer aesthetically (in my opinion) and offer a much greater reward in terms of sensation. Horizontal hood piercings don’t do much at the best of times, really, they just look nice. Most of my clients who have had triangle piercings reckon the healing has been pretty uneventful, too, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that - just be sure you’re going to a piercer who is very experienced in these piercings and you should be right as rain.

As for brazilians, the only piercings really in the way of hair removal are on hairy parts of the vulva - christinas, outer labia, etc. Neither a hood piercing or a triangle will get in a waxer’s way, and I suspect most aestheticians who’ve been doing it for any length of time have seen all kinds of genital piercings, and you’re not going to raise any eyebrows. :)

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Artist credit/etiquette

Wednesday March 17th, 2010 @ 10:40 PM

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In planning an addition to an ankle/calf tattoo, I ran across some artwork that I wanted to use. I did email the artist and got permission to use it, but I’m wondering - is it generally considered “polite” to put their signature in the tattoo somewhere [really small, obviously] or is giving them credit whenever it’s photographed enough?

I did read pretty much all of the AskBME archives [morbid curiosity, I know] and did my best to search the Encyclopedia/Wiki but I don’t know if I just missed it or if it’s not in there.

I’ve never seen an artist’s signature included in a tattoo, but then, many of the tattoos I’ve seen that were of published artwork were pretty instantly recognisable (Brian Froud, Alex Gray, H.R. Giger, etc). I suppose you certainly COULD put the artist’s signature into your tattoo, but most people don’t bother, and I wouldn’t say it’s customary, in my experience. Readers, your thoughts on the matter?

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Badly placed Prince Albert piercing

Wednesday March 10th, 2010 @ 9:03 PM

Filed under: Male Genital

Three days ago I received a prince albert piercing that was positioned too low on the frenum. After receiving a second opinion from a reputable piercer, I had him remove the piercing. The hole is healthy and not infected. Should I be doing anything to help avoid trapping any potential infection in the open hole? And is there anything I can do to reduce scar tissue while it heals?

I’m inclined to advise you to just let nature take its course. The fact that you removed the piercing within its infancy bodes well for trouble-free healing. Keep well hydrated, maintain a good level of personal hygeine and look after your general health and you shouldn’t have to do anything else.

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Badly placed industrial?

Wednesday March 3rd, 2010 @ 2:10 PM

Filed under: Ear

My industrial, which I got done just about a week ago, is healing pretty well. Little problems with the pierced holes but in the middle, the bar seems to be cutting into my ear. What should I do about this? Should I switch to two helixs till it heals?

That will cause issues further down the line. It will put pressure on the piercings and at the very least cause hypertrophic scarring, worse case scenario, it will cause the piercing to migrate if not reject completely. If you wish to keep the piercing in its current placement then yes, two sterile barbells and maybe you could have a piercer bend the bar where it is pushing against the ear so there is no contact when it is in situ. Heal it with two separate bars and switch to the custom bar at six months, bearing in mind this piercing can take a year to fully heal so uneccessary jewellery changes are to be avoided.

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Posted by Tiff Badhairdo | Permalink | 3 Comments

dermal punching ear lobes?

Wednesday March 3rd, 2010 @ 2:04 PM

Filed under: Ear

last year i was stupid and stretched my ears far too quickly… they split at 8mm and so i sized right back down, turns out they wouldn’t heal until they were at 1.6mm again.

i left them to heal and then tried to stretch them again this year, i got to 3mm and then once more they split…so i sized down again.

i desperately want to be 10mm, and to sort this out me and my piercer have come up with the idea of dermal punching my ears at somewhere around 5mm or 6mm leaving them to heal and then i can stretch normally as its the scar tissue thats become an issue and keep splitting…. question is - surely once they’ve healed at that size there will be /that/ scar tissue to stretch through?

i’ve concidered scalpelling (sorry for my bad spelling) but i don’t know anyone in my area that does it and to be honest i dont trust anyone except my regular piercer.

any help would be GREAT! thank you!!

I’m never a fan of dermally punching ear lobes as you remove tissue that is necessary for healthy, stretched lobes. I suggest going back to basics. Start with nice, healed 1.6mm lobes, stretch up to 2mm, leave them at 2mm for at least eight weeks, then up to 2.4mm, then another eight weeks. The bigger you go, the longer the rest period inbetween. Eight weeks is the bare minimum. Scalpelling would be a better option than dermally punching but with stretching, it is always better to avoid the blade if you can.

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