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Wednesday July 21st, 2010 @ 1:03 PM

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As part of an underground scene in so cal, Ive recently seen a realtime ritual involving a very muscular bodybuilder unleashing fire from his penis. Ive heard of this before, but thought it wasnt real until I saw it realtime and felt the heat from it a couple of weeks ago.

It has me very curious how it is done and if others have done this. It is very erotic to see, and even beginning to challenge my faith as I think more and more about it.

Any info is appreciated.


Normally, if there is a normal for flame throwing penises, it is done by inserting a hose through a urethral reroute. Once you understand the reroute, the whole thing is no fancier than a kid lighting aerosol hairspray from on fire.

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One Response to “Flamethrowing Penis”

  1. There is a magic prop available for about $40 which essentially is a flint/wheel/valve on the end of a long tube in a very compact package. At the other end, one attaches a small butane cylinder. The last one I saw firsthand had tubing about the same size as 8ga or 10ga. It was a very effective means of producing up to about three feet of fire from nothing except a well concealed butane lighter refill can the size of a man’s thumb.

    It would be highly conceivable that he threads such an apparatus down the urethra like a catheter, out the reroute and attached to a small can of butane. I suspect the butane can is not in the anal cavity due to the sheer discomfort of a freezing can of butane (cf. Charles’ Law or Gay-Lussac’s Law) in such warm and moist areas in addition to the risk of Buttplug Anal Capture or a very unpleasant experience from the butane escaping after a failed removal.

    anametamystik on November 24th, 2010 at 11:30 am

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