Off Center Apadravya

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Tuesday December 14th, 2010 @ 4:13 PM

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I recently got my Apadravya done and I noticed that it was off-center by just a bit. Now the reason it is off is because I had a Prince Albert before and decided to get the Apadravya done.

My question is this, will natural stretching eventually lead to the piercing to being centered, I will stretch to at most a 2-0ga. If it cannot be fixed by stretching, is there another way to fix it other than waiting for it heal, and having it redone?

Stretching the piercing will not center it, because you are stretching it equally in all directions. However, it may very well make it appear to be more centered aesthetically.

Your other option, is scalpelling it a bit to redirect the stretch more towards the center. This might be a good option if the off center part is ONLY on the lower side (where the PA was), if it’s off center on the top as well I wouldn’t suggest the scalpelling.

Your best bet (as usual) is to find a reputable experienced piercer and get yourself a personal consultation.

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