Scarification artists in Australia?

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 8:57 PM

Filed under: Scarification

I’m wondering if you can recommend a reputable scarification artist in Australia. I’m based in Melbourne but I’m willing to travel if I need to. So far my searching hasn’t returned a whole lot.

Also, what method would work best if I’m looking to have subtle flat scars rather than raised keloiding? Is it more a matter of how you personally tend to heal rather than the method used that determines what the healed result is like?

Wayde Dunn is one of my favorite scarification artists and he is
from Australia and returns several times a year. His website appears
to currently down but Im sure if you just did a web search you could
find some contact information for him.
As far as the desired effect, it does have alot to do with how you
heal but the method also determines the final results. This would be
something to discuss with your artist in your first email/call/visit/.

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Streching ears past 25mm

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 2:50 PM

Filed under: Ear

Hey guys,

Does anyone have any advice about stretching ears up past 25mm? I can’t seem to find tapers past 25mm size, and I’d like to stretch my ears up to probably about 30mm. What do you use to do this exactly, just pull on your ears a lot jewellry in, or use some implements around the house??

Thanks a lot

While stretching to 50mm I used a combination of weights, pulling on them and teflon tape. You dont need a lot of weight to make a difference. I just wore a set of eyelets and had a couple of large circular barbells that i would hang in them. When i was almost ready for my next stretch I would wrap some teflon tape(white plumbers tape) around my plugs and that would get me that extra fraction of a MM i needed to get me there.

Remember always take your time, never force the stretch.

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Female nipple piercings through the areola

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 2:42 PM

Filed under: Nipple

I just had my nipples pierced yesterday. I chose a piercing shop I thought had a good reputation, but perhaps I was overly trusting. I had wanted two horizontal piercings with straight barbells, but when the piercer marked the locations on me, I didn’t even think to check them out in a mirror (nor did he offer). Low and behold, they are now pierced quite deep through the areola, where I recall reading through numerous sources, the jewellery should not touch.

I am a bit concerned, and am wondering if they even stand a chance at healing? They are both developing red streaks on the outside entrance as well, you may see them in the photo, what are they? I’m worried about the way the barbel digs in as well. Any suggestions?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think your right to be concerned. They do have a chance of healing but I don’t believe its that good of a chance.

My advice is to go back to the shop and politely explain that you aren’t happy with the piercings. If they have a good reputation like you say they should be more than happy to help you in correcting the problem. If they don’t then maybe its time to find a new shop.

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Industrial Piercing - best initial jewelry

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 2:30 PM

Filed under: Ear

My daughter would like to have an industrial/scaffold (ear cartilage) piercing. A friend who was trained in piercing said the best jewelry for her to wear while healing would be two separate pieces, vs the one barbell through both. Is this true? Should I have her wear two captive bead hoops until healed and then allow her to put in the one, long barbell?

For years I would only use two separate pieces to do this piercing and it worked well. Now I almost always use the actual industrial barbell itself for the initial piercing and have great results.

I would say you should leave it up to your piercer, they will know best what they are comfortable with and you will get the best results trusting them.

Its good to see parents taking an active interest in their child’s piercings, keep it up.

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My bridge piercing has never healed.

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 5:11 AM

Filed under: Eyebrow/Bridge

Despite the fact that I’ve had my bridge piercing for over 3 years, it has never truly healed. The initial swelling and bruising only lasted a few days, but I have always had a small amount of crust and clearish/yellow/white discharge. There is no smell, it isn’t sore, inflamed, or red at all, and it never bleeds. The entrances of the piercing appear healed. Do you have any tips on what I can do to coax it into healing on the inside or is this just one of the possible outcomes associated with this piercing?

Thanks so much for your time!


Often ’surface to surface’ piercings (such as the bridge, navel, etc) will stay in a pepetual crusty state like this, some peoples bodies just like to crust! It isn’t necessarly a sign that it isn’t healing, it could just be taking its sweet time.

My first suggestion would be to go to your piercer and get them to make sure the bar is the correct length.  Too short will trap dead skin in there and too long will likely get snagged and bumped more frequently. Secondly I would try swapping it to internal thread titanium, sometimes great quality jewellery can make all the difference. If you even have a small scratch on the bar, it can be causing a constant break of the fistula inside.

If it still crusts on you, try doing daily WARM (not hot) saline compression soaks with a cotton disc (also called a make-up remover pad). Sometimes you can get a tiny bit of fistula that just doesn’t want to heal and heat promotes blood circulation to that area and can speed it right up!

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First Ampallang and Apadravya

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 5:11 AM

Filed under: Male Genital

I got my first Ampallang and Apadravya in one session a few days ago. So far I’m liking it, my only concern is that later on I might want to go up from the current gauge (12) to a 10 or 8. How long should I wait before I go up, and is it possible to skip a gauge

You gotta be patiente, especially with genital work. Never ever skip a gauge! I often pierce these at 6g+ if a client requests them thicker.

How long it takes to go up really depends on your body and exactly how its been piereced. Trans-urethral Ampallangs tend to stretch quicker than ones just going through the head. I would personally say to wait a good 2-3 months to go up to 10 and then a month minimum between stretches.

As always, get your local professional piercer to stretch them for you - they will ensure you have the correct length jewellery and will be able to do it safely and as painless as possible.

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recently pierced nipple ok?

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 5:10 AM

Filed under: Nipple

hi. I just pierced my nipple 2 days ago and I’m not so sure i the barbell is too tight even though it doesn’t hurt or anything and Do I have to twist it and move it when i clean it? there’s the pic

You really want to try and avoid ever moving/twisting a piercing while it is healing (this is ear lobes too!). It will cause the little bits of crusts (called lymphatic fluid) to scratch the inside of the piercing and often results in a slow healing piercing.

You may also want to go back to your piercer and get a slightly longer bar in there, if it swells even a little bit more - you could be in a world of owwies.

To clean your piercing, basically microwave a shot glass (or small cup) of normal saline solution (eye contact cleaner from the chemist) for around 3-4 seconds and flip the shot glass . Make sure its warm BUT NOT HOT! It should ‘clean’ all the crusties and encouraging blood circulation and promote fast healing.

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Carved Horseshoe

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 5:10 AM

Filed under: Male Genital

I was shopping online for new jewelry for my PA and I noticed a carved horseshoe. Is this for a PA?

I’m guessing that you are referring to a curved barbell which are commonly used for (healed) PA piercings. Just make sure that the front ball is a decent size, so it doesn’t ever want to go inside of the urethra.

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Can I Get My Tongue Split?

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 5:10 AM

Filed under: Tongue

I’ve had my tongue pierced before, but when I did the bar was uncomfortably long.

I know that the piercer has to put a long bar in, but i’m quite a small person so it was irritating both the roof and back of my mouth…

Would there be a way of getting it pierced with a smaller bar, as I eventually want it split..?

Most modern professional modification artists usually discourage the ‘anchor’ split idea, where the large gauge piercing helps regrowth from forming. Again, most BM artists will want to go back further than you can actually pierce a tongue anyway. I have never met a tongue that I wasn’t able to split.

As far as the massive bar goes, a good piercer will know what length to put in to accommodate for swelling (personally I use 3/4″ or 19mm barbell) and when to downsize (I like to go to a 16mm after a month and a 13mm after two). Too long or too short in a high gauge (or any size, for that matter) piercer will cause discomfort and problems with healing.

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White ink tattoo

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 5:10 AM

Filed under: Tattoos

I am interested in getting a tattoo in only white ink. The design would consist of a simple drawing of a pig with a five word sentence. In terms of location, the pig would go on the lower part of one of my calves while the sentence would be in the same place on the other leg. Neither design would be very large at all. I’ve done my research on the pros/cons of white ink, why some artists choose not to use it, how it’s easy to overwork the skin, etc.

That said, I need help finding an artist who not only uses white ink but who does well with font. I live in Nashville and am not sold on the local shops. (One is pretty good but doesn’t do white ink.) I’m open to driving out of state. Are there any artists you could recommend?

Thanks in advance for your help!

From someone who has a white half sleeve, I would suggest against it. White is meant for a high-light pigment and just simply doesn’t work as you would hope for small designs or lettering.

I would suggest to do it, instead of slightly lighter, slightly darker than your skin tone. Like a very light brown or a very watered down grey instead. It will give you the sort of subtle result, but will hold 100x better and wont need constant touch-ups (like my arm does).

If you are still wanting white ink, I would suggest to check out (our local studio listing) and simply call around your surrounding suburbs asking for artists with experience in white work. Make sure (as with any artist) to check their portfolio for HEALED work similar to what you are after, especially with white as it is difficult to do.

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