Reverse PA

Wednesday September 22nd, 2010 @ 10:45 AM

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I want to get a reverse PA piercing, but am finding it hard to get good information on the procedure, and also the practicalities afterwards.

i have been told that i could end up peeing out of the new hole created for the piercing as well as out of my urethra, however i am un-cirumcised, and have quite a stretchy foreskin, would having a circular barbell or a bananna barbell be of help in the peeing issue?

and are there any other things i need to be aware of?



You are unlikely to have a problem with urine coming out of the top hole of the reverse PA. This does happen very commonly with the bottom hole on a standard PA, however the tissue on the bottom of the penis is much softer and stretchier which leads to a stretched/enlarged hole, which results in the leaking on the bottom. The tissue on the glans of the penis is much less stretchy, so you aren’t likely to get urine leaking from that hole.

The fact that you are un-circumcised may affect the healing, due to pressure put on the jewelry by the foreskin. You mentioned that your foreskin is very loose, which will reduce the likelihood of it causing any problems.

If I were doing your piercing, I would suggest starting with a curved barbell. This type of jewelry tends to work better for men who are un-circumsized and, in general, it tends to be move less and get less irritation from clothing and basic daily activity.

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Obese and Pierced with flat nipples.

Wednesday September 22nd, 2010 @ 10:40 AM

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I got my nipple pierced at what I thought was a reputable parlour. They peirced me with a 16 gauge. I didn’t have to removed my bra etc and no measurements were taken. Long story short I was in pain, and I went to another parlour closer to me a for a follow up consultation and they said that I was peirced with the wrong gauge, that the bar was too small, and that it has migrated into the nipple a bit. They also said that the first parlour pierced me as male nipple and that they didn’t actualy pierce my nipple they pierced BEHIND it.

So…I’m just wondering…what now? This new parlour said that I had to let it grow out and heal and I should keep the piercing. They moved me to a 14 g with a longer barbell.

I find that the balls still press too much against the piercing area and I am feeling pain in my breast.

Any suggestion? I am so distressed over this and it’s a real blow because I really waited so long for a piercing.

Things to know, I am female, over weight with flat nipples. Please advise

Based upon the information you’ve provided, and the fact that I can’t actually see your piercings, my initial suggestion is to remove the piercings, let them heal and have them done properly. Whether the studio you went to for the follow-up evaluation is the right studio for the re-piercing you will have to decide yourself. It sounds like they mostly gave you good information, but the fact that they said you had “let it grow out and heal and I should keep the piercing” concerns me a little..but I again, I can’t see your piercings so maybe that was sound advice.

If you have flat nipples, smaller balls on the barbells will often help reduce the pressure the jewelry puts on the breast. There is a limit to how small the balls should be of course, as you don’t want them to imbed in the piercings.

The pain you are feeling in the breast is likely due to the piercings being placed behind the nipple.

Best of luck!

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Plugs made of casting resin

Friday September 17th, 2010 @ 7:58 AM

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I made one plug out of casting resin recently, just to see if I could do it. I can, and it looks really nice (I even put a seashell in it), so I thought I’d start making them for other people. But the thing is, the smell. The fumes it gives off is just screaming “DO NOT PUT ME IN YOUR SKIN FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME”. Although there is no smell at all once it’s 100% dried and finished, I’m still a little iffy about wearing anything made of casting resin. It’s polyester resin, and it says “liquid plastic” on the can so it does give me that little bit of hope that it might be safe, but I’m just worried about the toxic horrifying fumes, which of course means theres gotta be some unsafe stuff in there.

Also, has anyone ever done this? What did you use for a mold? I used a one inch steel saddle-shaped plug, and I had a hell of a time trying to get it out, resulting in the top half being broken off. Any recommendations or ideas on molds to give it a saddle shape or something, without giving the trouble of trying to get it out? I was thinking silicone plugs, but that’s just a straight through shape on the inside, so maybe earskin plugs? I don’t know, I’m starting to ramble now.

Casting resin is toxic as hell, and wearing plugs made entirely out of resin is a pretty bad idea. Lots of people make plugs that are filled with resin (steel eyelets and what-have-you, with cool stuff or images set in the resin), which are arguably safer (although lots of reputable plug manufacturers will undoubtedly have plenty to say about THAT) because the resin isn’t touching your skin - why not experiment with that?

I have a friend (hi Serena!) who makes fabulously gorgeous resin jewellery, and I know for some of her designs, she actually carves the hardened resin and sands it smooth - and oh, that dust is apparently pretty hideously bad for you, too, so wear a proper high-quality respirator mask - that might be an idea for making saddle-shaped plugs, if you’re hell bent on it. You could cast your own molds in silicone, too, and reuse those molds for repeated resin casting. But yeah, my vote’s still on not wearing (or encouraging others to buy and wear) casting resin IN your body.

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Urinating with a Prince Albert

Friday September 17th, 2010 @ 7:55 AM

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I was considering having a PA done but my only concern is how i would go standing up, are there any ways/tricks to avoid it spraying?

Twist your (presumably flaccid) penis so the piercing is on top, lean into the urinal a bit, and hey presto! :D

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Quotations for tattoos

Sunday September 5th, 2010 @ 2:08 PM

Filed under: Tattoos

So, I have two questions about “rules” for getting quotes tattooed on yourself.

First off, I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t get quotation marks around the quote. I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to claim it as my own, but I’m not sure if it’s the norm to get quotes on it.

My second question is, should I change the quote?

It’s from a book called Rant: An Oral Biography Of Buster Casey. The quote is “We won’t ever be as young as we is tonight”

I know I’m going to get a lot of people bringing up the grammar, but personally, I’m not really interested in changing the quote.

What do you guys think?

What do I think?
Rant wasn’t his best book and you’d be better off getting a quote from Fight Club or Invisible Monsters. Questions of taste in lit aside- it’s your body and your tattoo. If you want quotes, get them. If not, it’s perfectly acceptable to get the tattoo without them.

“All God does is watch us and kill us when we get boring. We must never, ever be boring.”- CP

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