Accidental Branding

Monday January 31st, 2011 @ 2:00 PM

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So I am a fire hula hooper, and on new years eve when I was doing a performance, I accidentally branded myself on my stomach with a piece of metal from my hoop. The burn blistered straight away, and came out in a really clean cut shape.

The thing is that I love it, the pattern is really excellent and I would like to keep it there as best possible.

Any suggestions on how to take care of it/make sure that it scars in the shape to the best of my ability?


Scarification and branding aftercare will definitely differ between artist to artist.
Keeping the burn clean and avoiding ointments will be beneficial.
Many artists I’ve talked to seem to lean towards the “Leave it Alone” method.

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scarification over old tattoo

Monday January 31st, 2011 @ 1:46 PM

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Hey wats up , quick question .. i have a tattoo i got changed to join the military and i then they didnt let me in anyway and i hate it ..i had fuck the world tattood across my chest they made me change it to rock the world and i gotta get rid of it .. but because of how big it originally was theres not much i can do creativly with a cover .. so the question is if i had some scarification designs done over it would the black ink still be there? cause if itll be regular pink scars i could get a cool design with blacked out spots on it to get rid of the left over .. i have some real good ideas that would look real ill if my scars will be pink .. thanks ahead and please get back asap cause im excited to know

Here are some options for your tattoo:
Hit the area with a couple laser sessions to lighten the R back to the F if you’re feeling like fucking the world again.

If you want to remove the tattoo with scarifcation, this is also an option, however, you’re still going to have an ‘R’ shape scar.
Tattoos can be removed with scarification, but it can be inconsistent.

As far as scarification results go, everyone will scar differently and there are no guarantees that your desired result will be achieved.

Definitely put some thought into what you want to do before you decide. All of the ideas you have are a good start.

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