Offered discount due to reaction–etiquette?

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Saturday December 4th, 2010 @ 10:40 AM

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I got a tattoo in maroon ink (back of hand/inside of wrist) a bit less than a year ago from a shop/artist that I respect. Unfortunately, I had a reaction which pushed out some of the ink leaving hollow lines, thickened some lines, and left pock marks on the back of my hand. The artists at the shop were exceedingly helpful in providing advice for how to help it heal over the next 5 months. Although I told them I knew it wasn’t the artist’s fault and that I expected nothing from them, the owner told me that if I wanted something done in the future they would gladly do it discounted/for free. I have a new design (in black!) I would like to add on to the original tattoo; would it be rude to remind them about the offer? Or would it be seen as just that–a reminder?

Thanks! Katie

I think it was excellent service for the shop owner to look after you so well and offer you a discount/free tattoo in the future due to an issue that was in no way the artist’s fault - ink reactions are VERY common! I can’t see why it would at all be considered rude to remind them of that when you organise your appointment for new work.

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