keloid or something else?

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Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 2:58 AM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

I’ve been pierced with a bcr maybe a bit smaller then usual,my piercer said it was fine.Had all the swelling and all,it was ok,got it done three weeks ago,used soaks,antibacterial soap and disinfectant and still found the red spot under my piercing,lip isn’t swollen ,it doesn’t hurt (only if i press on it a bit) and just generally confuses me,could it be because of the healing process,because of the bcr,or simply scar tissue forming,or maybe an infection?

Personally I never pierce lips with BCRs, I feel that they cause too much pressure and often create scar tissue (just like you have). It’s┬ádefinitely┬ánot an infection, they are quite rare with piercings (especially those in the mouth).

My suggestion would be to go back to your piercer and get a 14g barbell in there (I normally use 10-11mm ones for healing) and once your healed, go back to the ring. :)

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